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Create Your Dream Home
with Maria Killam

A course for homeowners making decisions for decorating, home improvement projects, or new builds.

Get the confidence you need to choose all the right paint colours, finishes and decor for a timeless home you’ll love forever.

Is planning your home renovation or new build project stressing you out and keeping you up at night?

For many homeowners the creative possibilities feel more overwhelming than exciting.

But it doesn't have to feel this way.

Because I created this course specifically for homeowners like YOU to give you the confidence to create a home you’ll love forever.

And you'll be able to do it all WITHOUT MAKING costly mistakes!


Every decision in your project is a colour decision first

Hi, I’m Maria Killam!

I’ve spent more than 20 years colour consulting, which led me to invent a more practical and effective way to get colour right. It’s a colour system with step-by-step processes for choosing colour that works for every area of your home.

My passion is to help homeowners like you make easier decisions about colour – without all the overwhelm. That’s why I’ve packaged all my insights into a two-day course so you can create your dream home with confidence.

As seen in:

Stop searching the web for every single question you have about your new build or renovation

This training is the best investment you’ll make in your home project

Colour Balancing Method

This is where all decorators start when they begin adding color to their decorating palette

Understanding Whites

Simplify the confusing world of white paint to the best ones you'll ever need for trim, ceilings and more

Comparative Colour Method

Easily and effectively test colours and finishes so you can make your selections with confidence

Understanding Undertones

Discover the 9 most useful neutral undertones you need to know to create a warm and personality-filled neutral interior

Understanding Colour

Learn the BEST way to choose and coordinate saturated colours in your decorating

Hands-on Exercises

Tactile exercises and real client scenarios are a proven method to learn to see colour like I do
maria teaching via zoom

More than just undertones and paint colours

This training covers everything you need to steer clear of expensive mistakes in your new build or home renovation project.

Order of Decisions

Insights into managing your project, from a colour expert who knows what you are going through

Timeless Design Principles

How to create a versatile timeless and classic backdrop for decorating so you don’t have to renovate again

What to Do When You Can't Start Over

The best way to work with finishes you need to keep or you’ve already chosen

Where to Spend

Designer advice for how to spread the budget around focusing on what matters most

Decorator Secrets

Tips on how to handle contrast (the secret to making it look like a designer was involved)

Timeless Floors

Maria’s favorite timeless flooring colours for any home

Creating Flow

Exercises in creating the perfect colour palettes and flow from room to room in any home

Styling Magic

How to create atmosphere with styling and decorating (everyone’s favorite part)

What homeowners are saying who took the course in 2023

Really loved this course. I gained so much confidence in determining undertones of the existing hard finishes in my house and choosing colors to improve decorating in my home. Also much more excited to tackle our new build.

Suzanne W.April 2023

The required reading ebooks (which I read twice so that I had a good understanding beforehand) were INVALUABLE! Such good information, and this course then pulled together everything! I had a list of things I wanted answered, and as time went on your lessons answered them.

Sarah K.April 2023

Anyone dabbling in the art of interior design could benefit from this course. I really liked Maria's practical advice to save money. She is resourceful and makes good design approachable for all budgets….There was a lot of value in this course, it will help me to spend my resources wisely in design, with greater success in achieving my goals.

Joanne S.April 2023

I think the workshop was a great balance of information from Maria and the applying that information in real life exercises. I appreciated the tools that were provided to help with the exercises as well!

Sidney P.May 2023

I am now not afraid of making color or decorating decisions. Color isn't all that scary.

Nan L.May 2023

Such a great 2 days!! As an amateur decorator with a love of color, I enjoyed the class even more than I expected. Maria's success story is a fantastic example of following your passion and tenacity!

ShelleyJune 2023
Killam Colour System

Ready to create your dream home?

Join me live for two days, via Zoom.

Looking for the in-person class for professionals and aspiring designers instead? Click here.


⭐️ You need to provide your own BM FAN DECKS ⭐️
If you don’t already have the Benjamin Moore Colour Preview fan deck and the Collections fan deck you must obtain them prior to class. Visit your local store to order or borrow them, or order online.

