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It’s been more than 7 months since I started this blog and that’s how long I’ve been in drama over my lack of a real header!  Then on Friday, I received a comment from AB Interiors, and as I always do because it’s proper blog etiquette, I went over to her blog where she had just posted about her new blog design including the header [below].  It was then that I realized mine could be just as simple!!  So I clicked on Lemon Cherry’s website and. . . Here it is Ladies & Gentleman, my new header [see the top of my blog].  Just like magic and it’s only Monday evening!  This is my amazing illustrator, Katie Lane with Lemon Cherry.  Her format is very simple, you click through her menu and buy the package you want and presto, you are in business.  And completely affordable too!  Get her now while you can before she’s so famous that her rates go up!! Katie was so delightful to work with, I filled out a detailed questionnaire and then she sent me over to colour lovers first to pick the colours I wanted in my header so there was no guessing for her and it made everything so much easier for me!  And she didn’t mind my picky little “can you change the green in the fan she’s holding and make it more yellow?” Love her! She presented the first one on Saturday morning and after some changes and a second one this morning, I got home this evening and there it was, my happy little header!   I have also learned a new word; favicon, it’s the little tiny letter or picture in front of the URL.  Right now it’s just the blogspot icon, but she’s changing it so it’s my yellow M. Blogs freshly squeezed by Katie Lane.  It’s the place to get your header looking just like YOU! Related Posts: 10 Things I have Learned about Blogging in 4 Months Header Dilemma

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  1. Maria… it's a fantastic header! I love it!! You have every reason to be as excited… it looks wonderful!

  2. Great header Maria! It is fresh, stylish, and hip…just like you. I think you made an excellent choice. Your profile pic is lovely as well. Congratulations on such a successful blog.

  3. Things That Inspire

    Wow – I can see why you had a 'this is it' moment! Really fun and sophisticated at the same time. I love it!

  4. Weeehoooo!! Fantastic new header, Maria — I love it!!

    I know you've been thinking about a new header for a while. And then just like that, you have it!!

    Yet another great thing about blogging — discovering wonderful artists and resources 🙂

    And yes, the scrolly M in the header is a perfect little touch 🙂

    I want a cool new blog header too!!!


  5. High-Heeled Foot in the door

    Yay Maria! It looks amazing! I love everything about it. My favorite part has to be the virtual you with the fan deck. Love, love, love it!!!

  6. The Changing Look of Friends

    How Sweet! Love your new header, it is so fresh and totally you. Thanks for sharing Lemon Cherry.


    Maria, thanks for the shout out. Im so glad you got a new fancy header. It makes blogging so much more sophisticated, dont you think? You should head over to my blog and see my lasted post. The transformation couldnt have taken place without the drama of COLOR. Paint, It's the most wonderful invention!

  8. Maria,
    It looks like a designer posts her blogs here. Great stuff, you just need a pair of sun glasses because your future is that much brighter!

    Now match your business cards and note cards to header and you'll fan out in color style!


    P.S. Thanks for the tip on correcting the URL to your blogspot(updating). Cheers!

  9. Hill Country House Girl

    It's already been said, but it's perfect for you! So glad you got what you have been searching for!!

  10. Oh, Maria, I had to look twice today,
    such a lovely fresh and charming way to see your blog all anew… Great header!

  11. (I'm late!!)but i LOVE it!! lilke i said before, so you and I also love that you put your famous M in there!!