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Ten Best Front Door Colours for your House

By 04/09/2012April 16th, 2021142 Comments

Changing your front door colour is a relatively easy project that offers a dramatic impact on your home’s curb appeal. Here are the 10 best front door colours for your house. 

Front doors should be an accent colour. In other words, they should be a strong, dramatic, bold shade. Colour is always the timeless choice. Usually, your front door colour should not be repeated anywhere else on your house although I have seen some exceptions to that rule.

Beauti-Tone Paint, which is sold exclusively at Home Hardware, sent me some of their most classic front door colours. So if it’s time to paint your front door this season, here are my favorite front door colours to choose from.

And, if you’re wondering about my favorite front door colours from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams, keep reading to find out how to get my front door paint colour list delivered to you FOR FREE. 

Ten Best Front Door Colours for Your House

Remember, whichever front door colour you choose from the options below, it will look best if you repeat the colour in your porch furnishings and decor.

Say, if your outdoor furniture is paintable, consider painting them to match your new front door for a big impact. Otherwise, you can look for new cushions that repeat the door colour and add a new welcome mat and/or potted plants that also pick up the colour of your front door.

Here’s an example:

Orange Front Door Idea

>> Click here to find out how to create gorgeous curb appeal with your front door colour.


1. Beauti-Tone: Wet Sands 3H2-7

With this Midas Touch, your home will look like a million bucks and your neighbors will be wondering why they didn’t think of it. This front door colour pops against stone and brick and is complemented by lots of greenery and bold flowers. It also works with darker colour schemes.


2. Beauti-Tone: Green Conifer Hills 5141EC

The secret to this classic dark green is that it is infused with black and relates with the landscape. Rich, deep, sublime.


3. Beauti-Tone: Earthenware 3E1-8

For brighter interest at your entry, you could also use this warm orange red. It’s a friendly, earthy colour that beckons you in and helps you feel grounded.


4. Beauti-Tone: Direct Line 436

I’m a big fan of purple or eggplant front doors, especially this shade that it is downright majestic. Purple is a good complement to all kinds of greens in your landscaping and purple flowering plants are easy to find to incorporate with your door. A more muted shade of this colour looks great on classic brick houses, too.


5. Beauti-tone: French Navy Blue SC007

Like a uniform or a great business suit, this colour commands respect. A dark blue door colour says “sophisticated success.” It offers nice contrast on green-grey neutral exteriors.


6. Beauti-Tone: Gitano FD038

There’s nothing seventies about this brown. A new contemporary espresso shade is the perfect blend between black and brown. It is even versatile enough to look great on a warm, creamy exterior for a softer contrast than black. 


7. Beauti-Tone: Loving it 3C2-8

Red has long been a classic front door colour. Like finding that perfect shade of lipstick, this is the red that commands attention in all the right ways. Red can look a little predictable, but the way to keep it fresh is to combine it with lots of white.


8. Beauti-Tone: Grey Eyeshadow SC047

Harmony resides here. Not too warm, not too cold, this charcoal grey is in perfect balance for a very refined look.


9. Beauti-Tone: Hidden Mountains 5135EC

This shade of aubergine is like a fashion statement for your home — a true haute hue. If you want a dark purple option that leans more towards eggplant, this is your colour.


10. Beauti-Tone: Quinte HD016

Doesn’t this colour remind you of a deep, rich and full-bodied burgundy? If you are looking for a deep red that leans more toward burgundy, for a strong and moody presence at your entry door, this is it.

Which is your favorite front door colour?

There is something magical about a front door when it’s painted a stunning colour, don’t you agree?

And what’s the most photographed area of any exterior? That’s right: the front door. So, if there is one thing about every house that makes a statement about your personality, it is the colour and style of your front door.

When done right, front doors are welcoming, and add a hit of colour and style. Still need more help? I can help you get it just right with my Front Door eDesign Package… or our most popular exterior bundle which gives you options for your home’s body, trim and front door colour.

Get my FREE guide for choosing your front door colour.