Every person who takes this course BEFORE starting their renovation or new build project makes a point to tell me this,

“I should’ve done this sooner. Now, I’ve got a much better vision for everything I’m doing, and I’m so glad I took this course first—whew!”

Is this course right for me?

Let me ask you this… Do you want to learn how to make the right colour decisions by yourself, without making expensive mistakes OR losing sleep at night?

Would you benefit from having a set of guidelines and processes to follow that’ll give you certainty with every decision you make? Yes and Yes!

Can you relate?

You have great taste. You know what you like when you see it, but still you’re not sure how to pull it all together. Or, where to start?

Perhaps you're really excited about your project, but at the same time, you're stuck with worry that you might make choices you'll later wish you hadn't.

Home projects are an investment.

You know this is your one chance to create your forever home and you want to enjoy the process and be happy with the outcome.

You’ve made mistakes you regretted in the past and THIS TIME you want to get it right without wasting more time and money.

Colour mistakes cost money.

Learning how to avoid and FIX mistakes will save you money and time, repeatedly. In fact, fixing just one color mistake could save you enough money to cover the cost of this course.

That's good money you can spend on lamps and decor later! Just sayin'

100% happiness guarantee

How much is being able to sleep at night knowing that you’ve made the right decorating, renovation and new build choices worth to you? I believe it’s priceless. AND, you make this investment at no risk because you’re covered by my 100% happiness guarantee. If, by the end of the first day, you don’t think this is the best colour/design course you’ve ever taken, simply ask for your money back no questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

I would love to take Maria’s class but I’m located overseas. How would that work?

The cost of the course is in USD.

Maria has many students from Europe and Australia take her virtual course each season.  They treat it as though they are catching a flight and get up early (or stay up late).  Some students will even check in to a local hotel to take the course so as to not disturb their families. 

We are always so happy when clients from overseas join Maria in her live training.  The lunch break would be at approximately 12:30pm PST.  There is a mid morning break around 10:00am PST and in the afternoon around 3:00pm PST.  You can use this time zone converter to determine your time.

Note that overseas students will be required to pay for shipping of their course materials.  **Also be sure that Benjamin Moore fan decks are available in your area.

Are the fan decks included with my registration?

No. You need to provide your own BM FAN DECKS: If you don’t already have the Benjamin Moore Colour Preview fan deck and the Collections fan deck you must obtain them prior to class. Visit your local store to order or borrow them, or order online.
Maria will reference both fan decks at multiple times during the presentation and ask you to suggest paint colours from the specified fan decks in the exercises.

Why Benjamin Moore fan decks? What if I already have the Sherwin-Williams fan decks, or I prefer Sherwin-Williams paint colours?

Maria will teach the class referencing only Benjamin Moore as it would be too complicated and confusing to move back and forth between both Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams.
Maria’s system was first developed with Benjamin Moore paint colours.  She knows that some attendees will prefer Sherwin-Williams over Benjamin Moore.  That’s why she will provide you with a cross-reference colour matching guide for paint colours in Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams.
This exclusive cheat sheet of BM/SW equivalents for the colours in her system will be delivered via email before class begins.
Maria will reference both Benjamin Moore fan decks at multiple times during the presentation and ask you to suggest paint colours from the specified fan decks in the exercises. So please make sure you purchase or borrow these two fan decks prior to class.

Are the Colour Boards included with my registration?

The large painted Colour Boards are not included with your registration as it would make the course that much more expensive.  Plus many students already have them prior to taking the class. 

Maria does offer her best prices on Colour Boards to the students of her live training so if you were interested in a set (or two), in class is the absolute best time to invest in some.

How does this live virtual training work?

This is not a pre-recorded event. THIS IS A FULLY-IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE. Maria will lead the course live from her studio office and you can expect her to be just as high energy on your computer screen as she is in person 😉

You will be invited to a private Zoom meeting and will receive a link for the two-day online course. All you need to join is desktop or laptop computer with reliable internet access, a webcam, and speakers with good volume. The interactive experience just isn’t the same via a cell phone.

