Knowing your Options Helps you Move Forward

The biggest problem with renovations is deciding exactly what to do in any given situation. There are so many questions to resolve. Here are a few my lovely client in Dallas had when analyzing her kitchen.

1. Should I paint these cabinets or is the current colour okay?

A. The existing colour is definitely pink beige. I would paint them to update them but it depends on how you feel about them.

A Perfect Example of how Complex Colour Works

Annie sent me this photo and with a question, ‘Are my sofa’s pink beige?’. She said in her current house (2nd photo) they looked yellow and in her last house (photo below) they looked pink. And she was absolutely right. The reason why complex neutrals are so complicated is because they change depending on which colours are beside them.

The wall colour below is BM HC-105 Rockport Gray (the whole room is the same colour but the light coming in from the left makes it look lighter in the photo) which has a green undertone. This pulls out the pink in her sofas.

Vancouver Interior Designer: Four Ways to Decorate for Your Next House

Recently a client asked if the chaise lounge chairs we were considering for her den could be designed so that they matched her living room furniture in the event she were to move. Another couple is redecorating their living room but they want to make sure that the furniture they select now will potentially fit into a condo when they downsize.

What about if you rent? That’s when a lot of people are even more inclined to wait until own before they purchase ‘custom’ furniture specifically for the rental they live in.