I’ll send you a list of these stunning door colours in Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore immediately when you sign up below.

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  • Tara Dillard says:

    Fabulous colors.

    Look ‘old’ from the first day.

    USA has a lot of red brick with tooooo much orange in them. Hard to work with. This list has multiple solutions.

    I always try to pick a front door color for clients that threads thru their interior artwork, fabric, walls. And working with their exterior siding.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  • Susan Good says:

    New paint on the front door is on our Spring to do list. We get a lot of direct sunlight and our Red Door has turned sort of dark Raspberry Pink, fun, but not quite what I had in mind. I really like the dark espresso or I might opt for a Charleston Green. I will be painting my shutters to match…I hope that isn’t too taboo.

  • Hi Maria!

    This is great! I’m painting mine yellow soon! I want it to say “welcome sunshine!” 🙂


    Luciane at

  • Maria,

    Have you decided what color your new home front door and house colors will be?

    This makes a great first impression to all who visit your home and has great curb and sidwalk appeal too.

    Mine is grey on a pale yellow home love it!


  • Teresa says:

    I love them all, but wish to add a further comment about brick and red doors… a very hard combo to pull off right. Usually they’re too bright and with clashing undertones instead of muted and “old ” looking as Tara says. The wet sands would probably look good with the Orangey brick tones, although I find the trim colour on the example too stark (or clean) a white for the weathered brick and stone. It may just photograph that way.
    Lastly, I agree wholeheartedly about the door contrasting to the rest of the trim. It’s like having a matched suite of furniture: matchey-matchey. I think the problem with that is that it detracts from the focal point. Maybe a lighter shade of the same color for shutters, but I personally feel that a darker shade of the trim colour seems to work best, especially with red. ( Think Chinese restaurant). I’ve seen exceptions, but very few. mostly with the door colour being introduced subtler ways via window boxes, porch pillows, flowers, etc.
    It would make for a great post to show wrong colours or colour placements and then how it could be corrected via photoshop or something. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to sound off on some of my pet peeves that I’m always mentally correcting.
    Great post, as usual.

  • Kathie Oleson says:

    OK, so which would have the right undertone to harmonize with my Powell Buff stucco and Clinton Brown wood trim???

  • Ivy Lane says:

    all them are gorgeous!!! I just had my front door which is mostly leaded glass, painted glossy black… I think it is fabulous! :)…. You helped me pick the awning color which is black…

    Happy Monday!

  • What a fun list and great colors. My door is stained, but this makes me want to go paint it! So many choices. Thanks for providing the Sherwin Williams matches!

  • Becky Cox says:

    I can’t pick a favorite! I did notice that nary a one has a storm door. Any thoughts on those? I’m in a condo and we can add a storm door, as long as it is “full view.” It can be cream or white, “preferably cream” since the front doors are painted cream. Would a cream storm door be too “matchy matchy??” I’m really stuck as to which route to go. Thanks!

    • Maria Killam says:

      The problem with a storm door is that it kills the look of a front door but a lot of people need them depending on where they live! I would match the storm door in this case for sure so it looks painted out.

  • Laura says:

    I love a distinctive door!

  • Missi Rogge says:

    Ours is similar to the last one, the burgundy. Tho, the red, orange and gold ones *really* caught my eye when scrolling down. I’d planned on painting the garage door and shutters to match but..dang, maybe we shouldn’t-maybe those should be the same color as the trim instead? (we have vinyl siding that is kind of a taupe-y color and the trim and gutters are brown)

  • Shawna says:

    These doors are all so gorgeous! I love so many colours I would have a hard time deciding, although I know the other colours of my house or the landscaping would help with that decision.

  • Angela N says:

    Woo hoo!! My house is exactly the colors in pic 2! I did something right!!

  • Mary says:

    I wish I could paint our front door. But since I live in a town home, the HOA won’t let me. But if I could, I would paint it Turquoise!!

  • sherri pressley says:

    My house is white siding. It had yellow shutters and a red (faded to raspberry pink) front door when I bought it 9 years ago. 3 years ago I repainted it with a darker blue for the shutters and trim and a lime green front door. I love it.

