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Meet Lucy: Our New Mini Golden Doodle

Here I am with my new baby doodle in the breeders home when we first met.

We found Lucy on Mothers Day. When she was just four weeks old. Lucy was the runt of the litter so she was tiny.

Terreeia raised Standard Poodles many years ago and she loves them. When we get a second dog, we want a Standard.

Terreeia’s Standard Poodle was a show dog. Her name was Sharday named after the singer Sade.

Terreeia had two, Sharday (above and below right) and Barclay (below left). 

Barclay was her first Standard, and she was looking for a puppy. A breeder said she knew a couple who had to leave the country with a two year old male standard that they had to give up.

Terreeia said, ‘No I really want a puppy’. She said “You should at least meet this dog, he was an obedience champion, just go meet him”.

She went to meet him, and he was in the backyard. He pranced around like an elegant, mini horse, he was so beautiful, she loved the way he moved, so she took him home.

He was understandably upset that he wasn’t with his family anymore so he completely avoided her. Wouldn’t eat, kept his distance. 

So her friend said, let’s leave him here along and go out for dinner and see what happens when we come back home.

The minute she walked in the door, he jumped and ran to her, licking and jumping on her as though he were screaming “Oh my goodness, you’re home, you’re home, I love you. They were in love ever since.

Barclay & Sharday

Over the years we’ve talked about getting a dog but we travelled too much. Now that my live course is virtual, getting a puppy became a reality. When we talked about what kind of dog we would get, her only request was “Anything with an ooodle so they won’t shed or smell (she has allergies)”. Standard poodles love water and hers would often jump in the shower with her.

We fit right into this meme going around social media:

We have been on waiting lists all over the country for months and months. Since everyone got a dog during the pandemic, even the local SPCA had a 6 month wait list. 

This was my favourite joke that went all around social media:

During the month long wait, she sent me photos, this was one of them, along with the caption “Dinner was really good”.

My nephew Markus counted the days until her arrival just like I did. He came with us to pick her up. She cried all the way home and I cried with her. Leaving your Mom and siblings would be hard.

She slept with us in bed that night and didn’t cry (thank goodness) and she’s been great ever since.

In preparation for her arrival, I searched high and low for a pet gate and after seeing them all, ordered this one (below). We are very happy with it.

Free standing pet gate | Wayfair | Also comes in other sizes here.

It also doubles as a mini-kennel in a pinch! It also comes in a longer version.

Apparently, I am not in puppy hell. The first two nights when I woke up around midnight and took her outside to pee. Nothing. So then I waited until early morning.

Now, after she’s been with us three weeks, when I wake up at 5 or 5:30 am, I take her outside and then I’m up for the day.

This was Lucy, hanging out of her bed to get cool (below). She’s so cute the way she walks out of her bed and flops down to lay on cool, hard surfaces.

At first we were worried about how she blended in with our floors, but now we are used to looking down every time we move.

Then last week Terreeia announced “I’m going to get her face clipped, so you can see her face to see if you like the poodle clip”.

I loved it. And then I realized, it was hard for her to even see before with all that hair growing in front of her eyes!

After I bought this black and white harness for her (below), I realized she was completely on trend (below).


By the way, the best dog accessory is this water bottle! I have two. One for the car and one for the house. You squeeze it into the dish and whatever she doesn’t drink, goes back inside. Genius! 


In my studio, she sits at my feet all day, and the first couple days she would watch me come and go all day (without following me). And then Wednesday, I had a meeting so I left the office. After that, she now follows me everywhere and will rarely let me out of her sight.

Now I have a new ritual, when I leave, Terreeia brings her outside so she can watch me drive away and she says it’s better because she doesn’t run all over the house looking for me.

But she still tries to follows me as I walk back and forth from my studio into my house. Not sure how to get her to trust me again. Sometimes she looks so comfortable as she’s sleeping, but as soon as I move, she’s my shadow.

Here, Lucy had just dug a hole into the herb garden so Terreeia had just given her a bath (below) as I left the house waving:

Then, this past weekend a rare June heat wave started. Lucy was so hot she didn’t eat dinner last night so Mom and I decided to give her a trim.

