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You’ve probably heard me say that boring now is timeless later. It’s my First Rule of Design.

Whenever I get a negative feedback on this statement, I know they haven’t read any further. Because I’m definitely not saying any room should be bland and boring. 

I’m saying don’t get creative and trendy with the glued-down, difficult-to-change, will-need-to-renovate finishes.

A “boring” white or cream bathroom is beautiful thing. Because changing out textiles, paint, hardware, lighting and accessories is so much easier than getting out a jackhammer.

wallpaper bathroom

Stephen Karlisch Photography

Still don’t believe me?

Head over to Episode 30 of my Colour Rescue series on YouTube where I am showing a world of possibilities for a couple of aged white and cream bathrooms. 

cream bathroom before


8 Ideas for Adding Colour to a Boring Bathroom

Let’s create some magic without a messy and expensive renovation!

Hire me to help you create a timeless bathroom

If you would like help creating a timeless bathroom that is a joy to decorate for years to come get a detailed personal email consultation with me with my Create a Timeless Bathroom eDesign package.

Or maybe you have a bathroom that needs to come to life with a couple of tweaks and some decorating? Take a look at my Bathroom Refresh eDesign package.

Maybe you want to tackle your project yourself?

Signing up for one of my courses could be just what you need to avoid wrestling with indecision and become the amazing colour decision-maker you were born to be.

I guarantee that after only two days, you’ll feel more confident than you ever have been about choosing colour for ANY project.

Time is running out to sign up for my spring courses before the price goes up Monday night! 

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  • Rachel says:

    Great video on bathrooms Maria. I have taken your virtual courses and used your books and I’m loving these videos as they help remind and show the concepts from what your classes and books teach. Great ‘refreshers’!

  • Julie S says:

    I know you are good but these are SO GOOD!!! Very inspiring. I’m adding color to a bland bathroom right now and I’m encouraged to keep going and get that end result!

  • Bette says:

    Suggestion for a less than $50 improvement on the first dated, but perfectly fine, bathroom. The brass shower door surround can be removed with a screwdriver — and discarded. Any caulk can be scraped off with a putty knife. The owner can then add a permanent or tension shower rod, a nice shower curtain, and voila, instant improvement for almost no money. I’ve done this twice and it’s a miraculous transformation.

  • Sandy says:

    I’d still love to see an episode on choosing art and rugs for bathrooms with a shower. The art here is a painting and also what appears to be work on paper (matted) — how does this work out in a bathroom with a shower and all the attendant steam and moisture ?

    • Vicki says:

      A vent with a fan that removes the moisture—
      I have a large maybe 20×30 framed photogragh of a beach scene and three small note cards in shadow boxes my husband gave me for Christmas several years ago that are in our bath and we have a framed original (local artist) of some bright fish (we are in SW FL Gulf Coast) in guest bath. Have noticed no moisture damage. Will take them all to new house we are building close to this one.
      Just VENTILATE—of course neither one of us is a teen girl who might drain the water heater…

  • Ashley says:

    Another great video, Maria! As someone else said, I appreciate the reminders from your course. Styling goes such a long way from taking a room from bland to beautiful. Thanks again!

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