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eDesign FAQs

How does the eDesign Process work?

I’m so happy you’re here and that you are considering my Online Colour Design Consultation to get colour guidance for your project! I created this short video (above) to help explain how my eDesign services work.

How do I know if this process is for me?

In order for Maria’s online colour advice for DIY design work for you, it requires a bit of leg work on your part.

The Online Colour Design Service is for you if:

  • You love Maria’s style, you’re familiar with the blog and just want direction to create the look more or less on your own with some support and guidance. Maria’s online colour design services are ideal for you if you are committed to getting the colour just right and do what it takes to achieve a fresh and timeless result. If you are not familiar with Maria’s classic and timeless aesthetic, we recommend that you spend some time reading her blog to see if it resonates with you before purchasing your consultation.
  • You have basic tech skills and are comfortable with sharing a link, taking photos on your phone and also uploading them to a photo sharing site. We will provide detailed instructions, so with basic tech skills like copying and sharing links and using relatively user-friendly photo sharing applications, you’ve got this!
  • You don’t have a clue about decorating and you need help, but you’re a quick study and eager to learn. Maria will tell you why she is making her specific recommendation for you, so you will not only know what the best options are for your space, but why, which can be very empowering.
  • You are an amateur decorator with some natural ability, but you would like some reassurance from an expert. Consulting with Maria is a wonderful opportunity to gain insight into the undertones that exist in the finishes and furnishings in your home and how best to work with them. This wisdom is extremely valuable for any future decisions you make for your home.
  • You are a professional designer or decorator, but you would like a trusted second opinion. Even experienced designers who always know the right answers for the clients sometimes struggle with making decisions for their own homes, it’s just more difficult to be objective about it. We all need trusted expert advice sometimes.
  • Although you struggle with making the necessary decisions for yourself, you are open to expert guidance, and with direction you can get it done. Consulting with Maria is the best way to move your project forward with confidence. She will advise you on the best options for your space and back it up with the reasons why they are the right choices.
  • You have time to source and test samples and shop for some items on your own. Online colour consulting requires that you source and test samples and products on your own and this takes some time and effort. She will link to sources for most products, but taking care and following instructions for testing is important.

The Online Colour Design Service is not for you if:

  • Taking the right photos of your space, sourcing products and/or testing colours sounds like a bit of a hassle. You’re not ready for the DIY part of this consultation. To ensure you get the most accurate results, we will need a little participation from you. And while we’ll walk you through each step, if you don’t have the time to complete them, this process may not be for you.
  • Uploading photos from your phone? Ugh. Tech stuff just isn’t in your wheelhouse. As part of the client participation, you will be asked to upload photos of your space to a photo sharing site. Don’t worry, we’ve included plenty of instructions, but if this feels too intimidating and you don’t have someone to help, this process may not be for you. Please consider Maria’s live in-studio consultations here.
  • You are not as familiar with Maria’s decorating style, but just know that you need some professional help. Maria’s aesthetic is fresh and timeless, meaning she does not tend to specify trendy finishes or colours that will easily be dated. It’s best to familiarize yourself with her blog before purchasing a consultation to be sure her aesthetic resonates with you.
  • Your project is way behind schedule and you needed to choose a colour, like yesterday! You just want us to send you a paint colour ASAP! In our experience, rushed clients don’t get the most out of the eDesign consultations. It’s important to have the time to complete the submission and testing processes. After all, we want to give your project the attention it deserves and help you create a fresh and classic look for your home that you will love for years to come.
  • You tend to get caught up in all the details so you will likely analyze everything down to the minutiae or need a lot of reassurance before you can make up your mind. It’s ok, we totally get it 🙂 But, we don’t want to lose you in the weeds, so a full service design might be a better option. Please consider Maria’s live in-studio consultations here.
  • You tend to be very opinionated about what you want, and it’s very difficult for you to change your mind. If you are not open to advice that may contradict what you think you want, an online presentation of design advice is unlikely to satisfy you. In other words, you are likely someone who needs a strong designer personality to work with in person.

How can Maria see my colours and finishes accurately online?

“Because getting colour right is much more about choosing the correct undertone than being able to predict how the colour will change in the light.”

Maria’s unique System of Understanding Undertones combined with her many years of experience allows her to accurately identify colour online. We provide guidance for taking specific photos so she can precisely see the colours and finishes in your room. And you will be required to properly test the colours and finishes she recommends to make sure they are accurate.

Will Maria consider my existing furnishings and decor that I love and want to keep?

Absolutely, please provide photos of the items in your photo album taken natural light with white paper placed on them, and let her know you are planning to keep and work with these items in your room.

How do I take and share my photos?

Photos can be taken easily with your smartphone and shared with one of our recommended apps (Google Photos, Flickr, or SmugMug). It helps to download the app to your phone first, before you take your photos. The app will help you create an online photo album for your photos, then you will share the link to the album with Maria. You can find detailed instructions in the video above.