Maria loves to connect personally with her students and that means she needs to see your lovely face – so we ask that you turn on your camera during the virtual workshop. There will also be time to interact with your fellow classmates during some of the exercises. We promise this makes it more fun!

The live training does not work with my schedule. Are there recordings available?

The value in the training is to attend it live and be in-person with Maria.  The magic happens when you are able to interact with Maria and participate in the hands on exercises.  This would be completely lost on a recording.

Maria will provide cheat sheets and resources during the two-day workshop to help you practice what you’ve learned after class, including a two-hour video review of the Killam Colour System that you can watch on your own. However, a full recording of both days is not provided.

I’m a designer. Can I still take the virtual class?

Yes!  Maria will teach the same fundamentals in the virtual class as she does in the in-person classes. 

The major differences are that you will not get a True Colour Expert certification and the class will be tailored more to a homeowner than a professional working with clients. 

If you are looking to learn Maria’s system and are not available for in-person classes, the virtual course is a good alternative.

Will I receive True Colour Expert™ certification?

No, this training does not provide certification as a True Colour Expert™. While designer professionals are welcome to attend this event, it is designed for homeowners. Maria offers certification in her True Colour Expert training instead. Click here for details.

How is the virtual course different from the in-person one?

Maria adapted her True Color Expert training for homeowners, and it’s only being offered virtually. To keep the costs down, you will need to bring your own Benjamin Moore Colour Preview fan deck and the Collections fan deck (or borrow them from your local store) prior to class.

You will, however, still receive an envelope with course materials for the in-class exercises.


I never miss a blog post. What else is there to learn?

If you’ve already read everything from Maria Killam – her blogs, books, and online courses – there’s still more to gain. The biggest advantage is the energy you get from learning directly from Maria!

Plus, the live workshops, whether in person or on Zoom, provide a unique and exciting learning experience. The content feels different, and you’ll grasp it better because it’s presented in the right order.

Maria, with over 20 years of experience in helping clients with their spaces, covers various finishes and decorating challenges. In just two days, you’ll learn her exact process for making colour decisions, solving tricky color situations, styling your home, deciding for new builds or renovations, and fixing issues in any room.

Enrolling in this workshop not only saves you money but also helps you stop overthinking decisions. Follow Maria’s simple and organized process to transform your home with her timeless aesthetic, years of experience, and an easy-to-use colour system. Don’t miss this chance to learn directly from Maria Killam!

I don't have the same decorating style as Maria... (or my home is modern/traditional/farmhouse, etc.) will this class still work for me?

Yes! Maria has been in over 20,000 homes in person and virtually over her 25 year career and seen it all. She will cover many styles of homes during the course, but you’ll also learn step-by-step how to make the best decisions for YOUR home.

She is the best person to learn from so you don’t end up making the most common mistakes in renovations, mixing old with the new in addition to mixing modern with traditional, as well as other styles of homes.

What sets this training apart?

This is the ONLY colour and design training experience led by the world’s top colour expert, Maria Killam. Her real-time guidance will revolutionize how you SEE and USE colour.

Maria provides exclusive colour resources as well as hands-on exercises with real client examples to enhance your learning journey. She’s trained thousands of homeowners and designers just like you.

That’s because she invented a simple and organized system for choosing colors that works seamlessly for any project.

This isn’t colour theory. It’s a practical and applied system you can use over and over again to effortlessly harmonize colours or solve any design challenge that comes your way.

What if I have to cancel?

If for any reason you need to cancel your registration for Create Your Dream Home virtual live training, we will issue you a refund less a $125 non-refundable processing fee up to 30 days prior to the course start date.

Cancellations less than 30 days prior to the course start date are not eligible for a refund.  

If you need to cancel less than 30 days prior to the course start date, your registration is eligible to be transferred to a future Create Your Dream Home training workshop held within the next 12 calendar months.  A $500 non-refundable transfer fee will apply.