  • Deb Bruna says:

    Love, love all these front doors, such beautiful rich colors. Which one would be best with the typical muted green siding that you see everywhere, black shutters and off white trim? My front door is red right now, but it could use a little lift. 🙂

  • Stephanie says:

    This post is so timely. I just signed my exterior paint proposal today! My house has medium gray siding, black shutters and white trim. I was all set to change my front door from dark red (in between the lipstick red and burgundy in the examples above) to black. But maybe another color would be more exciting. What do you think? I love the French Navy Blue.

  • Rebecca says:

    I love the front doors pictured and think it is often an over looked element. Too often the garage doors are the focal point in all the new houses in a development. A front door should extent a warm welcome and be the focal point in the outside of a home. Also, I believe the color should be repeated in the interior. And it is best if it is first seen just inside the door. It need only be in a vase, chest, flower arrangement or any other element large or small.
    I have a brick red front door – love it!
    (gray siding with white trim)

  • Linda says:

    great post. My door needs repainting. I love that French Navy Blue! As always, thanks for the inspiration.

  • Paula Van Hoogen says:

    Maria, these are great door colors. I am going to archive this post! Let’s see your new front door as soon as you have it done!

  • Donna Frasca says:

    I just hope people chose colors other than red – it’s just so typical. You have some nice options here Maria. My front door is Antique Burgundy by Valspar. It’s a gorgeous deep purple that looks very much like eggplant. I just did a post on it, you can see it here:

  • carol says:

    the only 2 that I like are the Espresso and the gray. The others are awful. Sorry.

  • martha tillett says:

    I used sherwin williams deep burgundy red on my colonial 6 panel front door which faces south. The front door gets a lot of sun.

    The next year i installed a storm door and within a week the paint blistered and had large paint bubbles the diameter of a grapefruit in 4 or more places. Was it too hot to use dark paint or some other problem?

    • Maria Killam says:

      Dark colours get hotter than lighter ones and now that you have a storm door that is absolutely what happened. It’s probably like a sauna in between the storm door and the door 🙂 Maria

  • Sarah says:

    Our doors are all a nice forest green. While it may look a little dated to some, we love it paired with our creamy yellow siding and red brick foundation.

  • MicheleB@elementsofchic says:

    This is so timely as one of my Spring projects is painting my front door. It’s currently black but I love that red, although you’ve given me food for thought with some of the other colors! Great inspiration…

  • Angie says:

    Great post Maria. But I can’t believe you didn’t tell us what colour to paint our front door if we’re stuck (at least for now) with pinky beige siding!!! 🙂


    • Maria Killam says:

      Well if it’s a strong pink beige then all of them will work except yellows and oranges

  • Appealing colours …. all of them!

    A tad off subject but still related to colour, am I the only one that noticed that most of the doors featured have Brass finished hardware?
    (Personally, as I am a fan of Brass, I’m thrilled that is coming back. -Brenda-

  • Fabulous post, Maria. So thorough and complete. Lots of gorgeous front door colors!

  • Stacy says:

    I had a phone consult with Maria recently and she recommended black for our front door, which I think will look great. It’s currently primer gray! We have a lot of neutral colors and natural stone on the exterior, as well as an iron gate in the courtyard, so I think it ties in nicely.

    However, is it common to paint the inside and outside of the front door a different color or keep them the same? In our case, all black doors would tie into other things we have going on in the living room kitchen. For example, iron stair rails, b&w rug, black hearth, etc. I like some of the *colors* above, like Wet Sands and Hidden Mtns.

    • Jan D. Turner says:

      As a suggestion; the outside of our front door is painted while the inside is stained a beautiful mahogany, so no color conflict on the inside!

  • mairi says:

    We have dark gray-green siding so that orange is one that intrigues me. I would never have considered it before.
    My confusion though is that I have three doors visible from the street- one is on the second story, one being the everyday door and an unused front door. So Maria, are extra doors better off being matched to siding so as to ‘disappear’ like garage doors?

