My Living Room Inside Style at Home (Including the Befores)

Maria Killam on the Cover of Style at Home

Okay, here’s the rest of the photos inside Style at Home’s colour issue this April! Thanks again to everyone at Style at Home for including me in this issue AND on the cover! Here’s my family room and this post has my kitchen photos.

Style at Home Living


Here’s what it looks like in the magazine (above).

Real estate photo - Before

Here’s the REAL ESTATE PHOTO – BEFORE we took possession

Maria's Living Room

And here’s the after. This photo is taken by me, the rest (below) are by Tracey Ayton Photography.

You’ll notice that the raspberry is ONLY repeated in the flowers.

My first choice for drapery would have been green to coordinate with the green in the room. But I couldn’t find the fabric I wanted in the right green so then I thought, white. But that seemed too safe given I’m into colour.

When I decided on the raspberry, I decided to treat it as a colour block and ONLY repeat it in the flowers in the space. So that’s what I did.

Also, because I didn’t have any raspberry in the major pieces of furniture, rug or even artwork, it would not have looked right to only repeat the colour on cushions and accessories.

And here are the rest of the pictures:

Vignette on the Mantle

Raspberry Drapes

My Living room Inside Style at Home

Maria's Dining Room in Style at Home

Art in the Dining Room

Pink Roses


My tulips are poking their heads out of the ground, Spring is just around the corner, can’t wait! xo Maria

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  1. Gorgeous Maria! The raspberry was a gutsy choice but it’s perfect! I love the Thai screen too I also love that you don’t have a rug under the dining table.

  2. A big hug and a pat on the back! So beautiful. Drapes are well worth having nixed the Italy trip. Congratulations!

  3. Maria!!! Your home looks fabulous! And the raspberry drapes are like the cherry on top. A good lesson for us all; to add a colour as a colour block and use it sparingly. I would have felt compelled to have raspberry cushions, etc., but your words and photos make perfect sense. The entire aesthetic of your space is serene and at the same time very uplifting! A Bobbi Burgers would look captivating in the space..maybe she’ll approach you!! 🙂 Love the way the flowers are styled. Is it a real leaf under the water?

  4. Absolutely no regrets about Italy, Maria! And talk about eternal Spring and Summer – your cushy, cozy, comfortable winter slippers have probably asked to be put back in the closet even as we speak. The Thai screen is perfect and, though different and unexpected to some, one can easily see the tie-ins to the rooms in your photograph.

    Most of all, thanks for the lesson in choosing color beyond paint. I would have wanted green drapes for your room as well, but I can totally understand not being able to find the “right” green. Just because it exists perfectly in your mind doesn’t mean someone somewhere read your mind and produced it. Rather than live with frustration and plain windows, you came up with a gorgeous solution.

    Congrats and thanks on every aspect from the sharing of your project with us throughout and all the lessons taught to this display of the beautiful results and this very significant recognition.

  5. What a happy inviting space! You are the queen at combining colors and textures, Maria. I adore the raspberry drapes and pops of apple green against the sunny yellow sofa. Using a black rug never would have occurred to me, but it all blends together gloriously. You have a rare gift!

  6. Great job Maria, I love everything you’ve done with your home. I would not have had the guts to go with the raspberry drapes but find they impressed me the most. Would you mind sharing the source for the end table. LOVE what you’ve done. Congrats on the Magazine spread!

  7. So pretty. I wish I could get inside that head of yours so I can fully understand how you manage to turn a dowdy house into such a beautiful home.
    And I must have missed the post on color blocking. I don’t know what that is.
    I thought I saw some raspberry in the artwork. The picture of the little wooden stool & the large piece behind it. Doesn’t that floral piece have some raspberry in it?
    Did this all start with your beautiful yellow couch? Amazing!!!

    • This space is definitely a happy place.

      My suggestion is to save up some money and consult with Maria. Life is too short for dowdy, and I’m convinced that getting a little pro help can go a long way.

      Some of us are engineers, and some of us are artists. You need both to make the world go round. Play to your strengths and hire help for what you aren’t good at.

  8. Maria wrote, “Also, because I didn’t have any raspberry in the major pieces of furniture, rug or even artwork, it would not have looked right to only repeat the colour on cushions and accessories.”

    Maria could you explain this a bit more. Why would it have not looked right?

    So fresh and Spring-like.

    • Because it looks too bitty when a strong accent colour like that is only in the accessories and not found anywhere else. I’m sure that rule can be broken, but in this space I felt that it should just be a colour block. Hope that helps, Maria

  9. Absolutely stunning! I may have missed a post, but did you refinish the floors and, if so, did you keep them natural or stain them? This is the wood floor I want!

