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My Exterior Colour Selection Masterclass is a SHORTCUT

This course will give you a tried and true, practical and applied system for selecting the perfect colour for a classic and timeless exterior.

It is NOT a course about building your colour consulting business and getting new clients. But it will ELEVATE your business because it will establish you as an expert. And when you become known as an expert, word travels fast.

This is NOT a course only for design professionals. Although countless pros learn and use my system, the content is completely accessible to homeowners and design enthusiasts too. And, it will help you look like a pro.

You won’t need to waste time considering the hundreds of colours in the fan deck, you can narrow it down to a few good options QUICKLY. Like an expert.

How do I know this?

Because getting colour right is NOT about preference or personality. It’s about knowing which elements of your exterior determine the colour palette and identifying the right colours to relate.

This course will show you the most direct way to create a beautiful home that is classic and timeless… whether you are a homeowner or a designer!



From: Maria Killam

Re: There’s no hiding if you get exterior colour wrong.

An Exterior Colour Expert in the Making…

Back in November of 2002 I was a 35 year-old who recently moved back home (and across the country). Just out of a bad relationship, I found myself $25,000 in debt. 

I was about to give up on my dream of becoming an internationally known colour consultant (I had bills to pay after all) and getting ready to accept a job in hotel sales management (in my former, soul-sucking career) when I was contacted by a colleague in the design industry who told me that Benjamin Moore was looking for colour consultants.

So, I took a leap of faith.

At that point, my experience mostly consisted of decorating for my friends and family, plus a short, unprofitable period of doing redesign (which is what we did before staging was invented).

But, I was recently trained in a 5-day, very enlightening colour workshop in San Francisco and that is what I pitched to get the job.

Immediately I started providing colour consultations in a high-end area of town.

As I stood in the paint store, pulling colour chips for clients as they walked in the door looking for colours, I pitched my colour services day-after-day, looking for leads every way I could.

My colleagues would joke that I would take a colour consultation in the middle of the night. And I totally would have.

mk-exterior-colourI know, I looked just like a flight attendant.

Then once spring arrived, people started thinking about exterior colour.

Well, everyone just assumed that since I worked for Benjamin Moore, I must know everything there was to know about choosing exterior paint colours. Yet, I had never chosen an exterior paint colour in my life and the prospect of doing this scared me to death!

There’s no hiding if you get exterior colour wrong. Every day, you’ll drive up to your house and be cranky. And your neighbours will not be happy either.

I’ll never forget a consultation I did for a classic tudor style home that Spring. Lucky for me, I had my large painted colour boards with me. Back in the late 90s, early 2000s (right before the earthy brown trend arrived) the trend was to paint out a white stucco/brown siding tudor style home in a light and dark shades of sage green.

During this consultation, I simply held up paint colour after paint colour, just like Vanna White and asked if the client “liked the paint colour” (BTW – this is the first sign that you have no idea what you’re doing).

Of course, at the time I absolutely DID NOT have a clue which colour was the right one. Nor could I explain WHY the colour I was specifying was correct.


Two months later, I drove by that same house and noticed that it did indeed have a fresh coat of new paint – IN THE EXACT SAME COLOURS IT WAS PREVIOUSLY PAINTED!

That’s when I decided I was going to figure this exterior colour selection out and do whatever it took to understand colour!

I spent weeks, driving from one beautiful, high-end house to another, taking photos and matching the paint colours to my colour chips. If the homeowner wasn’t home, all the better. I would confidently approach the house and act like I belonged there. Then I’d match the paint colour and move on to the next house.


If they appeared to be home, I knocked on the door and presented my business card, which stated I was a colour consultant, and asked if I could photograph their house.

Often, I ended up being invited in for coffee and even toured some of the houses I photographed!

In the end, I had a binder full of photos with corresponding colour chips that I could show my clients, which definitely made me feel a lot more confident.

And as time went by, I gained even more experience, and learned to see the exact pattern in neutral undertones that I’m teaching in this masterclass!

This led to the  ability to explain WHY my colour specifications were correct. And, that’s what you will discover here in this online training.

Because, my proven system for seeing the undertones in neutrals on both exteriors AND interiors will transform the way you see colour. FOREVER.

