Neutral Colour Wheel


The ultimate tool to identify and compare neutrals and whites for anyone who wants to save time, money and headaches when building, renovating, buying paint or choosing the right decor and finishes for any home.

Get the most out of the wheel by using it alongside Maria’s popular eBooks. These eBooks offer a simple, step-by-step guide to help you understand undertones and choose the right colors.

You’ll receive ONE wheel with the neutrals on front and the whites on back.

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What is the neutral colour wheel?

The Understanding Undertone Neutral Colour wheel is a visual key to the 9 most useful undertones AND the 4 best gradations of white, so you can make better decisions about anything neutral.

Use this tool to save you time, money and headaches when building, renovating, buying paint or choosing decor and finishes for your home.

Whether you are a painter, interior designer, builder, renovator, decorator, or a homeowner that is planning some updates, the Understanding Undertones Neutral Colour Wheel is an invaluable tool for coordinating neutrals and whites in ANY home.

Compare this wheel to anything neutral – furniture, fabrics, rugs, paint, countertops, tile, flooring – to narrow down which 1-2 undertones are a close match. Then compare to the paint colours in my system to confirm the exact undertone you are working with. Find a complete list of paint colours in my system here or order my coordinating large painted colour boards, labeled by undertone and get a FREE WHEEL here.

Once you’ve identified the correct neutral undertone, you can use this information to:

  • Use the neutral colour wheel as a guide for choosing hard finishes for your kitchen or bathroom new build or renovation project, so the undertones are a good match.
  • Choose a complimentary paint colour in this undertone using my curated list of paint colours found in my books or large painted colour boards.
  • Take the neutral colour wheel with you when shopping for decor like fabrics, pillows, art, bedding, etc. so you can make sure the neutral undertone is a good fit.

Think of the Understanding Undertones Neutral Colour Wheel as your cheatsheet to getting neutrals and whites right, so you never order the wrong paint colour or finish again.

The 9 MOST USEFUL undertones of neutrals are:

  • Pink Beige
  • Orange Beige
  • Yellow Beige
  • Gold Beige
  • Green Beige
  • Green Grey
  • Blue Grey
  • Violet Grey
  • Taupe

The 4 MOST USEFUL gradations (from cool to warm) of white:

  • Blue White
  • True White
  • Off White
  • Cream

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