Vancouver Colour Advice on Exterior – Before & After

This is an exterior I did a few years ago in West Vancouver. Notice how the Mediterranean tiles have faded to a pinky shade on the roof? Well it is a bit hard to tell, they were the same on the dormers which were a huge visual piece of the house, so I had them painted the same colour as the gutters and the brackets!

Exterior Colour Selection by Maria Killam

It’s unfortunate that the before picture was taken at a completely different angle, but I usually snap them as I’m leaving the consultation! It was quite the transformation on this previously boring white house!
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  1. my favorite and my best

    hi! this is a great blog. and if you hadn't stopped by mine i might not have found yours. so thanks!
    i love color but am such a chicken shit when it comes to it. so i hope to learn lots from your blog.
    can't wait to peruse more.

  2. Love the transformation. Much better than boring white.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your btw and I'm sure it will be a daily read.

  3. Well, firstly, Happy Birthday, even if it's a bit belated.
    Love the new paint colors on this house – certainly brings it to life. I'm wondering, what color garden umbrellas would you recommend here? The pale blue color, perhaps??

  4. OMG look at the difference!!! The all white looks terrible! I dig the Maria version much better. And I love doing posts on you, you're awesome and you think I'm the shit!

  5. Hi Maria,
    Great before and after photos. What a huge difference the right colors make.Love it. You did not specify what colors you used.Can you tell us why you picked these colors and what colors they are? I too have this style home and would love to know what colors they are. Fabulous !

  6. Hi Anonymous,
    This house is painted CC-210 Dijon (BM) and the trim is Cork, the railings are 'Wrought Iron' and the windows and doors are Wythe Blue, HC-143. I chose these colours because of the style of the house.
    Hope this helps,