  • mollie duvall says:

    This is a post near and dear to my heart. My current front door is BM Classic Burgundy. I really like it. I did, however, originally make the mistake of painting the garage door the same color. Ughh.
    We ultimately painted the garage door to blend with the rest of the house and it looked MUCH better:).
    The house needs to be repainted soon. This time, I am going to do the front door the same deep eggplant color you show in this post.
    A design question: inside the home, it is best to repeat accent colors (60/30/10 rule )to tie everything together. Why does that not hold true for exterior paint schemes?

  • Catherine says:

    My husband says these are almost all wooden doors and because ours is not he can’t use this paint- Is this true?

    • Maria Killam says:

      Anything can be painted as long as you use primer. Check with the paint store on exactly what you need. Maria

  • Sindy says:

    Mmmmmmm, love that French Navy Blue. How about Dark Night by Valspar? Love this article, Maria!

  • Rose Mary says:

    My house has light grey siding with white shutters and trim. What would be a good color for my front door?

    • Maria Killam says:

      All of them would work with grey siding. Maria

      • Kelly Hart says:

        Maria, I’ve been desperately trying to decide on a front door color. Right now the house is a light grey/bluish color (White trim) with a country blue shutters and front door. I feel the country blue is dated. Any suggestions?
        Thank you!

  • April says:

    Wow! This article will help many clients when choosing their front door color. THANK you!

  • Kimberly says:

    I hope I’m not too late on this post…just read it today. I adore a brightly colored front door! I’ve always loved red doors, but my favorite in my neighborhood (that dates to the early1800s) is a glossy yellow, similar to that first one. However, my house is yellow, so that’s out for me. For the last 6 years my door has been BM Midnight Navy (2067-10), which to me is a deep periwinkle, but I get tired of hearing people say how they like my “purple” door. I’m ready for a change – it’s already on the list for this summer, but none of the above appeal to me. Perhaps the grey, but when we finally get around to re-painting and re-hanging the shutters I was planning on them being grey (and the roof is metal and is painted a charcoal grey). Can you suggest something? I obviously don’t mind it being out of the traditional/ordinary door colors 🙂 Indoors I’ve recently re-decorated with lots of blues (woodlawn blue and wedgewood grey) and greens if that matters.

  • Bethany says:

    Love these! The first yellow is my favorite. My house is stone with light blue painted siding and trim and my door is just a medium stain right now. What color would fit well with this palette?

  • Ellen says:

    I too love all the choices…My house is white vinyl siding with black shutters, black roof and a burgundy front door…..but I am ready for a change…and if I change my door should I change the shutters too?

  • Jamie says:

    I fell in love thanks to your post and just updated our front door in a gorgeous yellow! You can check out my transformation here:

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  • EM says:

    I love a boldly coloured front door but I don’t know what colour I would paint ours. Our house is a 50’s red and orangey brick colour. We have a white pvc fence and nice new windows with the white lines in them. So I’m going for a more cottage-y look and feel. Any suggestions that my husband would consider? LOL

  • Madeleine says:

    I love the doors but I am confused with the one labelled French Navy Blue. I went and got a sample can and the color matched the paper flyer. Neither of these look at all like the painted door in your pictures which is much lighter. Can you enlighten me please.

    • Maria Killam says:

      HI Madeleine,
      These were what Beauti-tone gave me but I would go with your actual sample. Lighting and photography can change the colour a lot. Maria

  • Natalie says:

    I have ‘Santa fe’ brick with orange ,red and a deep olive/brown brick. Our eaves are taupe/grey mix , do you think dragon’s breath by Benjamin Moore would be a good front door colour?

  • Susan says:

    Love your articles!!!! I have BM gloucester sage stained wood siding and BM sag harbour gray trim. What colour can I use on the exterior front doors. I painted them BM Burgundy 13 years ago and now I need an updated look.

  • kathy forzley says:

    Love all the colors!

