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How to Keep your Child Entertained on Vacation

By 04/07/2012January 28th, 20174 Comments

Why be the Same when you can be Different? (source)

Do you bring toys when you take your kids on vacation? Well you might not know that there are companies that will deliver anything child related right to your hotel and it’s not expensive! Elizabeth and Bill always rent a box of toys from here when they come to Vegas.

This is Markus, working very hard to erase the image on the etch-a-sketch. Kids do the cutest things, I wish I had my camera ready every 5 minutes hanging out with them! there’s the empty box of toys we rented in the background!

We are here strictly to get some sun and get away from the rainforest of Vancouver. Elizabeth and I went to the outlet malls and besides clothes for the kids and the husband, we both got this dress from Ann Taylor:


And that’s it. We might skip the outlet mall next time we’re here.


Hope your table looks like this tomorrow!

Happy Easter my lovelies! xoxo Maria

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