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Recently we helped choose a colour palette for a historic log cabin renovation and new addition. It can be challenging to get colour right when blending new and old structures. Here’s a before and after look at this project.

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I’m so excited to share this eDesign project we worked on a while back. My eDesign team and I don’t always have the satisfaction of seeing how the projects we consult on turn out and this one is a stunner!

Historic Log Cabin Renovation eDesign

Here is the email I received recently from the client:

“We were eDesign clients back in 2019.  We’ve finally completed our addition and landscaping.  Our architect has added our project to their website and credited you all for the color consultation.  I’ve included their website link below. 

We are thrilled with the outcome and we hope that we’ve done you proud.  The color advice was one of the most important pieces of information that I used during the entire design and build.  I would show up at meetings with your presentation on my iPad and your large color boards in tow. 

I’m sure that the architects and builder thought that I was crazy at times when I rejected their suggestions and insisted on following your recommendations. 

For example, I had specified the Benjamin Moore colors you suggested.  The contractor showed up with painted samples of trim and paint that had been “color matched” using Sherwin Williams paint.  They did not match my large Benjamin Moore color boards so I insisted they use Benjamin Moore paint. 

Another time, they brought me samples of stone to use on the exposed lower portions of the additions.  They in no way related to anything on the old cabin.  I insisted that there had to be a better option and guess what, there was a better option.  In the end, they admitted that I knew what I was doing. 

My family has become Maria Killam converts, too.  When we watch a renovation show on HGTV and some crazy tile, countertop, and flooring combo shows up in the after, my husband will tsk and say, “What would Maria say about this?”! 

My oldest son bought a house last year and we’ve used the large color boards to make paint and carpet selections.  Everyone in the family knows what I’m referencing when I say, “White is complicated”. LOL!”

Every choice is a colour choice

Why was colour advice one of the most important pieces of information guiding their project?


Even if you’re working on a historic project that needs specific claddings that respect the original, the big question is still: what colour?

Pro architects have incredible expertise in function, form, and architectural styles, but that doesn’t mean they are all skilled colour experts.

A historical project definitely needs to be viewed through the lens of classic and timeless, and that is what I do!

This historic home was built in 1801! It already had timeless and classic charm. It was an exciting project to work on. Hats off to the architects who incredibly managed to make it even more special.

Using colour to blend the new with the old

The challenge in the All-Inclusive Exterior colour consultation we created for them was to use colour to make the new additions look like they belonged. We didn’t want the new parts to overwhelm the original structure.

Curious about the specific exterior paint colours in this project? I’m sharing those details exclusively with my Exterior Colour Selection Masterclass students! One of the most valuable lessons I teach is how to narrow down your choices to a select and optimal few – empowering you to make the RIGHT colour choices (AND avoid expensive mistakes).

Already enrolled in my Exterior masterclass? Head to the private Facebook group for details. 

The combination of weathered logs, metal roof and original local stone (above) worked well with the charcoal accents. But I thought it would look best to generously repeat the creamy colour in the chinking too.

First, I suggested matching the windows to the creamy green beige of the chinking. Then, I recommended adding this colour consistently in the entire colour scheme of the new addition as well (below).

Comparing the green beige (cream) window colour option to the chinking.

The windows were a colour from Marvin windows (Exact window shade is available in the Exterior Masterclass facebook page as mentioned above) .

It’s a really good colour because it reads like a richer cream on an exterior but it’s a little grayer than an almond or a dark green beige window.

It’s in between green beige and green grey so it’s more versatile with stone and doesn’t read too yellow. Sometimes almond windows can look too yellow compared to the current trend. 

Cabin Renovation

After with new addition Reader & Swartz Architects

Less is more

Because the existing charcoal colour related so well to the metal roof, one of my colour recommendations was that they continue with it. After all, less is more.

It is so lovely, isn’t it?

You might be wondering what my other exterior palette recommendations were – introduce more cream of course! I always give my clients 3 different colour palette options IF there are three equally good options. That is not always the case, especially if there is already a lot of different finishes on a given exterior.

