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Colour Me Christmas: Orange, Green & White

By 12/20/2021December 24th, 202112 Comments

Here’s a closer look at my holiday-decorated family room in merry and bright hues of orange, green and white!

BTW, it took an entire year for the furniture for my living room makeover to arrive! The last chair was finally delivered last week. So I still have to wait until January to photograph the reveal. If you’d like a sneak peek though, join me this Wednesday, live with my friends Claire Jefford, Rachel Moriarty and Susan Brinson.

This live event will take place THIS Wednesday, December 22nd at 3 pm EST.  This is open to the public – anyone can join and no sign ups or emails will be required. 

Here’s the link.

Orange and Green Holiday Decor

In the meantime, I’m sharing my family room in orange and white this Christmas. I do have a new area rug that definitely adds more colour!

At the nursery, I picked up this flocked branch instead of a traditional wreath for my front door this year!

Lucy’s a mini-golden doodle but we prefer the poodle clip on her face! She’s brought so much joy to our life since we met her on Mothers Day this year. 

Green sequin sweater | Other than the few sequins around the neck, this is a comfortable and cozy sweater

Area rug | Flocked tree

I think this is the third time I’ve posted a tree decorated in orange. #truestory

And while I have added different colours to this family room over the years, I always seem to come back to orange. It’s a great colour to help brighten up our north facing room considerably.

Area rug

And I love my new area rug. The colour and pattern is super versatile. It has all the cognac tones everyone is decorating with now but also contains blues, bright orange and coral tones.

Round Mirror |

Don’t look too closely at my throw pillows, Lucy likes to chew the corners of them 🙂 

Brass end table similar here | Bottle brush trees

I love creating little holiday vignettes around the room to add in small doses of colour. 

Read more: How to Style a Vignette in 5 Easy Steps

Area Rug | Stump end tables

One thing Terreeia and I are secretly kinda happy about is that Lucy is full-grown now at almost 10 pounds.

We’re hoping when we’re flying regularly again, she’ll be small enough to be able to fly with us on the plane. We really hate to leave her behind.

I don’t typically display word signs in my house, but I do have two at Christmas. 

Believe & Joy (you’ll see the word joy on my mantel).

Can you believe we’ve had the worst winter in decades here in November and the season has barely just begun?

With the terrible floods that started just a short two-minute drive from my home, it’s truly miraculous that it didn’t come as far as our little town here in Yarrow. We feel so grateful yet we are also saddened for the farmers who lost so much, including many animals.

If you want to give to the local flood relief, find more information here: 

Photos by Macy Yap Photography

I’m so grateful for you and appreciate your love, support and comments! This blog is what it is because of you!

Merry Christmas from our house to yours!

Don’t forget to join my friends and me on Wednesday, here’s the zoom link. Remember, seats are limited! 

PS. If you need some last-minute gift ideas, grab both of my eBooks (they don’t overlap) on how to choose paint colours and whites. They are inexpensive and full of super useful information you won’t find anywhere else. You can even message us to let us know they are a gift and we can deliver to them.

Black Friday Book Sale

Go here to shop my ebooks.

Also if you have a friend how is redecorating and buying most of his/her home decor items online (I mean, who isn’t) send them my Shop Online with Colour Confidence online course. They can access the course immediately and I promise it will transform the way they buy everything from this point forward.

I just had a conversation with a local client who is renovating her home and kitchen. She  sent me a link and said “Do you like these counter stools for my kitchen?” 

And here was my response:

I wouldn’t order this chair until we finalize your dining table and chairs, otherwise choosing this one in isolation will limit your options. . . this choice could easily eliminate better options . . for example, you might find a dining chair you like even better than this counter stool but now you can’t buy the dining chair because you already bought this chair and the two might not work in the same space. 

So if you’re choosing it all together and you find a dining chair you like better than this one and that becomes your first choice, then you go back to the drawing board for the counter stool.

Does that make sense? That’s why a mood board like the ones we have created on Google Slides are important. Buying furniture one item at a time is how you end up with a mishmash of random items that don’t work together.
In my Shop Online course, I’ll teach you how to do this, get access here.

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  • Lorri says:

    It is indeed merry and bright there!

    Lucy is a beautiful dog and love the haircut showing her face. I felt a pang in my heart seeing the sweet photo of the two of you with your faces pressed together. I lost my beloved cat of 16 years in November, and she loved to press her face against mine. When an animal does that, they truly love you.

    Please give Lucy a hug from me.

  • Anne says:

    Your house looks fabulous! I love that you use non-traditional colors!! So bright and pretty! And festive!! Thanks for sharing your sweet doggie as well!!

  • Michelle says:

    Maria, I love your family room and your entire house and landscaping. I too love color in my home and you explain so clearly how to use color in a clear, concise, and relatable way. Your room design package, bought several years ago, helped me arrive at a family room that brings me joy each time I enter.

    I was so excited to hear your announcement that you and Terreeia were getting a puppy. I have a toy poodle, Henry, and he’s just a furry bundle of love. I just knew you and T would fall in love with your Lucy. She’s such a cutie. Dogs are truly a blessing!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  • Holly says:

    Maria, did you change your wall color to an orange beige or yellow beige tone? I’m noticing something different about your walls and can’t decide of it’s the decorating warming everything up or you changed the wall color. Also, when you said orange, green and white I wasn’t sure what to expect but it all looks so gorgeous! I noticed you like to decorate in warm, bright colors and I’m completely opposite and like cooler more muted tones. That being said, I like to see different decorating styles and was loving your tree and your new rug! Thank you for sharing! Lucy is a cutie pie and I love her “haircut”.

  • Coco says:

    For once I’m not going to comment on your lovely house, but on Lucy! Please remember a dog needs to be able to fully stand while in the carrier under the seat, so if she’s tall she may not fit.

  • Fran W. says:

    Love your family room makeover! That rug is especially gorgeous. Happy holidays to you and Terreeia (and cute little Lucy, too)! 🎄

  • Dee says:

    Maria, your house is beautiful! I was surprised to see your yellow sofa replaced by a cream sectional. Why did you decide to go with a neutral? I thought in one of your posts, you encouraged people to go with a favorite color for their sofa because it was more timeless?

    Also, your puppy is darling! Merry Christmas to you and Terreeia!

    • June says:


      I like her yellow sofa, too; I think it is still in her living room. This “white” sofa is in her family room.

      Merry Christmas!


    • Kendal says:

      Hi Dee,
      I think this is her family room, not her living room where the yellow sofa lives. As someone who has loved (read: stalked) Maria’s blog and classes for years, I’m pretty sure she mentioned a living room refresh to come with a sneak preview on the zoom call. Merry Christmas!

  • Laura says:

    Beautiful room…you are so talented!!! I just love your style…

  • Kim says:

    As always, your holiday decor is dreamy! I’m so sad to hear about the cows in the rafters. How can they possibly still be alive? So much devastation there from the flooding. I adore your green sequin sweater and of course, Lucy! I hope you and Terreeia and the rest of your family have a wonderful Christmas!

  • Jess says:

    LOVE your fresh spring green, orange, gold, and white, take on Christmas!
    Very memorable.
    Happy Holidays! and thank you for all the helpful information you have shared with us through the years.

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