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colour rescue with maria

Now Casting for Colour Rescue® Makeover

Would you like your room to be featured on an episode of Colour Rescue?

Do you live in Calgary, Edmonton or the Fraser Valley 🇨🇦 and have a room that needs an update or a refresh?

Maybe you have a room you love but something is missing? I can help with colour and styling – no RENOVATION required!

Maria would love to help YOU rescue a room in your home with COLOUR and STYLING. Don’t worry – you don’t have to be on camera if you don’t want to!

How to Apply

Tell us your story in a few sentences. What bothers you most? What do you wish it had?

Please submit well-lit, good quality photos of your room that needs a rescue, along with your story.

It doesn’t have to be a large room. But we prefer it to be a living room or dining room.

Be sure to tidy up your room and take photos in natural daylight with no flash and submit 3-5 photos here.

Here’s how the makeover works:

  • One-Day Shopping Trip with Maria (please budget anywhere from $2500-$5000 for decor)
  • Decorating Plan
  • Styling and Accessory Placement

Note: Budget depends on what kind of furniture you already have in the room. Your room needs to have basic upholstery and it should be presentable although it doesn’t have to be trendy or new.

To book an in-person consultation, contact [email protected]

For long distance colour and design consulting:

View eDesign Services