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Kids Make Christmas Happy

By 12/23/2011September 3rd, 20188 Comments

Thank you so much for all your comments and feedback on my eBook launch the other day! You are the best! Thanks for buying my book.

Last year my partner and I went over to the Capilano Suspension Bridge to see the Christmas lights and we were through it in about 45 minutes. I probably wasn’t dressed warm enough and well, as soon as I’m cold, the party is over! Last weekend when my sister Elizabeth and I went with her two sweet children it was suddenly 10 times more fun!

After you cross the suspension bridge there are mini ones in between the tree tops and Markus and William had such a great time!

This time I was a bit too bundled. I threw on a wool sweater and a puffer jacket and it was way too much!

Later we went to ride the train in Stanley Park and WOW was it a happy Christmas place! The lights were so fabulous, if you live in Vancouver you must go check it out. And bring a child with you. Kids make everything so much more magical!

Look at this tree, it would be hard to get any more lights on this baby!

Even the grinch from Whoville was here!

These were some of the lights from the train which was packed! Elizabeth’s husband Bill stopped by at 3 pm to get tickets and 8 pm was the earliest we could get on for a 15 minutes train ride!


Last weekend was so happy because I got to be with my adorable nephews! I have felt Christmas so much this last month I’m feeling a little sad that it’s almost here already!

Irene Hill, Maria Killam, Nancy DeVries

Tonight we had a small gathering at our place to celebrate the completion of my book! There were a few angels there so I snapped a photo, haha. I bought up all the halos at the Christmas store a few weeks ago!

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