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Masterclass For
Exterior Colour Selection

Feeling overwhelmed with all the decisions you need to make for your exterior project?

Whether you are building your dream home or remodeling your existing exterior, one misguided choice can easily turn into a cascade of wrong decisions.

You need to know which decisions come first AND which elements are worth investing in so you can create a classic and timeless exterior you’ll love forever.

I understand how overwhelming these decisions can be, which is why I condensed my 25 years of experience into a collection of indispensable, no-nonsense video lessons you can watch over and over again.

Stay tuned for the most comprehensive, self-guided course on exterior colour selection for homeowners and design professionals. Coming back in 2024! 

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* If you previously purchased the Exterior Colour Selection Masterclass, you can still access it here.

20 Years Worth of Advice
(in one convenient course)

Loaded with expert insight, advice and visual examples, this course will teach you how to eliminate guesswork and coordinate exterior colours effectively. Using her acclaimed System for Specifying Colour, Maria will teach you how to achieve a classic and timeless exterior.

Get ready to make your neighbors envious.


“Your guidance helped immensely with what is generally overwhelming and scary. We are so happy with the result!”

Maria Killam - After Maria Killam - Before

Just take a look at this transformation from one of my Exterior Colour Selection Masterclass students.


“The masterclass was so helpful in planning our exterior changes, which included dormer, windows, roof, gutters, front door, garage doors, and paint.”

Key Facts About Exterior Colour

Exterior colours get 2-3 times lighter and brighter (washed out).

This means the world of white and cream can be expanded to include pale shades of green beige and green grey. White belongs with pale and clean colours, such as greys and blacks. Cream belongs with earth tones, such as beige and brown.

The 3 biggest mistakes people make with exterior colour:


Combining clean and dirty colours or getting the neutral undertones wrong

If you choose a blue for your house and it is too clean it will scream ‘crazy person’ lives here. Your neighbors will be cranky about the house on the street that sticks out like a neon sign.


Constantly worrying that their house will look boring

It’s common to worry that you need to create all kinds of “interest” on your exterior to increase the curb appeal. The problem is, if you throw a mix of interesting finishes and colours onto your house, it will just look disjointed, like you couldn’t make up your mind. For a classic and timeless look, less is more. Learn which elements really are worth investing in to make your house look it’s best.


There’s too much or not enough contrast with trim

If the trim is too stark, it will be jarring to look at and will likely cheapen the look of your exterior.

If the trim doesn’t provide sufficient contrast, or is too yellowed, it will look dirty and drab. Learn my best tips for getting this tricky, but critical part, of choosing exterior colour right every time.

Choosing classic and timeless colours and finishes is key to a house you’ll love for years to come.

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