    Our home is in a newer development with a fieldstone front, tan siding and white trim. Our door is currently painted a (faded) russett or muted red that fades into the shadows under the portico. Any suggestions for a new color to give it a pop of distinction from similar houses in the neighborhood?

    Also, my “friends & family” entrance to the mud room is on the front of the house toward the drive. Should I paint it the same color as the front door or keep it the color of the trim (white)?


  • Dana says:

    Love the door colors! I have black and Roxbury Caramel by Benjamin Moore on my trim on my Victorian front porch and light tan siding. Which of these door colors would you pick for this color combo? The door is currently black. Thank you.

  • Hi Maria!

    I love how you personify the power of color by describing it as “the perfect shade of lipstick” or aligning the color French Navy with the idea of “sophisticated success.” For me this brings a concept to color and hence magnifies the power of the choosing the right colors.

    Your gift to see color goes beyond the visual. Thank you for this blog entry!

    Demetria Loukas
    Olney, MD

    • Maria Killam says:

      Hi Demetria, Thanks for your comment and I can’t take credit for the descriptions they were from Beauti-tone! Maria

  • SusanInKy says:

    I have a Barn Red Cottage, Black shutters and a Hunter Green roof with white trim. Any suggestions for my front door OTHER then white?

  • Emily says:

    Hi Maria,
    I have an 1889 yellow brick farm house, with a grey slate roof. We’re installing a new front door. Do you have any colour suggestions? I was thinking a purple colour, but don’t know if that will be too bold!

  • Leisa Tilley says:

    The last one was the colour line I was looking for, a burgandy. Currently my shutters are black and I wondered how that would look, how convenient the photo included the shutters 🙂

  • Erica says:

    I have a grey-blue brick house but don’t know what colour would look best with it. Any suggestions?

  • Jody says:

    I’ve been thinking about a front door color for about forever now. It’s taking forever because our home is light pink stucco with cream colored pillars. The current door color is off white.
    I sure would love a door that pops though!

    What color? Help!! 🙂

  • I have a tutor style beige stucco home with dark brown trim. I like it, but now have decided trim needs painting. I would like a change something that would “Wow,” but I’m afraid of going too “Wow.” I do not trust my own judgement as I always doubt myself and then change my mind a hundred times. You helped me so much with design ideas last year. I was scared but I love my kitchen and white cabinets! Your site is fabulous!

  • Lexi says:

    I absolutely love these doors. I’m in the midst of trying to determine new colors for the front exterior now. My house is white siding and gets alot of sun in the front. I currently have forest green shutters and doors. I hate it. I’m thinking of black shutters and a colored door, but I don’t want really want red (too common). Any suggestions?

  • Elaine says:

    Love your suggestions! I was hoping you could point me in the right direction with my choice. 2 story home with white siding on top deep red brick on bottom with white trim. Large overhang making it a DARK porch. I would SO appreciate your ideas….

  • Steve says:

    Great ideas! Here’s my question: I have a white house with burgundy/dark red shutters and a grey roof. Right now my front door is white but I want to paint it. Should I try to match the shutters or go more bold as you suggest? What would be a good color?

  • Jane says:

    I have a pinky beige house with wood siding. Colours are labelled Salisbury and Mortality – with an Archangel (Purple/Blue) door I painted as soon as I moved in last summer. I put in new windows this fall and need an exterior window trim colour. I would like to develop some curb appeal, but do not want to paint the whole exterior. Suggestions?

  • EmSue says:

    My favorite color combination is a sunny yellow house with crisp white trim and a bright red door. Fortunately I live in Florida and the combo works.

  • Sue says:

    I am thinking of painting my door either the first or third one. I checked the paint #’s you have listed for those doors at Sherwin Williams, here in the US. The samples look different that the doors here. Are you sure they are the same colors?

    What type of wood were these doors? Mine is pine.


