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Need more customized help with colour and decorating?
I’ve made it easy to get the advice you need.

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Is it time for more personalized colour guidance?

  • Do you have an interest in colour and design, but the idea of choosing from thousands of neutral colours makes your brain hurt?
  • Are you stuck in a loop of indecision and tired of looking at a half-decorated space?
  • Do you want a specific look and feel for your home, but need help creating it and coordinating the colours?
  • Are you trying to create a beautiful new room but you need a little reassurance that you are going in the right direction?
  • Feeling overwhelmed by a renovation or new build project and all the expensive decisions to be made?
  • Maybe you’ve read enough of Maria’s blog to know that you don’t know enough to get it right on your own?

If you’re wide-eyed and nodding your head… keep reading.

Maria Killam eDesign services

We’ve made it easy to get the colour and decorating advice you need for your project!

Many of you have learned enough from the blog to know that there is a lot to know about colour. You have a new awareness of the undertones of neutrals and why they are so important to get right. You have learned a lot (if you’ve been binge reading which many people do), but when it comes to the expensive decisions you need to make for your home right now, you’re paralyzed with uncertainty.

Bottom Line: You desperately want to get it right and you don’t want to waste time and money.

We hear you, and want to help, so we’ve created a process in our eDesign consultations to get you the help you need via email. Whether you are building new, renovating or decorating, working on your interior or exterior, we’ve got you covered.

Maria’s System for Identifying Undertones makes specifying colour online refreshingly accurate. No where else will you get the confidence you need to move forward with your project like you will from Maria’s unique online colour consultations.

Plus you will get the design wisdom of her timeless aesthetic so that you don’t get caught in the cycle of endless renovations everytime a new tile trend hits the market.

Get Maria’s advice for your colour dilemma now.

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How does it work?


Take Photos of Your Home

Maria has organized an easy way to see the neutral undertones and colors in your home— but it begins with the right photos. Grab your phone and watch the video below to get started.


Show Us Your Decor Style

Maria can help you create a home that is classic and timeless. Show us what inspires you! Please create an idea board on Pinterest or Houzz with 6 to 20 images of interiors (or exteriors) that appeal to you.


Fill Out Our Questionnaire

This will give us all the information we need to create a personalized eDesign plan for your project. It’s also where you will share links to your online photo album and idea board.


Wait For The Magic To Happen

Once we have all the photos we need and your completed questionnaire, the team will assemble the information for Maria. There isn’t a lot of back and forth here, unless we need more clarification.


eDesign Solutions Delivery

Your personalized eDesign presentation will be delivered to you via email within the promised turnaround time.


Testing Paint Colours

You will be required to test Maria’s recommendations. Don’t worry, simple instructions will be included. And if you need feedback, you will have an opportunity to send in photos of your tests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which paint package should I choose - Open Layout or Two Rooms or More?

If the rooms are open to each other, our Open Layout Colour package would be the best fit for you.

If each room is more clearly defined or closed off, then the Two Rooms or More paint colour consultation would be best.

Do you offer a decorating eDesign package?

Yes! Maria can create a decorating mood board with links to help you decorate a room! It’s called the Get Me Started package.

Or, you can sign up for Maria’s Learn How to Create Mood Boards online course where she not only gives you expert advice on making the best decorating purchases online but also an introduction to her decorating principles!

Learn things like how to pick a starting point for your design or decorating project and how to make the right colour choices when shopping for decor online. This online course is available to stream and rewatch at your convenience.

I just need Maria to look at my selections and make sure I didn't make any mistakes? Do you offer an eDesign package for this?

We get some version of this inquiry all the time. Regardless of how much homework you have done in advance, we still have to consider and advise you on every element.

Let’s say you’ve made a bunch of selections that you love, but we discover they won’t necessarily work well together. It takes us much longer to parse through your selections to help you make it work.

I don't see a package that fits my needs. I don't need everything that is offered - I only need a few selections for my project.

Most people make design and decorating decisions on a need-to-have-basis, you know, choosing things in isolation as the specific need arises. And THIS is where I see the most colour mistakes happen.

For example, when you need a new sofa, you go shopping for a sofa right? You pick something “neutral” and plunk it in your living room. Only to find that that “neutral” grey or linen colour looks awful and dirty with your area rug, fireplace tile or drapes.

The truth is, it is precisely this making-selections-in-isolation approach to DIY renovation and decorating projects that is the single biggest cause of all the disappointing, less than pretty rooms in homes worldwide.

Here’s a post that explains this in more detail.

An experienced designer knows that every selection for your room is a colour selection first. And every choice needs to be balanced with and relate well to EVERY OTHER ELEMENT in the room for it to look right.

As we have experimented with our eDesign offerings, one lesson has become crystal clear, and that is that we can’t give you the right advice on any single element without properly taking ALL the rest of the pieces into consideration.

In other words, choosing one item for you leaves our hands tied to help you the rest of the way to real happiness. And your happiness is important to us.
For this reason, we only offer the more comprehensive packages that are designed to give you the best outcome.

How are you able to choose the right colour for my home if we do this all via email?

Because getting the colour right is about being able to correctly distinguish the undertones, and that is what we do best!

Maria and her team have consulted with thousands of clients this way, helping them create beautiful and classic homes without the expense of full service design.

Once we’ve seen a few photos of any given room, taken according to our simple instructions, we can see which neutral undertones you are working with. And our simple colour testing process effectively verifies that the colours we recommend are right.

And don’t worry, if you are building a new home, you’ll send us elevations and preferences instead.

Consulting this way takes a bit of leg work but you will have the satisfaction of doing it yourself, creating your own personalized home, with reassuring guidance from an expert whose aesthetic you trust.