How to Choose Paint Colours

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This eBook is for you if:

    • You are looking for more than colour theory.
    • You would like to transform the way you see colour.
    • You would like to learn the complete step-by-step system to get colour to do what you want.
    • You want to learn how to choose the right neutral the first time.
    • You need a “go-to” list (in Benjamin Moore & Sherwin Williams) of tried and proven colours that works 95% of the time.
    • My curated bonus eBook of colours immediately narrows down the best neutrals.
    • You realize that it costs exactly the same to paint the wrong colour as it does to paint the right colour.

Note: This is an ‘eBook’ delivered by email. It is in PDF format. It is not a physical book.


How To Choose Paint Colours

This eBook will teach you how to choose paint colours. We also want you to accurately see the colours in this system. Thus, we highly recommend that you follow along with a Classic or Colour Preview Benjamin Moore fan deck. These are available at many Benjamin Moore stores. Or you can also pick up the colour chips individually from the paint store.

“Doesn’t everyone want to get their colours right the first time? Now you can learn Maria’s system from the comfort of your own home.”

– Traci Zeller of Traci Zeller Designs


Maria’s Bonus eBook of Colours

This eBook would also not be complete without my curated list of the most popular go-to paint colours (in Benjamin Moore & Sherwin Williams), categorized by undertone. You may be someone who is just renovating your kitchen or a bathroom. Most of all, you need this list, so you can choose colours with the correct undertones and make sure you avoid choosing colours with the wrong undertone.

How this works:

If you’ve identified that the duvet in your guest bedroom is primarily taupe and you’ve decided to paint your walls that colour, all you have to do is go to my curated list of taupes in the bonus eBook of colours. 95% of the time, it’ll be there. That’s why my System for Specifying Colour is so powerful, gone are the days where you have to sift through a million paint chips to find the right one.

If you are a colour professional and would benefit from ordering a set of my large samples — with the purchase of this eBook you’ll also have the list of all 150 of my large paint samples so you can see which collection would work best for you. The Core Collection in Benjamin Moore AND the Foundation Collection in Sherwin Williams is the set you’ll need first if you don’t have any of my boards. Go here to learn more.

As my gift to you, we have included this additional eBook absolutely free with the purchase of How to Choose Paint Colours — It’s All in the Undertones.

**You can find the link to the Bonus eBook included with the How to Choose Paint Colours eBook.



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