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My Best Decorating Advice for Your Living Room

By 11/06/2020November 9th, 2020No Comments

How long will you wait to create a look and a feel for your living room that makes you happy when you walk in the door? Whether you just moved in or have lived in your home for decades, you can’t ignore the atmosphere in your main living space forever. Don’t worry, I can help. Here is a collection of some of my best decorating advice for your living room.

I heard so many positive comments from the last round up, I’m making this a regular Saturday morning read!  These are great posts to pin or save for later so you have all my best advice on a particular topic within reach when you need it. 

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Before You Renovate or Decorate, Ask Yourself 2 Questions

Most homeowners have more than one room or project around the house. But how do you know when you should renovate or decorate?

Here are two questions to ask yourself to get you started on the right path to creating a home that fills you with happiness.

dark paint colour living room walls

Craftberry Bush

10 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Look More Expensive

Everyone has a wish list for their home but that doesn’t mean we have to wait on SOMEDAY to make our home look pretty. Here are my 10 best tricks for making your home look more pulled together and expensive right now.

blue living room colour palette

Via Quintessence

4 Ways to Decorate Around Your Charcoal Sofa

Still hanging on to the charcoal gray sofa in your living room? So many of us just bought the neutral sofa on the showroom floor and grey was a popular neutral for sooooooo long!

In this post I can show you the best ways to bring this colour (and your living room) back to life.

The Easy Way to Decorate Around a Tan (Pink Beige) Sofa

Ok, so how many of you still have a tan or beige sofa? Even though the palest of beige is trending (aka Complex Creams around here), there was a not so distant past where tan or beige was the go-to neutral for all your decorating choices. This includes carpet, tile, countertops, and furniture. 

And while it probably wasn’t an intentional choice, you may have ended up with some pink beige in your home. Or, maybe you inherited someone else’s pink beige choice in your new home? Either way, I have some great tips on how to decorate with the most limiting neutral on the planet.

pink beige chair

Via @sweetshadylane

Ask Maria: Can I Paint my Walls to Match my Couch

Is it a couch or a sofa? Regardless, I get asked this question a lot! 

Furniture matches the wall colour

5 Ways to Decorate with Beige and Still Keep it Fresh

Beige went out when the grey trend arrived, but it’s back now in soft furnishings! Here’s how to keep it fresh.

This is the Biggest Paint Colour Mistake (and You Keep Making It)

Because EVERYONE is trying to create the pale, white or cream interiors they see on Instagram, this post is a cautionary tale for choosing the right paint colour for your living room.

It’s a great Ask Maria question from a reader about why her paint colour isn’t quite right.

Need more decorating advice?

When I help a design client with a room refresh, I don’t usually start with a paint colour (other than identifying undertones with my colour boards).

Why? Because when you have decor, furniture and accessories, it’s much easier to choose the right paint colour. That’s why we implemented these new eDesign add ons last year. This combo is perfect for setting the palette and tone of your living room and can be purchased with any of our paint colour eDesign consultations

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