    • Maria Killam says:

      Hi Sue,
      I matched the SW colours as close as I could to the Beauti-tone colours for my American readers. Beauti-tone is only here in Canada. Maria

  • Sue says:

    Thanks Maria. I love all your door colors. Just when I think I have it narrowed down I change my mind. SW paint is 40% off this weekend, so I need to decide:-)

  • Karen says:

    Love, love, love all these doors colors. The photography is wonderful and the entries are gorgeous. I have a classic red brick, white stone 1 story house with sandstone garage door and siding. I have the most beautiful custom driveway with grays, exposed aggregate edges and redish/pinks. Grey roof but planning on changing that soon. What color door. My interior is neutral with olive, greens, blks and blue, cream. Suggestion PLEASE. NEED HELP. Thanks!

  • heather says:

    Please help !!
    I have a cape cod style house with cream/pale yellow siding and a brown shingled roof. I have been looking for a front door color for 10 years. I currently have gray, but it looks washed out. I prefer cool colors, but am thrown off by the brown roof. I want something bold and snazzy – thanks !!

  • Chris says:

    I would love to paint my front door, but I am at a total loss as to what to paint it. We live in a red house with a touch of brick on the front. The brick is that orange/red/black combo. The shingles are black and the windows are white. What color would you paint the door? Thanks!

  • Cathy says:

    Our last house I used purple, yellow, salmon, green… I changed every couple of years. Now we are in a Tudor style… Beige with chocolate brown trim. Any suggestions?

  • Melissa says:

    Hi Maria –

    Just found your page today. I wanted to say that I was so pleased to see aubergine listed here.

    I have a grey house, white porch and black shutters. I went with an aubergine door rather than red because there’s a grey house with a red door down the street. 🙂

    Needless to say… my door looks FABULOUS! 🙂 I love that others are suggesting aubergine as a door color! So much fun!


  • Katie says:

    Hi we are building a new home, it is a red brick. We have a dark gray roof and beige trim and windows.

    We are having to choose the shutter colors and front door. I wanted to go with all black but realized there are several in our neighborhood that are the all black. I would really love something fun and a stand out peice! Different combination maybe, different door and shutter color?

    Thank you so much in advance, I am so excited and love all the beautiful doors above!

  • Jill says:

    I wonder if you could offer me some advice on how to handle painting a wooden front door and a single car garage door that are both facing the street. Right now they are both a forest green and its a bit …well…ugly. The brick is red tones. Should both doors be the same color?
    Thanks for your help! I really enjoyed seeing the variety of colors!

  • Kristin says:

    Our house is a gray cottage style with river rock detail and a white porch railing/trim, and I first painted our front door an eggplant, but this spring I painted it a deep turquoise, and then dry-brushed a little deep espresso onto the crevices to tone it down a bit and make it look aged. I love it. Next time I paint:yellow!!!

  • Rachal says:

    Many of the doors appear to have a sheen? Are exterior doors to be painted high gloss? gloss? semi gloss? I am a new homeowner and in the process of choosing exterior colors (black and white), but had not even thought about finish options?!

  • patti says:

    Purchase a dark cedar-stained home with stone accents (beiges, ambers, browns). Old door was almond & looked nice, but would like something different. New door has drk amber leaves in bevelled glass & blackened metal. Handle is drk bronze. When you open front door, foyer has multi-green and teal slate with some deep maroon and alot of “manor oak” (orange-oak hue) trim inside. Hate teal doors! What would you suggest? Thanks, Patti

  • samir says:


    Can you please tell me where in Toronto i can purchase
    Beauti-Tone: Gitano FD038 color?

  • Cindy says:

    We have a 1960s ranch-style home that is a reddish orange brick with the siding painted a goldish-beige and the trim a lighter version. The oversized double car garage is in the front of the house. What color should we paint the front door. Should the garage door be the same color. Thank you!

  • Suzanne Reid says:

    I desperately want to paint my front door. I have a wood cedar contemporary house. There is no trim but the windows and front door are white, including side light window. There is also a full glass storm door with white trim. It’s been white since the new door went in but it looks so boring. My concern is the front metal door…it has the oval window in the middle. Does the storm door deter from the paint job? Help ! Pleas pick a color for me !!!

