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When you can quickly narrow down the undertone of anything, you reduce the THOUSANDS of colour options you need to consider to a few of the best colours in my system.

This wheel is made with REAL PAINT – just like the paint chips you find in any paint store. That means it’s true-to-colour. You can use it to find the right undertones from your favourite neutral paint colours from ANY company.

Here’s a brief look at how the Killam Colour System works.

Let’s pretend this was your living room and you need to identify the undertone of your sofa because you’re looking to freshen up the wall colour with a lighter neutral. 


If you were an experienced colourist, you could probably match up the sofa to the closest colour in your fan deck (everyone should have a fan deck from their favourite paint company). In this case, I discovered the sofa colour matches HC-172 Revere Pewter in my Benjamin Moore fan deck. And, in my system, I have identified this paint colour as a green grey. 

However, identifying the exact undertone is tricky if you are just learning my system. And there are A LOT of neutrals in the fan deck.

So instead, start by plunking down the colour wheel on top of the sofa and narrow down the undertone to 1 or 2 that closely match. My colour wheel is a shortcut to help you see which undertones might work. And, it allows you to compare all 9 undertones at once so you can rule out the others that won’t work immediately.

Now, you can simply go to my bonus book of colours that comes with my How to Choose Paint Colour ebook to review and compare paint colours in the 1-2 undertones you identified above. Here’s the best part. I have already curated the BEST PAINT COLOURS in all 9 undertones for you. Once you find the right undertone, you can decide how light or dark you’d like to go. That’s how the system works – in a nutshell. Essentially, you need my books to make this work smarter for you.

What about whites?

Do you know the critical difference between choosing white for walls and choosing white for trim and cabinets? In White is Complicated you’ll learn how to choose the right white the first time. Plus, it comes with my go-to list of tried and proven white, complex cream and greige paint colours. 

“The White is Complicated eBook just saved me lots of money. We are about to build a new home and I was going to paint the trim, cabinets and walls all the same white…and to make matters worse, I totally selected the wrong white for my Carrara marble countertops!! Thank you so much!” – Lori A.

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Neutral Colour Wheel for Understanding Undertones®

There are thousands of neutral colours out there. What’s powerful about my system is that it reduces the staggering variety of nuanced neutrals into just 9 identifiable categories of the MOST USEFUL and common neutral undertones you’ll need for any home decor project.

And my new neutral colour wheel makes identifying the undertone of anything easier than ever. #gamechanger

This wheel is made with REAL PAINT – just like the paint chips you find in any paint store. That means it’s true-to-colour. You can use it to find the right colours from your favourite paint company. Think of it as a complete reference tool. Perfect, accurate examples of each undertone category and the best whites in your hand! 

Stop guessing. Start learning. Order the ebooks and colour wheel bundle today!