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The Posts YOU Loved Most from 2022

By 12/30/20226 Comments

Today I’m sharing the posts you loved most in 2022. 

Around this time of year, I love to see all the top lists from the year. For example, Netflix just released their list of most streamed movies and shows. And it’s fun to check the list to see if the shows we watched made the list and also what we might have missed. 

And it’s that second part that makes this post an important reflection here on the blog. Because I don’t want you to MISS anything! So, maybe you’ve already read these posts but now that they are in the top “most read” posts of 2022, maybe you want to re-read them… or perhaps you missed this post the first time this year. 

This is always fun for me to see which posts you loved most. So here goes… These are the top 5 blog posts from 2022, in ranking order from the 5th most read post to the top post of the year.

#5 → Our Next Chapter: We’re Moving!

Click here to read this post. So this was BIG news for us in 2022, and I’m so glad you thought it was too! As you know, we love our little rancher in the country. In fact, for both Terreeia and myself, it’s the longest home we’ve both lived in. And while it is bittersweet to leave it behind, we are soooooo excited for all the space and storage in our new home. 

This new home was full of taupe and tuscan finishes in the bathrooms (it felt like the designer of this new build project back in the day left after the kitchen was done), but we’ve made a lot of progress so far and I cannot wait to share all the details with you in 2023. Tackling a home renovation is a refreshing project for my own creativity and decorating inspiration. And, it’s been an absolute JOY for me! 

We are renting out our old house, see the listing here.

Dining Room | the walls will be painted next, green is at the top of my paint colour ideas.

In the meantime, be sure to revisit this post and then head on over to Instagram to see all the progress. Remember this fall when my project manager Jan and I hosted live videos with some renovation lessons? Well, I added them to a playlist on YouTube for you – if you are planning a renovation or new build project in 2023, you should definitely review them. 

And, if you need MY help with your project, try one of my New Build or Complete Renovation eDesign packages. 

#4 → Dos and Don’ts for Installing a Countersplash

Click here to read this post. I was seeing the “countersplash” trend EVERYWHERE (countersplash simply refers to when you continue the countertop onto the backsplash) that I needed to give you my opinion and some designer tips if you are considering this for your kitchen. 

It’s good to see you were interested in my thoughts on this topic as well. 😉 And this is one trend that I predict will be done very poorly, especially when trying to copy a designer version. Here’s what I mean by that

Atlanta Homes

#3 → Interior Colour Flow is Easy (Before & After)

Click here to read this post. You might consider me the QUEEN of neutrals (read: neutral colour wheel) but my true passion is decorating with COLOUR. Because Understanding Undertones doesn’t mean you have to ONLY decorate with neutrals. Stay tuned as I share more colourful home renovations with you in 2023. 

Still, I know that one of the biggest challenges with colour is creating flow between rooms. The living room makeover in my rancher took several more months than I anticipated, because of all the supply delays – but you guys seriously SHOWED UP when I finally revealed it.

I was so happy with how it turned out and made a few more changes to flow with my new living room colour scheme. This is one of those posts you can come back to over and over again – because colour flow is HARD! 

Also, you can sign up for my Specify Colour with Confidence two-day course to learn EXACTLY how to decorate with colour. 

Sources: Diamond Sisal Rug | Loren Coffee Table | Leopard Pillow

#2 → What You Should Know About Beige in 2022

Click here to read this post. If there’s one colour that defined 2022, it would definitely be BEIGE. And while I predicted that beige was making a resurgence back in 2018, I think we’ve all finally started to really see it appear in soft and hard finishes this year. 

In the Killam Colour System, there are 5 undertones of beige. This is an EXCELLENT post that describes each of the beige undertones in detail. It’s a good review for True Colour Experts and an excellent introduction for everyone else. 

Decor Pad

We get so many questions about Pink Beige in our eDesign department that I’m kind of surprised this post wasn’t a 2022 top 5. Just remember, now that beige is trending again we’re about to see a lot more of Pink Beige too… And that’s ok, if it’s paired correctly with other finishes and colours in your home.