  • jane says:

    asking for sugguestions on what color to paint my front door. The house is beige/sand color, I am thinking about paint the shutters black not sure about the door…

  • Desire Ndamko says:

    Where can I find the Beautiful-Tone Direct Line 436?

  • Rachel says:

    Live in deep South Tx. bordering Mexico, please tell me where these colors can be found down here. Really enjoyed viewing the different colors. Thank you!

  • Mark says:

    These are great colours. I painted my front door a colour called Candie Cane. An of red and a great shade. Don’t know who makes it though.



    • Maria Killam says:

      Dark colours attract more heat. I’m not sure which paint would be best though. Check with your local paint store, they will know. Maria

  • schangaz says:

    Behr Chianti…perfection!!

  • Loribeth says:

    Hi Maria! I had to share… your own front door inspired me to change paint our front door green!

  • Diana says:

    Hi Maria, I am going to paint the front door the Hidden Mountains aubergine, what is the color of the brownish trim around the door and windows on the same picture above as the hidden mountains aubergine door? It will look great with my door too!

    Thank you very much
    Diana 🙂

    • Ruby says:

      Diana, did you find a match for the Hidden Mountains aubergine? The sherman Williams listed does not match.

  • barbara says:

    Finally getting a new front door!! My house is a bit strange in that the front door is on the side of the house. The porch which has sliding glass doors is actually facing the street. Now the issue, I am so drawn to the first door color- the house is a sage green with cream trim and columns BUT the current door and the three sets of french glass doors are a cottage red. Do I paint everything thats red now the orange color? or just the door and leave the dark red on the other doors? or what do you think would be AWESOME to go with the green and cream?

  • Carol Danielson says:

    I have a dark forest green rough shaker sided house – the trim is white – My rural country gardensurrounds my house & features planters in an accent color of Hycacinth Blue – what color should I use on my front door ?

  • Ruby says:

    Door #9 does not match with Sherwin Williams.

  • Teri M says:

    Can you tell me what color in the Benjamin Moore colors (in the US) would be comparable to the #3 orange door, earthenware 3E1-8?

  • Patti says:

    If you are a seasonal decorator who hangs wreaths and other décor on their front door should you choose a basic black door? I have tan siding, black shutters and a red brick foundation and I would like to paint my front door but what to do when it comes time to do fall, spring, and Christmas décor. It would probably not look right!

  • Judy Lanyi says:

    My problem is: I am anxious for a red front door but have to remember that all summer that door is open into front hall and must coordinate with inside wall paper etc. Kitch door …same thing. How come nobody addresses this? Doors are open in the summer and the screen door remains.

    • Maria Killam says:

      That is absolutely true and one of the guidelines in my exterior training for choosing colours for front doors! Maria

  • Susan Kilkus says:

    I don’t see the Sherwin Williams paint color equivalents at the bottom of this post. Can you tell me the yellow door color? thank you!

  • Peggy Golden says:

    visiting from a Pin on Pinterest – nice article!

  • Was actually surprised when you said right up front, that the door color should be unique versus coordinated with other exterior splashes of color. There’s always a lot of discussion about picking colors for the mood you want to create, so still wondering how the color you pick affects how others see your home?

  • Kaye Kissee says:

    When painting my front door, should I paint both the exterior and interior the same color?

  • Marcia Bivens says:

    Our recently painted house is very pale gray with a medium gray trim around the windows and on the porch. Muntins in casement windows are bright white, as are the garage doors and trim outlining the front door which is a beautiful shade of aqua. The light fixtures are matte silver, as are the kickplate and door knocker. These colors look smashing from the street, and the silver is a winner with the aqua door. There is a tall, paler aqua pot sitting next to the door. This house looks, appropriately, very Floridian.

  • Jasmine says:

    Hi there

    I want to change my siding, however, I cannot do that for a while. Right now I would really like to paint my front and back doors a great colour, but have no idea what colour to select. My home is a light blue vinyl siding. I would really love a ‘wow’ colour for the doors that are currently white. Can you help please ? I can send a photo if you like, thank you so much

  • Janette says:

    I have a ranch style house, pretty plain, the stucco is a light beige. I want to add shutters and paint the door. What colors would go with the beige stucco for the trim, shutters and door? I need all the help I can get!

