The BM VIP Collection

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Colour Wheels Are Prepackaged In All Colour Board Orders

Yes, we are sold out of the single and bundle-ordered Colour Wheels. However, YOU WILL receive a Colour Wheel inside of your Colour Board purchases. They are already prepackaged and sealed with a colour wheel inside.


Are you afraid of choosing the wrong colour? A large PRINTED colour sample will NOT accurately show how the colour changes in the light. It must be PAINTED to get it right.Colour is made easy with these large painted colour boards because you can SEE that you’ve chosen the right one. Stop guessing and start painting.

Made with real paint, these sturdy, transportable and reusable boards can be moved around and used in any application for years to come. Click here for the best way to store your colour boards.

Don’t take my word for it, read the reviews below!

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Nothing makes choosing paint colour easier.

A large PRINTED colour sample will NOT accurately show how the colour changes in the light. It must be PAINTED to get it right.

When you can clearly see that you’ve chosen the right colour, you can STOP GUESSING and finally sleep at night – knowing you have made the RIGHT CHOICE. Large, moveable colour boards allow you to do just that. The neutral undertone category of each colour board is written directly on the front of the board. 

Stop guessing, start painting.


Best Benjamin Moore Paint Colours Trends

For my Benjamin Moore VIP Collection – Neutrals, Colours & Darks, I’ve picked the latest hot neutrals, some of the best yellows, pinks, blues, greens as well as the best of the dark colours – from forest green  to navy, to brown, to charcoal, to black. This supplementary collection is the perfect complement to my Benjamin Moore Core Collection and will give you some great extra options to use with your clients.

As with my Core Collection, this set of 50 colours is painted on high-quality 18-pt card stock (size 11×14″). Small enough to carry around with you and large enough to see what the colours will look like in any space.

Free Colour Wheel with Purchase


Our large painted colour boards are custom made in small quantities therefore we do not allow returns or refunds, however we will replace any damaged boards due to shipping.