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Festive Christmas Colour Combinations (That Aren’t Red and Green)

By 11/20/2020November 28th, 202211 Comments

Before I share my Christmas Home Tour for 2020 (coming soon), I wanted to take you on a tour of some Christmases past here on the blog. Let’s take a closer look at some of my favorite and festive colour combinations for holiday decor that aren’t red and green.

[Click on the photo or the title to see more festive decor]

Orange and Green

I think the best way to highlight your bright and festive Christmas colours (especially if you don’t live where you get snow in the winter) is with a flocked tree. This year, so many people installed Christmas early which is easy to do with a faux tree, so if you’re looking for one too, don’t miss my collection of the best flocked trees here.

Orange and green Christmas

Christmas 2019

Orange and Green Christmas Decor

Lime Green Finials | Orange Finials  | Shiny Orange Balls | Green Balls

Icy Turquoise and Warm Neutrals

I’ll have a blue Christmas… 🎶  This turquoise colour really pops in my assistant Kelly’s living room. At the time she wasn’t crazy about her espresso sofas, but all this icy blue sparkle really brought her living room to life. This post is full of fresh ideas for working with earthy tones. And, everyone could use a little leopard print.

Icy Blue and Copper

Turquoise Ornaments | Sparkle Turquoise | Wood Snowflake Ornaments | Chocolate Colour Ornaments | Similar Leopard Pillow

Icy Blue Warm Neutral Christmas Decor Colours

Pink and Blue

This room, which was dubbed the most beautiful room in the world after she’d lived with the BEFORE for so long, couldn’t possible be decorated in any other colour combination, am I right?

The lovely soft pink and blue baubles make the most festive setting for this library at my sister’s house.

Pink and blue is another colour combination that works with a little leopard print, too!

Pink and Blue Christmas Decor

Oversized Pink Ornaments | Sparkly Blue Ornaments | Pink Velvet Pillow Covers

Pink and Blue Christmas

Raspberry, Orange & Green

This colourful combination is extra special since my house was featured in Canadian Living Magazine and is part of HGTV’s Top 100 Christmas Tree List. It made all the time I spent meticulously wrapping decorative presents totally worth it.

Pink and Orange Christmas Colours

Raspberry Ornaments | Raspberry Onion Ornaments | Orange Ornaments | Green Ornaments | Gold Ornaments

Holiday Tour of My House 2014 inside Canadian Living | Maria Killam

Christmas 2014

Magenta and Red

Remember when my Director of eDesign, Tricia painted her living room BM Strawberry Yogurt? This beautiful colour combination befit her new wall colour very nicely.

Magenta and Red Christmas Colours

Dark Red Ornaments | Red Mercury Glass Ornaments | Rose Gold Ornaments

Magenta and Red Christmas Decorations

If you haven’t decorated your house for the holidays, I hope this gave you some inspiration!

What colour is your Christmas decor this year? Did you decorate early or is it still after Thanksgiving for you? Canadian Thanksgiving happens in October so we’re ready earlier to move to Christmas, yay!

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  • Linda Trammel says:

    My favorite is the raspberry, orange and green Christmas decor. I really think the wreath over the fireplace makes it all come together so beautifully. But of course I like the first one too that is orange and green. This is off subject but I would love to have that coffee table or one like it in the magenta and red Christmas. The round with glass top. They are all beautiful so it is actually hard to decide on which one for sure.

  • Arlene says:

    My favourite in your home was the raspberry, orange and green, it was so colourful, vibrant and happy.
    Maria lately we decorate with the same decorations from year to year, I used to do theme trees but got tired of them, I do coordinate the gift wrapping, wish I could send you a picture of last years. It was the best.

  • Doni Daley says:

    The hyperlink to your favorite flocked trees goes to a trio of vegetable peelers. Please share where you purchased your beautiful flocked tree.
    Merry Christmas to you and your entire family, Maria.

    • Michelle says:

      I like all of the colors in your examples, but my fave is the orange, it looks so sunbelt! Our home is very jewel toned at Christmas. Emerald green and deep ruby ornaments, pearlescent beads and black onyx-like beads along with lots of natural wood and silver ornaments. White mini warn LED lights everywhere. I use soft cream faux mink throws on the sofas and a mix of silver and white stoneware on the table with black bamboo runners covered in fresh greens and pine cones. It’s traditional with a far east twist.

    • Maria Killam says:

      Oh for heavens sake, sorry about that here is the right link:

  • Anne-Marie says:

    We use the same decorations every year, plus fresh greenery. Partly it’s that we are a very tradition-minded family, but also I don’t have the imagination, energy, and budget to choose and buy new decorations.

  • Adelaide says:

    I like colour for Christmas, so the raspberry, orange and green appeals to me. For the past two years I have had a white, wrapped ‘branch’ tree with led lights on the tip of each branch. It began with gold, coral toned and natural coloured birds. It was too bland for me, so I added small deep cherry red balls. Then I bought a green tree and decorated it with coloured lights, felt robins from Ikea, and small red and green balls. I love them both. I can’t wait for your 2020 reveal Maria, as I see hints of gold and silver – like mixing metals. I’m bringing out my trees tomorrow.

  • Arlene says:

    These are all lovely. I have a 3 foot pink tree decorated in pink, purple and clear ornaments that sits on the table in the lounge. My lounge is lavender. It lives in the loft in a bin bag after New Years. I live in a very small house in the UK so not much room for anything!

  • diana says:

    My vote is also the raspberry tree. All of the trees and decor are so sweet and charming. I see so many people say they don’t change their decor because of budget. You can change the color of the ornaments and go outside and get some pine cones if you have them. Spray paint leaves to silver or gold or whatever you like. Make snow globes. There are many sites to go to which will show you how to do this and it’s very inexpensive. Also, a very inexpensive way to make snow to paint on your trees and decor. Just google it and have fun and surprise your family. I made several snow globes for a project I was working on. So So easy. Go to Dollar Tree and see some fantastic things they have and remember, color can always be changed. Bake salt dough cookies and paint them or dye the dough and have fun with it all.
    Maria, have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  • B says:

    I know that this year is extra-weird, so I understand why people are wanting to decorate for Christmas earlier than usual. For me, it is still too early. I am not a big fan of having my house shifted around for Christmas decor, so I think I will wait until early December to get mine up and going. By December 26, I am ready to rip it all down again, but I wait until after January 1. My decorations are a mix of pink, purple and green and I do like them. I just don’t like cleaning around it all! I know, I am a little scrooge-y.

  • Fiona says:

    Normally, we don’t start til December 1st. But this year – it has been such a different year. Plus my kid will be away for a lot of December. So we started early this year.
    We always have the same decorations, just add a few each year. The tree is always gold. Gold, on a green live tree. This year, we have our first faux tree as we are in the middle of renovations – so next year we will have a gold tree and… who knows? My kid is pleading for a rainbow tree.
    I like to use the same decorations each year. Each year you pull them out and remember. The idea of a new theme each year, and either the storage, or the waste actually appalls me. Particularly if the old ones go to landfill. Christmas should not involve trashing the earth – that makes it an ugly thing. And Christmas should be beautiful.
    I love the orange and green tree – I love a bit of high contrast.

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