  • Julia says:

    Can you help me please?? Our house we just bought has dark tan siding with brown shutters, brown roof and brown doors. I really want to change it. I had kinda thought navy blue or a olive green. Oh yea the porches are brown also. I thought I’d paint them the same as the trim a creamy tan color. Any suggestions would be great. Thank you!!

  • Ciara says:

    Silly question MAYBE…

    So I just bought a house and we are ready to paint our front door and color is picked.. ! Then my husband asked me the hardest question ever! Do you paint the inside the same color? Our door doesn’t have much of an entry way so it would be directly in the view from most of the downstairs. We have very neutral colors in the house but the door is set to be STEEL BLUE.

    What to do! please help!


    • Maria Killam says:

      Nothing wrong with the inside being blue if it works with your decor. IF not, keep it the same colour as your trim. Hope this helps, Maria

  • Ronni McMahon says:

    I love the door colors and was especially in love with # 9 so I went to my Sherwin Williams dealer and gave him the number in your blog, but the color came out bright purple, not even close to the aubergine in the photo, do you think the number was printed wrong?:( I also bought the number 2 paint and it didn’t have the beautiful green sheen of the color in the photo:(

    • Maria Killam says:

      We tried to match the original colours (that were from a Canadian paint store) as close as possible but perhaps there was not a purple that matched as well. . . can you ask them to make it darker? Always test any paint colour to make sure it works on YOUR house regardless of where you see it.

  • MaryJo says:

    I hired painters to paint our house and had the house color, trim and shutters all picked out. I never thought about changing the color of our front door. Our painter asked what color we wanted it and I was stumped. At the last minute I sent him the Sherwin-Williams link you had attached to this post. I’m so glad I googled “What color should I paint my front door”. I picked your first photo on here, the SW Golden Rule. I’ve never seen a front door that color and I absolutely love it! Our painter was skeptical about the color, but once he painted it he said he was surprised how nice it looked. Thank you for that suggestion, I’d love to share a photo but I’m not sure how to attach one.

  • Jackie says:

    This is fine, I can see the solid house colors with pretty doors but my challenge is my brick home is multi-coloured- gray, black, orange, pink, and white. I think it reads more pinkish or light grayish. I’ve put white windows and white siding trim with dark gray roof. The brick putty is cement colour. I knew better to have white with bricks, but I wanted white- thinking it would pick-up the white bricks. My husband built the small house in the 80’s. The front door faces west and gets very hot. Currently the front door is light-light gray with silver handles and a white framed glass door in front of it. Guess I’ll go with Gray Eyeshadow- what Sherman Williams paint would be like that. Or would you pick a different colour. Thank-you for your help. I hope I can go to your next Texas class in two years.

  • Kristine Fisher says:

    I’d love an article on how to deal with a painted front door with a STORM/SCREEN door! I noticed that your cloverdale door in the Pinterest photo has one, but not one on this article does. So many houses these days don’t have them, but I love my storm door with the retractable screens. I have a small mid century home, and the storm door lets me get more light and air on nice days.

    • Maria Killam says:

      I haven’t written an article about storm doors because they look terrible on front doors. I have one as well and if I lived in a higher end house, I’d probably remove it but I love the light and air just like you do. My readers have recommended many times that I paint it to match the door but it’s metal? I just can’t imagine what a mess that would be. I would have to see it done first to believe that it could work. Maria

  • Beth Kise says:

    Please send me a list of exterior front door colors in Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore that match the Beauty Tone Loving it —- Red color. Thank-you!!!

  • Tamara Piper says:

    Hi, what would you recommend for a stucco house with a terra cotta tile roof?? I can’t afford to replace the custom front door but would like to paint it a complementary color. Once you open the door to the entryway, the walls are a Denim Blue.
    I’m replacing the white garage doors with Brown Spanish Modern ones.
    Thanks for your suggestions!