They also sought guidance for the interior with my New Build eDesign package

The existing kitchen simply didn’t have the upscale rustic look suited for this historic log cabin update. 

COLOUR EXPERT TIP: See the matching small black pulls on every cabinet and drawer? This is a really common hardware mistake, especially now in the black hardware trend.

Notice how it creates an untidy and generic look? It’s much better to have pulls on the drawers only and smaller knobs on the cabinets, from a visual perspective. And, I know many of you prefer pulls for ergonomics, but it’s not worth sacrificing the overall look in my mind (that is, unless you have debilitating arthritis, in which case, by all means, do what you need to do). 

Read more: Less is more for kitchen or bath hardware

Back to this incredible beauty of a log cabin. The redesign they did of this kitchen and dining area is beyond perfect (below).

Cabin Renovation

I recommended a pale complex cream for the walls throughout to again pick up the creamy chinking of the interior log walls. For the cabinets, I suggested a warm green grey for a softer look that also related to the aged wood elements. Classic soapstone and wood countertops complete the historic (and timeless!) look of this kitchen. 

Beautiful lighting combinations

To create a more refined look with lighting, I proposed updated transitional brass lighting rather than overly rustic or farmhouse style fixtures. 

Read more: How soon will my farmhouse kitchen design look dated?

Lighting recommendation from my eDesign presentation

cabin renovation

In the photo below you can see the modest but charming dining area and great room before.

The new addition allowed for a much more spacious kitchen and dining area. Doesn’t it make you want to have a gathering immediately? Really beautifully done!

And ALL THOSE WINDOWS that go from floor to ceiling are such an improvement and add a considerable amount of natural light – not to mention offer beautiful views of the landscape!

Cabin Renovation

The choice to forgo upper cabinets lends an open feel that is both appropriate to the context and current in design. 

The blue of the oven range has been repeated beautifully in accents and artwork. Well done!

cabin renovation

An updated fireplace

They gave the old stone fireplace (before) a modern facelift. A classic cream or white fireplace is always a solid choice and compliments the rustic touches already in the space. 

Cabin Renovation


Cabin Renovation

Antique decor inspiration

They also incorporated many of their antiques and well-loved decor into their room designs, which helps maintain an authentic feel in the new addition.

renovated cottage

cottage renovation

Cabin Renovation


cottage renovation

It’s so dreamy and smart how there are windows for miles throughout this design. Antique log structures like this tend to have smaller windows (glass was a huge luxury back then). And more than anything, this is what brings the house into the present. They are surrounded by such a beautiful, natural landscape and it’s lovely how it’s visible everywhere. 

This pale blue moment in the sunroom is so fresh and pretty.

Cabin Renovation

Historic Log Cabin Renovation Exterior

And, here’s a look at the beautiful exterior with the new addition.

cabin renovation


Cabin Renovation


cabin renovation


cabin renovation

It was such fun to work on such a special project and I’m delighted with how it turned out!

What’s your special project? My eDesign packages are here to help you with all those colour choices!

Curious about the specific exterior paint colours in this project? I’m sharing those details exclusively with my Exterior Colour Selection Masterclass students! One of the most valuable lessons I teach is how to narrow down your choices to a select and optimal few – empowering you to make the RIGHT colour choices (AND avoid expensive mistakes).

Already enrolled in my Exterior masterclass? Head to the private Facebook group for details. 

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If you’re a homeowner interested in choosing colours for yourself, or a colour enthusiastic interested in starting a career in design or decorating, you don’t need to worry that you won’t be able to keep up with the design professionals in the class.

My system teaches everyone a new (and useful) language of colour that lets you choose colour with confidence. And, like any new language, the more you practice, the better you will master it.

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    • Barbie Bloom says:

      Good eye, Patti!! That’s an old West Virginia state flag that my husband had framed for my birthday a few years ago. It didn’t have a home until we completed the addition. We’re in the Eastern Panhandle in Berkeley Springs. Montani semper liberi!

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      building have earned us some input in the design and functionality of the home. This addition/remodel is beautiful!

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