Happiness is. . . a great Ottoman

Okay, I’m embarrassed to admit it but I will.  I shamelessly copied this post today from Elements of Style.  I fell instantly in love with these ottomans by Nate Berkus on HSN.   I love ottomans.  If your living room is where your TV has to be (like mine) because you don’t have a family room or a media room, you’ll want to put your feet up!  If possible, I like to design that kind of space with an ottoman, otherwise your feet will end up on your coffee table. Which colour is your favourite? Related posts: Attention on Area Rugs The best fake Tree for your Interior Happiness is. . .  a Styled Bookshelf Happiness is. . . Ralph Lauren Style

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  1. Tracy @ comfortandluxury

    Definitely the green one! The ottomans in my home are matched up with reading chairs. Comfy tv watching is accomplished with legs thrown up un the sectional sofa. And, occasionally, feet on the coffee table… not shoes, feet. Preferably in socks. 🙂

  2. Hi Maria,

    The Ottomans are magnificent!
    I do like the white/black.
    It reminds me of the "Chanel"style.
    And I do love all things Chanel.


  3. Hi Maria
    I'm a fan of the green ottoman, too. It would work in so many areas of my home. There is nothing like a good ottoman accessible to a cozy chair.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and for your warm comments. I love sharing ideas and thoughts with you…and your comments are so encouraging.

    Jane (Artfully Graced)

  4. All these green lovers make me happy, esp since I just took the colour quiz !! These are beautiful – the shape and the skirt are just amazing!!

  5. Maria!
    These are great….I don't have an ottoman, need one or two. Am thinking the gray and white as those are the colors I am going to do my bedroom!
    Blessings Girl!

  6. Maria,
    I like the grey and white it becomes invisible in this color. I wonder if it can be used for storage too? That would really be fun.

  7. Maria,

    You know I love your blog and think you are the greatest, but am not feeling a lot of love for these ottomans! I think I'm more of a round or rectangular gal! 😉

  8. I like it, it's such a unique shape 🙂 As for favourite colour… well, I like them all equally except for the white one. So my LEAST fave is the white one 😉


  9. Between you, me and the Fencepost

    The green one reminds me of the Bachelorettes' boyfriends' shorts he was wearing on one of their final dates.

  10. Love the green one! I will have to get me one – getting tired of putting my feet up on the glass coffee table.

  11. HI Pam,
    I agree with you, the shape is too traditional for my taste, but I love the drama and simplicity of it!
    Thanks for commenting!

  12. Love those ottomans! Can't believe I can get one at HSN and they are designed by Nate Berkus, although I knew he had some goods there. How cool!

    Victoria in Texas

  13. I love big round ottomans (on wheels) that you can scoot under a desk , piano or side table. Bought a great one on Ebay. Note…if you try to perch delicately on the edge…it tips. If possible…test drive your ottoman.