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Take the Burden Off with Customized Exterior eDesign Services

By 04/20/20232 Comments

I’ve been helping eDesign clients achieve beautiful and timeless exteriors for many years. But, it’s not always easy to share the results without photos of the after. However, I have plenty of stellar feedback from happy homeowners to share instead! 

Pulling together colour and finishes for your exterior is one of the most surprisingly difficult projects you will ever undertake. Especially if you’re not an experienced designer.

Picking colors for your home’s outside is a lot tougher than for the inside. Not only are they expensive to install and not changed as often, but the whole world can easily see if you make a mistake.

And while we shouldn’t care all that much what the neighbors think, we DO. When it comes to exteriors, our neighbors have to deal with our choices too.

I can help take the burden off choosing exterior colour. When I first started providing design services, I began offering a quick phone consultation to help clients with their exterior projects. I soon realized that many readers needed this kind of help.

And I knew I could help with a lot more projects if I shifted to an email format via eDesign. Read more of my story here.

Customized Exterior eDesign Services

In the last few years, I’ve grown my eDesign department and trained an incredible team to help me put together my advice in a clear, organized and well-reasoned format for thousands of clients.

Clients often discover me while searching the web for answers to their colour questions. But they hire me over and over again because my advice explains THE WHY. 

Why this colour over that one. Why this fixture would look wrong on your house, but this one is perfect. Why you should invest your budget in THIS detail over that one. 

It’s hard for me to share the results with you because we don’t often receive “after” photos. However, we do often receive wonderful feedback from our lovely clients. So, I thought I would share a few reviews with you here. 

Wondering whether an eDesign project with me could help you? Take a look at some of these examples. And, I’m including a few sample slides to help you visualize my advice. 

New Build + All Inclusive Exterior eDesign

First, meet Lauren:

Lauren was building her “forever” home and felt like she had a clear vision of what she wanted. She recently read my ebooks, which helped build a foundation of understanding, but also made her realize that she didn’t have enough experience to get it right on her own.

edesign new build projectLauren described herself as an amateur decorator/designer. She had some ideas but wanted my reassurance and perspective on her project. One of her biggest fears was making costly mistakes and she really wanted my reassurance and guidance when it came to making timeless choices for her hard finishes. 

Lauren purchased my New Build eDesign services and added an All Inclusive Exterior package (save when you bundle these together)

new build and exterior edesign project


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Feedback from Lauren:

“First, I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart …. Having these comprehensive interior and exterior plans going into our new build has taken such a burden off of my shoulders! 

I knew the look I was going for, but you all have helped me make it a tangible reality and enable me to move forward with *some* confidence and *less* trepidation!

You’ve all have been thorough, organized, punctual, and obviously listened to my desires in the questionnaire and photos …I am filled with thankfulness for this service and that I stumbled across the MK blog in my efforts to learn about color!”

Complete Renovation + All Inclusive Exterior eDesign

Next, meet Hilda:

For 40 years, Hilda has lived in a beautiful coastal home in Florida with a view of the bay. But unfortunately a hurricane destroyed most of the downstairs portion of her home. 

As part of the renovation project, she was also building a new primary suite addition. She was very worried about the addition looking mismatched and disconnected from her existing exterior.

Hilda wanted suggestions for both cladding options and colours that fit with her colonial style home. But she was also tired of the earthy, deep beige colours and wanted my help to create a fresher look.

Hilda found me while looking for decorating help online and wasn’t very familiar with my system. She purchased my Complete Renovation eDesign package with an All Inclusive Exterior add on (save when you bundle these together).

complete renovation and exterior edesign project

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Feedback from Hilda:

“This gives me the confidence to proceed without the anxiety of wondering if this will all go together.
The construction will begin shortly, I hope!

I would never have thought to paint the shutters any other color other than gray or black! Thank you!”

Essential Exterior Palette eDesign

And finally, meet Lori:

Lori has been following me for years and loves what I do. She’s lived in her home for over a decade but anticipates they’ll sell the house in a few years. She had also recently started to tackle some DIY updates on her patio.

Even though Lori didn’t mind the stone on her exterior, she was tired of the light blonde body colour and wanted a new front door colour so she purchased at Essential Exterior Palette eDesign package.

She also needed my help with how to navigate what the HOA prefers with a colour that was also fresh and timeless and would appeal to new home buyers.

exterior eDesign project

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Feedback from Lori:

“We could not be happier with the way it turned out! We went from being one of the least attractive homes in our neighborhood to getting compliments every time we step outside.

We are so glad we chose to invest in an exterior consultation. The cost was insignificant compared to the value of Maria’s wisdom, advice, and the end result of being thrilled with our home.”

It’s the season for exteriors!

Nothing makes my team and I happier than hearing how we have helped a client achieve a beautiful result in their project while simultaneously lifting all the pressure off their shoulders. We would be delighted to help you in your next project!

You can find our eDesign services here. 

We look forward to meeting you!

Also, if you’ve got an eye for design AND your home is pretty straightforward, I highly recommend buying my Exterior Colour Selection Masterclass. But, whatever you do… don’t try to go it alone! Click here for details.

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  • diana says:

    Love the look of Lauren’s home but she has a tremendous mistake in the roof line and if she proceeded to build as the picture shows, she is in for some serious leakage problems. Water runs downhill, as we know, and interruption of that flow will always be a problem. There isn’t enough flashing to stop this as in time it will be an issue, a bit like a flat roof, in time will be an issue.
    I’ve remodeled, built multiple homes and there are many “do not do this” . She has one of them. Wish we could see were more angles of the home. Lovely looking home.
    The three biggest challenges are the body of the home, roof, skeleton and foundation. All the rest is icing on the cake.

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