When you can explain WHY your colour choices are correct, your clients (or your spouse or your contractor) gain confidence in your abilities and ultimately, you will get the classic and timeless colour scheme without having to compromise.

Because good aesthetics and design are simply NOT just about democratic preference.

Once you make one important colour design choice, that decision drives everything else up until you reach the beautiful conclusion of your classic and timeless home.

But, making decisions based on likes and dislikes will NEVER, and I mean NEVER, result in the beautiful home you saved on your Pinterest boards.

See for yourself. Watch the first module absolutely FREE!

What You’ll Learn…

Module 1: Getting Started
This is Point A on the road map for choosing exterior colour effectively. Start with the right considerations, end with a beautiful result. Watch Module 1 for free right now (below).

Module 2: How We’re Influenced By Trends
Regardless of how much we try to be mindful, we are all influenced by trends. It’s like the air we breathe. This module will give you insight into the trend cycles for exterior colour. Where we’ve been, where we are currently, and how to create a timeless look now.

Module 3: All About the Black & White Exterior Trend
This is the most overarching exterior colour trend we’ve ever seen. Get my professional opinion on how to do it well and avoid the pitfalls of the trend.

Module 4: The Colour of Timeless Stone (Why It’s Important for you to know)
Stone is the single BOSSIEST element you can install on your exterior. The colours of your stone dictate your exterior palette forever. This module will show you the most timeless and versatile undertone for stone, so you’re not forced to use a colour palette that is earthier than you want.

Module 5: Windows – Your First Step in a New Build
Window colour is the first colour decision you’ll need to make for your exterior. Windows are a big investment. DO NOT simply choose black because everyone is doing it right now. Window colour is a key consideration that defines your exterior colour options.

Module 6: Classic Brick + Stone – When to combine it or paint it
Good combinations of stone and brick are extremely rare. While it is cleaner to stick with only one or the other, many HOAs require a combination of stone AND brick. This module will help you get it right. It will also help you decide when it is time to paint your dated brick to open up your options.

Module 7: The Best Exterior Paint Colours by Undertone
Here is the definitive guide for using my System for Specifying Colour™ for exteriors. It is the ultimate cheat sheet to the best exterior colours in each neutral undertone, complete with photos of homes painted in each colour.

Module 8: Trim and Garage Doors – Create the Right Contrast & Balance
The right trim colour can make or break the look of your house. This module is full of tips and insights into getting the contrast just right. It will help you decide what will look more balanced, a garage door that blends vs. one that is painted to stand out.

Module 9: The Most Versatile Roof Colours
My favorite roof shingle colours and how to choose the perfect timeless roof for your house.

Module 10: Best Front Door Colours
A curated collection of front door colour inspiration.

Module 11: Shutters – When they work, when they don’t and the best colours
Shutters don’t work for every style of window, and like trim, they are an important consideration to creating a balanced look. And, all this would be considered before you even pick the right shutter colour. Find my favorites here.

Module 12: Curb Appeal begins with Landscaping + How To Test Exterior Paint Colours
Landscaping to exteriors is what decorating is to interiors. Never get stuck thinking that you need to create all the interest in exterior colours and claddings alone. Always reserve a healthy budget for a professionally designed landscape. This module will show you why.

 Module 13: Porch, Deck, Fencing, and Paving
In this module, I will share my best colour tips for creating beautiful transition spaces between your interior and exterior including perfect columns and railings, decking, and paving for timeless porches, decks, and patios.

Module 14: What Would Maria Do With THIS House (Before & After)
In this module, I will share what I’m thinking to arrive at the final colour specifications for real houses from my readers.

Module 15: What Would Maria Do with THIS Patio + Fence (Before & After)

It happens all the time, people make changes to their exterior and stop before they consider the outdoor areas and how they relate and transition from the interior. Again, these will be real houses from my readers to help you make your home that fills you with joy when you see it!

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Key Facts About Exterior Colour

Exterior colours get 2-3 times lighter and brighter (washed out).

This means the world of white and cream can be expanded to include pale shades of green beige and green grey.

White belongs with pale and clean colours, such as greys and blacks.

Cream belongs with earth tones, such as beige and brown.

