Neutral Colour Wheel

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When it comes to choosing the right neutral for your project, so many of you rely on intuition or guesswork.

Wouldn’t it be great to have the ultimate cheat sheet to identify the neutral colour of anything and everything?

Now, you can.

I’ve created a clever NEW tool to help you do just that. Take the magic of Understanding Undertones® anywhere! When you can quickly narrow down the undertone of anything, you reduce the THOUSANDS of colour options you need to consider to a few of the best colours in my system.

This wheel is made with REAL PAINT – just like the paint chips you find in any paint store. That means it’s true-to-colour. You can use it to find the right undertones from your favourite neutral paint colours from ANY company.

Neutral Colour Wheel for Understanding Undertones®

There are thousands of neutral colours out there. What’s powerful about my system is that it reduces the staggering variety of nuanced neutrals into just 9 identifiable categories of the MOST USEFUL and common neutral undertones you’ll need for any home decor project.

And my new neutral colour wheel makes identifying the undertone of anything easier than ever. #gamechanger

This wheel is made with REAL PAINT – just like the paint chips you find in any paint store. That means it’s true-to-colour. You can use it to find the right colours from your favourite paint company. 

It puts my complete system for Understanding Undertones® conveniently in your hand. Take it with you to identify the undertone of anything, anywhere. 

I’ve given a language to neutrals.

When you don’t have a specific language for defining neutrals like I’ve created, you end up using unhelpfully vague descriptions like, “I like warm greys over cool greys”. You’re only guessing, and blaming the light when the colour you chose looks wrong.

That’s why I created my groundbreaking System for Specifying Colour, which you can start learning here. Understanding Undertones® is a core component of my comprehensive system.  And now, I’ve made it easier to take my system along with you.

Think of it as a complete reference tool. Perfect, accurate examples of each undertone category and the best whites in your hand! 

The 9 undertones of neutrals are:

  • Pink Beige
  • Orange Beige
  • Yellow Beige
  • Gold Beige
  • Green Beige
  • Green Grey
  • Blue Grey
  • Violet Grey
  • Taupe

Compare the representative colours on the wheel to any neutral colour you need to identify.

Simply spin the wheel to get useful, concise descriptions of each undertone. 

This colour wheel is the definitive and only tool you’ll need to use every time you choose a neutral colour. Take it with you when you’re working hard to find the right neutral colour for your home — whether you’re shopping for a neutral paint colour, a hard finish or decor item — it will make your colour choices so much easier.

Stop guessing. Order yours now!