Not sure which beige you are working with? Then you definitely need to order one of these

#1 → Help! I Painted My House with Your Advice and it’s DATED Already??!!

Click here to read this post. This post was written as an overall response to all the paint colour trends and colours of the year that can send us spinning. Maybe there’s a room in your home that’s been bugging you. And now that you see the list of “IT” paint colours, you might be thinking that a new paint colour will fix the room. Unfortunately so many of us fall into this trap. 

Because, we’ve all been there. Telling someone “it’s just paint” is kindred to saying “calm down” – neither phrase instills any comfort to the person on the receiving end. So, this post also answers the title question from an upset reader. And it’s a lesson we can ALL learn from. 

Interior Design by Maria Killam

Saying Goodbye to 2022

And there you have it. Were there any surprises or posts you missed on this top 5 list? 

Writing a blog is a very rewarding, but often demanding commitment. However, my connection with YOU (my readers) is so very important – whether you’ve been with me from the beginning or just discovered this blog recently. I’m so grateful for ALL of you. 

Become a True Colour Expert in 2023

I’m looking forward to 2023 and I’d love to meet YOU in one of my virtual, live workshops! Sign up here for a spring event date. I’ll be teaching from my new studio in my new house!

Here’s a review from Cynthia Y. (a new True Colour Expert in my November class): 

My new understanding of timeless and classic design vs trends was liberating and so helpful! The design rules for using color were fantastic! Maria is definitely the True Colour Queen! This is the best money I ever spent on design training and I can see colour clearly for the first time. This class changed my life.

Here’s a review from Jennifer S. (a new True Colour Expert in my October class): 

Maria’s course taught me skills I will be using for the rest of my career as an Interior Designer. Working with colour has become fun again. Absolutely one of the best training experiences I have had and worth more than the cost of the course itself.

How do you know if this course is for you?

If you are planning a new build or renovation project, there’s no better way to build your confidence for the hundreds of decisions you’ll be making. If you want to level up your services as a designer, this is an investment that will help you raise your rates.

And, if you are a homeowner that simply wants to update or decorate your existing home on your own time or budget, I’ll show you process for where to begin and how to make the best decisions along the way.

Wishing you a happy new year! 

PS. My Understanding Undertones colour wheel is back in stock, get yours here 

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  • Joanna says:

    I love your sunroom! The walls of windows will bath this room with light even on the dullest days. Your dining furniture is so right for this room. And, the floors are perfect, too. Will you add a rug under the table to ground it?
    Happy New Year to you & yours!

  • Kim says:

    These were all great posts and I read them again! I’m excited to see what all you do in 2023 to your new home. Happy New Year to you and Terreeia! And Lucy, of course.

  • Gina says:

    Maria, it is such a joy to share in your home renovation! I absolutely love your creativity and willingness to step out of the box. I cannot wait to see the final images. Happy New Year!!

  • Wendy says:

    Wonderful posts, love following the before and afters! Green for the dining room – absolutely!

  • Patti Wickins says:

    Happy New Year

    Maria you came to my home in May 2020 just when the pandemic started and we were all stuck in our homes. I asked for advice on paint and fabric colours for my family room and kitchen which has a very “bossy” fireplace that is double sided and also dictates the living room. My kitchen has oak cabinets that I thought I would replace or reface. We decided that “Manchester Tan” was the best paint and you made suggestions for lighting, counter tops and new pulls for the cabinets. I painted, purchased some new furniture for the family room, hallway and kitchen and loved it, so fresh! This December I was hosting a party and that put me action for the living room… I painted “Manchester Tan”, new light fixtures, coffee table, lamps, etc just in time for my event and Christmas. I am so pleased with my home again which we built 37 years ago and I feel just as happy as I did was back when, moving into our new home all those years ago! I had quotes for a new kitchen in the past few months that had the same footprint and I was still opting for oak although a white oak. I decided that I could save myself A-LOT of money and anxiety and did the refresh with paint and accessories. So glad I did. Thanks for your advice and I enjoy reading your blog! Happy New Year!!!!!


  • Transeptia says:

    Hello! welcome in 2023, love to watch you live Workshop. . Need to know when it was held in 2023?


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