The 3 biggest mistakes people make when choosing exterior colours are:

  • Combining clean and dirty colours or getting the neutral undertones wrong

    If you choose a blue for your house and it is too clean it will scream ‘crazy person’ lives here. Your neighbors will be cranky about the house on the street that sticks out like a neon sign.

    Or, if you choose what you thought was a pretty grey and it ends up looking too cold and clashing with your stone, your house will not look right until you repaint it. That can be expensive.

  • Constantly worrying that their house will look boring

    It’s common to worry that you need to create all kinds of “interest” on your exterior to increase the curb appeal. The problem is, if you throw a mix of interesting finishes and colours onto your house, it will just look disjointed, like you couldn’t make up your mind. For a classic and timeless look, less is more. Learn which elements really are worth investing in to make your house look it’s best.

  • There’s too much or not enough contrast with trim

    If the trim is too stark, it will be jarring to look at and will likely cheapen the look of your exterior.

    If the trim doesn’t provide sufficient contrast, or is too yellowed, it will look dirty and drab. Learn my best tips for getting this tricky, but critical part, of choosing exterior colour right every time.

    Choosing classic and timeless colours and finishes is key to a house you’ll love for years to come.


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Here’s What You’ll Get

  • 15 Module Exterior Masterclass ($497 Value)
  • Step-By-Step Exterior Worksheets ($97 Value)
  • Ability To Choose/Specify Exterior Colour with Confidence – And Raise Your Prices as a Pro (Priceless)
  • BONUS: Lifetime Access To Course Content (Priceless)
  • BONUS: Maria’s Go-To Book of Exterior Colours ($197 Value)
  • BONUS: Exterior Masterclass Facebook Group (Priceless)

Total Value: $791

You Pay Only: $497

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Frequently Asked Questions

This course is brand new. It’s NOT an update to the last exterior webinar from 8 years ago. It’s much more comprehensive with 12 modules covering each section of an exterior. You can watch the module you need immediately with lifetime access to the course forever AND free updates inside the current trend cycle (trends last approximately 7-10 years depending on where you live).

This course will teach how to choose colour for any exterior. It has been created for the design professional or the do-it-yourselfer.

You’ll be introduced to the world of undertones and how they work in my system. If you purchase eDesign help, your colour specifications will be done for you. You will still receive the ‘WHY my colour specifications are correct’ in your package, however my advice will be specific to YOUR house.

This course will give you the full scope of what you need to know and consider to successfully choose colour for any exterior.

And, if you still need help and reassurance in choosing colours after you purchase this masterclass, we can give you a coupon for $100 to be applied towards an exterior eDesign package.

Most of the time, the novice simply doesn’t know where to begin and which factors to take into consideration. This masterclass will walk you through them, and once you know where to begin, and learn how to apply my System of Understanding Undertones to exteriors (a cheatsheet of the best colours in each undertone category is included!), you will quickly narrow down your options to the perfect colour palette.

And if you still need further reassurance you are on the right track, after you purchase this masterclass, we can give you a coupon for $100 to be applied towards an exterior eDesign package so Maria can review your selections.

Honestly, in my experience, it is most likely that your house is NOT the exception to the universal principles of good exterior colour covered in this Masterclass. And even if you do want to break the rules, it’s important that you know them well enough first to do so with awareness. Otherwise, you will be experimenting blind and the results are not likely to be pretty. For a classic and timeless look, less is more. Learn which elements really are worth investing in to make your house look it’s best.

The course is divided into convenient modules, so if after viewing all the webinar, which you can do in a couple of sittings if you are pressed for time, you can easily go back and quickly review any section you need immediate clarity on.

When you are working with a builder, or need to present your selections to a board or HOA, it’s best to have well thought out and coordinated colours and selections that are difficult to argue with. And once you have attended the Masterclass, you will have more conviction that your choices are right, so you will be less susceptible to being influenced in other directions, which is a common challenge homeowners face.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

It’s backed by my 30-day 100%, money-back, happiness guarantee. You can try the entire course at ZERO risk to you.

And it comes with lifetime access, along with free updates inside the current trend cycle.

Everything about exteriors that I’ve learned, tested and perfected, is packed into this course.

And now it can all be yours.