Are you ready to See Colour DifferentlyTM so you can Specify Colour with Confidence?

During this virtual live training I’ll teach you my powerful system for consistently selecting the right colours for ANY project. And, this fully updated workshop includes new material about what’s happening in the world of colour (ahem, white) RIGHT NOW.

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Virtual Colour Training Maria Killam

I created a foolproof way to choose colour confidently with less stress and indecision. And I can teach you how, too.

The Most Helpful Colour Training On The Planet

You will not find a more valuable and useful colour training workshop. Think of my system as an essential guide for understanding undertones. It will provide you with a clear sense of how colours behave in every space.

And, I’m here to tell you that this new knowledge is something you can’t unsee. By the end of the first day, the world will look entirely different than it did when you started.

No matter what your experience has been before, I promise you WILL See Colour Differently.

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Skill Building Activities

For months, I have been obsessed with creating a virtual experience equivalent to my in-person training. I wanted to be sure that I could still successfully show you exactly what you need to know about making the right colour choices for everything inside your home.

That’s why this is not your typical online training – this is a roll-up-your-sleeves kind of virtual workshop. You will receive a special kit from me with clever, tactile exercises to help reinforce your learning during the training.

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Here’s what you’ll learn in this two-day workshop:

  • Find out how colour trends impact your design decisions and why you need to understand them.
  • Learn how to accurately evaluate complex and sometimes difficult neutrals and whites. I’ll lead you through a series of exercises that help break down and distinguish neutral undertones and whites.
  • Practice categorizing your own set of colours and build a colour reference guide you’ll be able to refer to as a helpful resource after the workshop.
  • Discover the secret to identifying the right neutral undertone – even when it seems to change right in front of your eyes.
  • Learn how to speak my language so you can explain to your client (or spouse or contractor) why the colour you have chosen is accurate. I’ll even show you how to prove it with my magic comparison trick.
  • We’ll talk about EVERYTHING related to WHITE, how and when to specify (even in different lighting conditions), and the secret to choosing the right white trim colour every time.
  • We’ll practice choosing white tile accurately using a control white, which will also be included in your special kit.
  • After we establish your foundation for how to see and categorize colour, we’ll dive into the nuts and bolts for specifying colour inside a home – this is the first step to gaining confidence. 
  • Find out how to apply my 4-Step Killam Method when colour consulting as a True Colour Expert™. We’ll even walk through actual client consultations so you can see up close how a master colourist does it.

Colour is the foundation of any design project.

Here’s Why My System Works So Well


It Establishes a Foundation

You’ll know exactly where to begin, every time, to create a colour scheme that pulls the look of a home together.

You Have a More Helpful Way to Organize Colour

This colour training will help you identify exactly what is going on (and what should be going on) as soon as you walk into a home.

It's the Ultimate Edge in Coordinating Finishes

Undertones in complex neutrals and whites will no longer be a mystery.

You Learn a Valuable & Lucrative Skill

Enhance your service offerings with a niche in colour and neutrals.

Here's What You'll Get

Two days of live training by Maria Killam, an internationally known colour designer.

($2500 Value)

Special colour training box filled with tiles and fabrics in all 9 undertones, extensive workbook with useful cheat sheets & more.

($497 Value)

Business forms and tools to build your experience as a colour expert.

($297 Value)

True Colour Expert™ certification and website badge


BONUS: Private Access Facebook Group exclusively for Killam Colour Academy™ graduates

($497 Value)

BONUS: Receive a discount on bundled Colour Boards (and other exclusive product discounts)

($75+ Value)

BONUS: Both of my eBooks: How To Choose Paint Colours + White Is Complicated

($54 Value)

Total Value: $4,417

Limited Time Only: $1,650

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What People Are Saying About The First Virtual Course

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this live virtual training work?

Unlike Maria’s Exterior Colour Selection Masterclass, this is not pre-recorded. Maria will lead the course live from her studio office and you can expect her to be just as high energy on your computer screen as she is in person 😉

You will be invited to a private Zoom meeting and will receive a link for the two-day online course. You will need a laptop or desktop computer with a camera to participate (the interactive experience just isn’t the same via a cell phone).

Maria loves to connect personally with her students and that means she needs to see your lovely face – so it will be MANDATORY to turn on your camera during the virtual workshop. There will also be time to interact with your fellow classmates during some of the exercises. We promise this makes it more fun!

Does this course come with True Colour Expert™ certification?