Most importantly, remember to take your photos in natural daylight and make sure you turn off all the lights as well as the flash on your phone. Some photos may also require a white sheet of paper. See the interior or exterior instructions for more details.

Will Maria be providing the advice, or is it from someone on her team?

Each and every recommendation is from Maria directly. The eDesign team packages her advice into a clear presentation for you and handles communication and client support.

What will I receive with my eDesign consultation?

Maria’s custom advice specific to your home will be compiled into a clear PowerPoint style presentation in PDF format and sent to the email address you used to create your account.

Maria will provide specific paint colour brands and names as well as source links for recommended finishes. The brands and products she recommends are widely distributed and easy to source at mid range to inexpensive price points. Maria is not compensated by brands she recommends (i.e. paint, countertop, backsplash, flooring, etc.). These finishes are selected because they are the right colour to create a classic and timeless look.

If the item cannot be ordered online, or you would prefer to source them locally, you can take the names, images or samples of these finishes to your local suppliers to find something comparable. Often, products can be sourced easily from your local home improvement store. Decorative items such as lighting may occasionally include affiliate links.

Instructions for properly testing her recommendations will also be included.

How much back and forth is included with Maria and the eDesign team?

In order to assist the volume of eDesign clients seeking Maria’s advice, we’ve streamlined our process to be super-efficient. That’s why we ask for photos a certain way, the creation of an idea board, and that you complete our questionnaire FIRST. In the beginning, you’ll only hear from the eDesign team if we are missing details or have more questions. If you don’t hear from us, don’t fret – just know we are busy behind the scenes creating your presentation.

With over 20 years of experience and more than 20,000 colour consultations, typically Maria can easily identify exactly what colour your exterior or the room in question should be painted. Or, what colour the countertop and backsplash should be. Or, what colour the floor tile should be.

The value of Maria’s eDesign expertise isn’t in how much back and forth you have or how long it takes her to determine the undertones and come up with the right colour or finish. The real measure is in the explanation of WHY she has chosen these colours for you. It’s the completely considered combination you’ll receive that includes everything she personalizes for YOUR specific situation. Plus, all the tried and proven design tips and tricks and advice on what to buy and what not to buy that’s included. And the best part? You get all of this information neatly tied up in an easy-to-read presentation.

How will you know what I like and don’t like?

The eDesign process involves a detailed questionnaire, which includes questions about your personal style as well as an idea board. Once Maria identifies the neutral undertones in your space, the options are not endless. In fact, there are likely to be no more than two or three really perfect options. She will explain why these are the best selections in the presentation you receive via email.

You will be given instructions for properly testing Maria’s suggestions, for both hard finishes and paint colours. And if the testing process results in more uncertainty around the colours or finishes recommended, you can send images of your test for her review so she can tweak her suggestions, if necessary.

However, if you need further follow-up time to get her feedback on your samples or alternate ideas, you can use the Follow-Up and Feedback add on here to purchase an additional hour of email communication time.

What if I don’t like her recommendations? What is your refund policy?

To help you feel at ease, Maria offers a money-back guarantee on all Online Colour Design Consultations. She can do this because she knows you will be happy. ????

However, you have paid for her time so if for some reason you move or something changes before you can implement her recommendations, there will be no refund. We want you to be happy, so if there is an issue other than personal preference, please share photos of your colour testing and any objections or concerns you have. This will give Maria the opportunity to tweak her selections before you reject them outright.

Sometimes Maria’s advice simply confirms your intuition. That reassurance is still a valid outcome for a consultation. Here’s a post about that.

Please note, we will not provide a refund unless Maria has had the chance to make adjustments to her initial recommendations.

Refunds for Unused Consultations: Things come up in life, situations get altered or sometimes we just change our mind – it happens. Our eDesign team is here to make you happy and we are committed to complete client satisfaction. So, if within 90 days of your purchase, and prior to submitting your information, you change your mind, we will provide a refund less a 5% administrative fee. After 90 days, or once you have initiated the consultation process by submitting your information, we can no longer provide a refund.

Can an eDesign consultation be given as a gift?

Yes, we now offer GIFT CARDS! Click here to purchase a gift card in any amount. Gift cards can be applied to any purchase on

Technology is not in my wheelhouse, how do I get help?

YouTube is a great resource for help with sharing photos and handling files. Please also see our detailed instructions for the steps involved in the eDesign process in this short video.

Do I need a set of Maria’s Colour Boards to complete my consultation?

No. While the curated large painted colour boards are an indispensable tool for anyone who is working with colour, you don’t need Maria’s colour board collection if you are only planning to complete this one project. Maria will ask that you go to a professional paint store (of the brand you selected in your questionnaire) and get mixed samples of paint (not paint chips) in the specific colours she recommended in your custom eDesign package. Please test according to the instructions provided at the end of your presentation.