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The 5 Most Colourful Rooms from the One Room Challenge

All the fabulous rooms from the One Room Challenge have been posted and today I’m sharing the most colourful!

I’m starting with Linda Holt and I will admit I’m totally biased because not only is she a fabulous designer and stylist, she is a photographer AND a True Colour Expert. She was in my very first Specify Colour with Confidence training 9 years ago.

Here is a glimpse of her gorgeous master bedroom, she also transformed her closet and ensuite. Make sure you check out all the before pics too:

Of course I loved the yellow accents in this room!


Dabito at Old Brand New had me at his yellow sofa and I love the way he created flow by repeating the colour in the bathroom:

And then this kitchen by Holly at The English Room which I’ve already seen a few times on Instagram because of the hot pink counter stools! Colour is happy people!

I love the glam vibe of this next space with the kelly green doors and pink sofa from Jen at J&J Design Group, so fab!

And here’s a dramatic and colourful way to bring a grey sofa to life from Sita at Sita Montgomery Interiors:

Hey, I should have participated in this because I still have one basically untouched room in my house and that is the guest room – eeeek. It’s like so many of these designers in the challenge said! It’s a good thing, they had a 6 week deadline to complete these interiors because it is kind of torture for designers to decorate their own rooms because we see so much all the time and that makes it hard to commit.

Make sure you click on all the above links to see the before photos and then you’ll find all the other fabulous participate of this challenge as well!

Which room is your favourite?

PS. Come and see me at the Grand Opening of the West Side Paint and Decorating Center (3354 Dunbar street) next Saturday, November 17 from 11 – 3 pm! I’ll be cutting the ribbon! Hope to see you there!

I’m on my way home from my two week trip leading two almost SOLD OUT workshops and a board meeting this past weekend in High Point with the Withit Organization! I love these women, they are my peeps!

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  • Marjorie Dimitri says:

    Thought of another topic that could benefit from a discussion….

    How much does the color (white versus iviryof the electrical wall plugs and switches impact the choice of wall and trim paint color? Thanks.

  • As a designrt, I’m gonna say it was hard to pick, but I had an online consult with you, and while I didn’t take all your advice, I did get some clarity on what to do with my home. I think the only thing I did follow was the paint recommendation of choosing the light blue color for the guest room and pain color for the iron spiral stairs. But it got me off the endless designer ruminations of what to do. Excellent money spent on that consult regardless, because after I had it and while I was starting the remodeling, I had to merge my sister’s home into mine. Now I will have to do same with mom’s because of her cancer and brain surgery. Helps to have clarity for the vision.

  • Rosemary says:

    In the pink/green kitchen, if you paint a smiley face on the lamps, it would look like you have a Frenchman hanging out in the kitchen! I’d probably do that and change the faces when the mood hit me, lol.

  • Angela says:

    Linda Holt is a favourite designer of mine, I love everything she does:)

  • ks says:

    My favourite is Dabito at Old Brand New. Breathtaking makeover!
    I loved seeing what everyone else did too – very very amazing.
    Thanks for showing us this.

  • Alana says:

    Maria…contact Linda and let her know. The sponsorships are amazing. The ORC as a featured designer is THE event of the online designer world. I’d love to watch your process in “real” time.

  • Lucy says:

    I loved Lida Holt’s bedroom! So relaxing! Also was happy to see her use of RH nite stands. I have used them many times. Great creative designer! Although everyone did an excellent job, the one that stood out for me was States Montgomery! How clever his design and use of colors! I love cobalt blue and oh that yummy rug had my heart racing! Such a good job!

  • Lucy says:

    Sorry but my computer would not let me write Sita Montgomery

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