YES!! When you complete these two days of training including all the exercises, you will SEE COLOUR DIFFERENTLY and you’ll also receive certification as a True Colour Expert™, which includes a badge for your website and social media accounts.

COMING SOON: We are also still developing some more advanced lessons (formerly known as Day 3 of the live workshop). If you are a graduate of this two-day workshop, you’ll be the first to know when The Business of Colour and The Business of eDesign are available for purchase. They both include highly focused, on-demand video lessons that you can complete at your own pace.

So, if you want to learn more about eDesign and Maria’s exact business model, you’ll have time to practice implementing all the new skills you’ve learned BEFORE you jump into the more advanced lessons. Lucky you!

How is this course different from the original 3-day live workshop?

This course is all NEW and completely revised to reflect where the trends are RIGHT NOW.

We are thrilled to report that the feedback we received from our first virtual event in May was the same as the live events! This course has always been a game-changer in helping you choose or specify colour for everything in your home and it still is!

Your course materials will be delivered to your door and include a fan deck, colour chips, plus fabrics and tiles so you can touch, see and feel the undertones you are learning to master.

You’ll be able to do all of this without the extra expense of travel and hotels, all from the comfort of your own home or office.

I’m a brand new designer or homeowner. Will I feel out of place at this training?

If you’re building a business – or even if you’re a homeowner who wants to learn exactly how to select the right colours for your home – then you may be unsure about whether this is the right time to spend money?

First of all, consider this training an investment rather than an expense. This is an investment that can literally save you thousands of dollars if it helps you avoid even just one design mistake on your home. It’s easy to make a costly mistake when you are a homeowner trying to make big decisions on your renovation or new build project without any guidance.

And, if you’re an interior design professional (or even in the home construction business), learning to choose colour accurately (as well as coordinating neutrals and whites) is absolutely the best investment you can make!

Not only will you carve out a niche for yourself as the go-to expert in your area, but you’ll also easily transition your clients from consult-only clients to full-on design clients, dramatically increasing your bottom line. And if you’re a homeowner, imagine how good it will feel to have the confidence you need to make decisions about finishes that you won’t regret, for a beautiful home you’ll love for years to come.

I never miss a blog post. What else is there to learn?

There’s really nothing that replaces a live training experience.

At the end of two days, participants are astounded with everything they have just learned and, most importantly, you’ll be getting it all in the right order. Yes, you can probably find everything for free online these days, but it won’t be in the right order. And, if it’s not in the right order with the right context, it’s far less useful.

For real colour mastery, you’ll need to join Maria live to learn all of her best practices while taking your knowledge of colour to the next level with unique skill-building exercises that Maria personally leads you through.

Can I learn this same information you cover in this training somewhere else or perhaps in a colour-training book?

The short answer is, No.

This is Maria’s own personal system she developed after performing thousands of design and colour consultations. No one else teaches these concepts, because no one else knows it!

Isn't the information you cover already included in your ebooks?

Maria wrote her eBooks to widely share the principles of her system, and they are full of great information you can use right away. That’s why she includes them and asks that you read them prior to taking this course.

What makes Maria’s live virtual training so transformative is that you spend these two days working with real-life projects and exercises together. She will lead you through endless examples where she quizzes you, “What’s the undertone here?” and “What’s wrong with this room? How would you fix it?” Plus, this is the ONLY way to get her exclusive colour-training kit, delivered to your door, filled with cheat sheets and other surprises to help build your skills.

You will go beyond understanding colour principles to developing experience around CHOOSING colour. And you’ll leave with a level of confidence that would be hard to achieve alone, just by reading any book no matter how great it is.

How can I justify this investment when my business is struggling?

If your business is struggling, you need to do something different. And, this colour training all but guarantees you’ll be able to ultimately enhance your service offerings with a niche in colour and neutrals.

When your customers and clients can see and feel your confidence, your business increases exponentially. We’ve seen it countless times with True Colour Expert graduates. You can command higher rates and work with your ideal clients (who not only pay you happily but also really listen to – and heed – your advice).

Can I learn this same information somewhere else or perhaps in a colour training book?

The short answer is NO.

This is my own personal system, developed after conducting thousands of colour and design consultations. You won’t find this training anywhere else in the world.

Also, you’ll notice that all the colour training you’ve had to date is colour theory which is primarily about combining colours. This workshop is strictly “Here’s how you do it in the real world, right now”.