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Exterior Colour

My Most Pinned Blog Post About Exteriors

By 06/02/20218 Comments

What makes a beautiful exterior? I’ve written about exteriors many times here. In fact, it even inspired my first rule of design. But there are many of you who are looking for colour advice for a particular exterior detail. Keep reading to see what it is…

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My Most Pinned Blog Post About Exteriors

And with summer just around the corner, creating a more beautiful exterior might be on your mind too. So I thought I would revisit one of my MOST PINNED exterior blog posts on Pinterest. 

Can you guess what it is? Which exterior topic on my blog is pinned more than any other?

Cottage White Picket Fence

Kate Marker Interiors

So……… Did you guess FENCE colour?

Are you surprised? I’ll admit, I was a little surprised that choosing the right fence colour resonated so highly on Pinterest. I’m guessing there isn’t a lot of colour guidance when it comes to making decisions about the right fence for your home.

And expert colour guidance is what I do best. 😉

How to choose the right fence colour

Make no mistake, that’s not to say that fence colour isn’t an important consideration for your home. It most definitely is. 

green fence


If you’ve taken my Exterior Colour Selection Masterclass, you know that every selection for your exterior is a colour decision first. And, when all the fixed elements of your home’s exterior are considered, there are usually only a few colours or options that will really work. 

But it can be really tricky trying to narrow it down. You have to understand how to coordinate colour AND know which elements should be considered FIRST to get it right.

Read more: 10 Steps for Planning Your New Build (and the order of decisions)

What you need to know before you choose a fence colour

Whether you need a fence for privacy in a crowded neighbourhood or added security around your home, fences can also help connect your home with the overall landscape. And only the RIGHT fence will enhance (rather than diminish) your curb appeal.

Your fence will act as a backdrop for your private yard space and you want it to complement your home and landscaping perfectly.

wood fence colour

In the same way, you need to consider the colour of say your roof or siding, the colour and style of fence you choose should relate to your home. The right colour and style of fence is a big consideration for your curb appeal. 

The patio furniture below relates nicely to the fence colour. Again, cognac helps warm up the charcoal exterior, just like I talked about here

modern wood fence

I see so many instances where homeowners get it wrong. And, since others have found this post to be so pinnable and relevant, I thought we could revisit it today.

Dos and Don’ts for Choosing the Right Fence Colour

This timeless AND MOST PINNED blog post is full of fence examples that show what to do and what not to do when choosing the right fence for your home. It’ll help you identify some of the factors you need to consider to help you make better decisions about your fence and exterior.

Even if you aren’t making any fence choices right now, you’ll want to pin this for later. 😉

Click here to read.

green grey fence

The fence below looks like it was inspired by the colour of stone. When colour is coordinated well, the lovely plantings can be the real showstopper here. 


Oh, and here’s another fence post I think you’ll like too… ICYMI

Add Instant Curb Appeal with the Right Fence Colour

Maybe your existing fence just needs some freshening up with colour or stain? Here’s how we helped one of my readers test and choose the right colour for her fence. This is a great in-real-life example. 

Click here to read.

Have you ever heard the saying that good fences make good neighbours? I agree with that! 

Since this was such a popular Pinterest topic, I’d love to know if you have additional questions about fences or other exterior elements that you’d like me to answer on the blog. Let me know in the comments.

PS. We have a new golden doodle in our family, her name is Lucy. She arrived last night, she’s 8 weeks old and my Mom came to say hi! Follow me on Instagram for more.

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  • Jan Taliercio says:

    Maria, congratulations on your new fur baby. That breed is full of fun and love. Adorable too!! I wonder what she’ll think of the goats!
    Cheers! Jan

  • Kim says:

    Aww, your little goldendoodle looks so sweet! Congrats!

  • Priscilla says:

    Puppy LOve!

  • Linda Zineski says:

    Enjoy your sweet puppy. Our retriever gives us so much love and joy.

  • Debra says:

    What did you name your puppy? She’s very sweet!

  • C C says:

    Sweet pup! I have 3 shepherds and wouldn’t be without them.
    Since you asked…I’d love a post on exterior colors to go with the typical concrete roof shingles used in the 90s craftsman’s style, in the pacific north west . They are kind of brown/dark reddish wine with some dark orange. Hard to describe the color, but not as orangey as the ones in California or warmer places. There are so many of us with these old concrete shingles!

  • Carly F says:

    Unfortunately, when you live in a neighborhood with shared fencing, you don’t get to choose your fence color. When we moved into our home, our two neighbors had already installed white, vinyl fence, so we had no choice but to continue with the same. We don’t have a spec of white on our exterior, but it is what it is. It’s lovely to look at houses that DO have a coordinating fence color, though. What a difference!

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