My New Dining Room Botanical Artwork (What a Difference)

See how decorating with my new botanical artwork made such a difference. And, I’m sharing a video tutorial on creating vignettes. 

Similar botanicals here and here.

This year, in between Christmas and New Years, I completely refreshed every single vignette in my home.

After all the Christmas decor comes down, you’re probably looking at your empty tables and mantels and thinking the very same thing.

My New Dining Room Botanical Artwork

A few months ago, I randomly found these four botanicals that you now see on the back of my dining room wall. They were stored in my garage until I had the time to see if they would work here.

This is what the back of the dining room used to look like.

And truly, because my sideboard is white, and the mirror is silver, the wall kinda disappeared like it was floating (below).

I moved the mirror to the wall above the fireplace in this room.

I picked up the white peonies from Chintz & Co in Victoria the last time we were there.

Gorgeous! And they look so real (below):

Here’s the simple vignette above my fireplace:

Remember the essentials of a tablescape or vignette are coffee table books in colours to match your decor, candles, they can be glass or crystal votives, candlesticks or a hurricane lantern, and a vase with flowers. You can never have too many different shapes, sizes and colours of vases!

And here’s a little video on how I created the above vignette!

One last thing, bet you didn’t notice my blue ceiling? That’s because blue feels like the sky, it’s rare that ANYONE notices when they are even in my house in person! With all the white walls everyone is doing, a blue ceiling is a great idea! If you need help choosing paint colours, I can help, here.

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  1. I recently redid my bedroom. I bought some new art that I thought would look nice on either side of the bed, but when I put them up, I didn’t like the look. So, I put the pictures up on another wall on the sides of a window in the room. I left the area on the sides of the bed open. But, this brings me to my question. Which walls should you place art in a room? I am thinking it would be where you want your eye to go. But, I can see how you can get carried away with placing art on every wall in a room.

  2. I have always loved botanical prints. Yours look great!
    We have the same brass quails…I just asked my husband where he got them and he said in a thrift shop (in BC) about 18 years ago! I have them next to an antique brass base and stem oil lamp–never burn it because the oil gives me a headache, but it is beautiful. Bought it on our honeymoon in Ireland, 37 years ago.

  3. Maria, It all looks beautiful, well done! Would you mind sharing the color of the ceiling? Did you paint all the ceilings on your first floor this color? Would that be something you would recommend for consistency?

    • Hi Jeannene, I don’t remember anymore, I picked it 8 years ago when we moved in but my advice for choosing a ceiling colour is to choose a clean one. This is the time when choosing a pale ‘baby blue’ looking colour works! You don’t want a greyed blue on the ceiling because the colour always gets darker anyway and then it starts looking like a cloudy day! You really can’t go wrong with which shade of blue as long as it’s the lightest baby blue in the collection of blues you’re looking at! Hope that helps, Maria

  4. Love the change! The eye now travels from the dark frame in the living room to those in the dining room then around to the dark background in the art beside the fireplace. They relate to the table as well, and I think the lamps complement the botanicals nicely.

  5. Love the botanicals! Really anchor the space and adds color and interest! Great idea! Love the tutorial on how accessorizing is a process.
    Kimberlie Ann Interiors

  6. I have a very subtle blue ceiling in my dining room, too! SOOOOO subtle! But I love it. My walls are also very light, Lancaster Whitewash. I love the airiness of the space.

  7. Hi Maria,

    Hmmm, you surprised me once again .. I just do not have words .. How could it be that you placed my favorite flowers and birds in your decore?? The owls, the peackocks, the peonies, the golden glasses, the copper candle holders, the sun mirror – you read my mind !! ???? I also adore your ice ceiling lamp, it looks sooo natural .. ????????????
    And again .. this was my long-held dream to recreate nature in the room, and you did it with the blue sky-ceiling !! Perfect !!
    I like the grass or sand carpet idea with this sky ceiling and glass walls, haha ????

    Amazing post, sweatheart ????

  8. Hi Maria,
    You have so many great ideas. I love reading your blogs and all the beautiful photos you post on Instagram. I too love to restyle often in my living/ dining areas and I too adore botanicals. To my eye they look lovely and fill the wall beautifully not being too long over your buffet because the chairs on each side also anchor them. I’ll have to say that with all your color to me your mantle appears a bit stark however well balanced! Thank you again for all you share!

  9. Love a light blue ceiling too! Also love your botanical prints. What if you hung the 2 pics behind the lamps above the middle 2 , so you can see them and it would move your eye up? You’re amazing, love your bright bold colors! Thank you!

  10. Love the botanicals! Love the peonies! Love the simplicity of the mantelpiece. Perfection.
    However, the scrolling bronze piece on the wall gives me pause. I think I’d like to see the green plant elevated as a work of art to give balance, or perhaps green fabric stretched behind it? Its busyness is vying for attention. Is it just me?

    • Well it’s Asian which is the opposite of glam which is why, in my opinion it works in this room adding warmth and interest. I love how it visually relates to my ‘kelly wearstler’ inspired black and white scrawl pillows as well as the brown Asian vessel on the coffee table! Maria

  11. I love the video and hearing and seeing you explain your thought process! I love reading your blog, but please do more of these videos, too–about any design subjects!! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Hi Maria,
    It’s always difficult to comment about a space I’ve only seen in 2-D. Only you know how the space functions and what makes your heart sing. Having said that, I was wondering about a tweak. Could the 4 botanicals be stacked 2 over 2 and fit over the buffet. That would answer the dilemma (for some) of the lamps covering the art. Too, it would add height and be one less horizontal. Or, perhaps that grouping of 4, stacked 2 over 2, could trade with the gorgeous peony print. I’m not sure how large it is but I’d love to see it as a star as I entered from the foyer.
    Thanks for all your posts assisting me to make my world reflect me and last a long time – as all things classic do. Cathy

    • No I like how the artwork anchors the white sideboard and walls and visually wrap the wall so the dining room feels more defined. That big piece of art is huge and would never work in the dining room. I think it’s funny that so many people can’t handle the fact that the some of the art is covered by the lamps 🙂 Layering lamps over artwork is very commonly done but granted, usually by a designer. Thanks for your comment! Maria

  13. I also agree that the prints are great for so many reasons but something feels wrong in the photos- I think it’s not just the pair of lamps hiding the prints, it’s that it feels like everything is squished together in the center of the wall- prints, lamps, ceiling lights, vases and vases of flowers. And then on the sides over the chairs, nothing