  10. Maybe I’m also not remembering a previous post, but now I’m really curious what colour of paint you used in there. Because the realtor photo looks like, well, a griege colour, and your new colour looks the same (i know it’s not, but along the same tone maybe?). What did you use in that room? Also, it’s funny how the light they used in the mag made it look brilliantly WHITE! Fitting since you are the queen of white kitchens I suppose. But I assume it is NOT a white, is it?
    I was so pleasantly surprised to be at the airport buying a magazine (I RARELY do that) and there was your home! I knew instantly it was yours, and I knew that you had mentioned you “might be in it”. You were on the cover haha! (I didn’t buy the mag, mainly cuz I read this blog so often! Not sure if that was good or bad!).

    • Everything in the room is so happy, gorgeous and fun to explore! I’ve been wondering about the paint color as well. Is it a warm cream? An off white? A bright white? Is that why the colors in the fabrics and accessories pop and are so pleasing?

      Love love love your style. I’m going to order the magazine today! xoxo

      • It’s Rice Paper by Cloverdale Paint and I would consider it to be a white/greige. Closest to SW Shoji White. Thanks Lori 🙂

    • HI Jackie,
      You’re right, when I chose the colour for the walls and walked over to hold it up to show Terreeia, it was almost exactly the same colour which was kind of funny because in the context of the old carpeting it looked like a boring apartment beige. It would have been better if the before picture had a bad colour in it for sure. Maria

  11. Those rooms are so beautiful and cheerful. Raspberry is my favorite color. Love it all. Congrats on getting published. Love the floral print and the wooden stool (table?) in 2nd last pic. Can you please provide a source for both? Also how big is that print (painting?) and where is it located in the room?

  12. I am so glad that you decdided to NOT pool the drapes on the floor. They are the perfect length-breaking just slightly above the floor- they look perfection. Love the colour too. So many people are “afraid” of colour. I have never quite understood that expression. I know that colour is a very personal thing, however, to fill a home with such happy colour….who wouldn’t want that? I think I would smile everytime I walked in that living room….but then again colour is such a personal thing!

  13. If you don’t mind me asking, where did you get your Barcelona chairs? I would love to get a pair for my office, but can’t buy them locally and would need to purchase online, which makes me nervous since you can’t always determine quality ahead of time. Yours are beautiful and don’t look at all flimsy, so I thought that might be a good place to start if you are willing to share! I love the room 🙂

    • I got mine in a store in Vancouver that has now been closed. So I didn’t get them on-line, I agree with you!

    • You can order Barcelona chairs online from many sources. And if you love the look but the original, authentic is out of your price range, you can google search “Barcelona knock offs”. I did this for a client who wanted “the look” but his budget didn’t allow for authentic pieces. Some knock offs are better than others, so be choosy and scrutinize their return policy before ordering 😉

  14. Your home is beautiful!!! I am so inspired by your use of bright, cheerful colors. It is such a happy space. What is the color blue on your ceilings? It is the perfect shade. I am hoping I can find something similar here in the states.
    I am so glad I found your blog. I am already a huge fan. Thank you for all the great decorating advise!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  15. Maria I love reading your blogs. The white side board behind your dining table I love. Did you refinish it and paint it white? I have one just like it but wood. I would love to get it to look like yours.

    • I bought it that way from Craigslist of all places. But I would definitely get that kind of piece professionally done. Maria

  16. Congratulations on being published in this wonderful Canadian mag! I LOVE the fresh colors and sometimes I think of adding to my mostly white living room too…but not quite yet 😉 Your LR is a wonderful testament of how to use white walls correctly. White walls = unlimited color options = “it all works” IMHO 🙂

    I love the way you oriented the dining table with its long side parallel to the wall . In the realty photo I saw the dining area in the pic and the first thing I said was “I’d move the table the other way.” When I move a client’s dining table opposite of how it’s currently placed, they come in and say “Wow! Is that ‘our’ table? The room looks so much better now!” 🙂 Little secrets, big results 🙂

  17. Can I please know where your dining table is from? My dear daughter that works super hard is moving into her new house soon. She needs a table like yours. Thanks in advance. You have done a super fabulous job with your house and studio. Beyond amazing.

  18. Are your ceilings the older standard of 8′? If so could you tell me what size / height your baseboards and crown molding are? And does room size overall have an impact how big or small they should be? Thanks!

  19. Hi Maria,
    Where is your white dining room console from? I am looking for something exactly like this. Thank you!!

  20. I cannot find your article about choosing hostas. Were they the green and white or the green and yellow ones? I loved them.