Apparently, we will not be getting hired at a dog grooming studio anytime soon. But they are all booked out at least one month, so now I can’t even get professional help ASAP to fix the hack job we did on her – eeeeek (below).

Terreeia and I are so in love with our little bundle of joy! She brings so much love and happiness into our life we are thrilled to have her here! My family loves her too! My sister Elizabeth along with her kids want joint custody. I’m happy to have dog sitters so close by! Now I know why people have Instagram accounts for their pets. Because they want to take photos of them all the time 🙂 Here’s Lucy’s Instagram account.

So far, house training is hit and miss but she was pad trained at the breeders, so occasionally if I don’t take her outside quick enough, she’ll go on a pad. 

Otherwise, I would have liked knowing right away that you basically have to take a puppy out every two hours. . . I didn’t learn that until I bought this really good puppy training book on the third day.

Over to you my lovelies, did you get a dog this past 18 months? I will work with a puppy whisperer but have not arranged it yet. Any dog training tips would be appreciated. I know I need to be trained right along with her!

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  • Calliope says:

    I did! We got ours on Dec 26th 2020 and she is the sweetest thing ever! She was a stray since she was born. She is 4 years old and she was a mess when we found her. After six months with good food, care and love she is doing very well! Her fur is nice and healthy and she loves our family. She is a mixed griffon and she sheds like crazy…I bought a stick vacuum a week later!

  • Priscilla says:

    Congratulations Maria and Terreeria! How lucky Lucy is to have you. I love standards and I Love Lucy!
    My bundles are now14 and 11, a Toy Fox Terrier and a Boxer.
    Next comes a poodle! Is that bad to be planning replacements already (yes, it’s bad).
    Enjoy the love fest, I’m so happy for you!

  • Barbara says:

    Aw, now you have a best friend for the next 14 years or so.
    Our sweet Labrador went to doggie heaven this past November, she was 14. I miss her so much. Last summer she really couldn’t walk much anymore, so we hung out in my garden all days and evenings, she always wanted me near her–I had zero weeds, lol. Our yard is very visible to the street and everyone knew my dog, so she had some visitors. But there were so many new people walking around and so many new dogs!

  • Fran says:

    Congrats on the new addition to your family! Lucy is precious. My husband and I have always had dogs. We currently have a 17-year-old (yes, 17 years old) miniature Dachshund and a six-year-old Wire-Haired Pointing Griffon. I can’t imagine life without our sweet companions. By the way, I have that exact pet gate, and I love it. 🙂

  • Laura says:

    Hi Maria, I’m so happy for you and Terreeia! Everything you wrote about darling Lucy reminds me of my own poodle, who we had for 16 wonderful years. My heart melted when I saw the photo of Lucy with her clipped face and beautiful eyes. Poodles have such elegant features, and though I’ve never had a golden myself I know they are so calm and loyal. Enjoy your puppy…and yes, she will train you!

  • Jolene Otten says:

    Find a dog trainer that doesn’t treat train. We used a K9 trainer for our sheepadoodle. I don’t have to carry treats around with me and she listens like a dream.

    • Jones says:

      Treat training is the fastest way to teach new behaviors with joy for the dog. Once they have learned that behavior, intermittent treats (slot machine) to no treats. It will have become automatic.
      You never have carry treats for the rest of the dogs life.
      You will have operant conditioned that behavior because you’ve reinforced it each time with something desirable for the puppy. There is no better teaching method and dogs love it and will offer behaviors on their own. It’s the best way to raise a thinking dog. Proven over and over agin via behavioral science.
      I’ve raised German Shepherds for many decades and know all theories of training. Smaller and non-working dog breeds need the same training. It’s not breed or size specific.

      • Joanna says:

        I’ve trained two Border Collies without treats as a reward. Reward them with affection and positive feedback is all they need. Treats are not necessary to have a well trained dog and most treats are not healthy and lead to an overweight dog. Both my dogs are ( have been) well trained and a joy to have around. Border Collies, like German Shepards, are smart and need to be trained to become a well rounded dog. I’m sure there are many ways to train a dog. Positive reinforcement comes in many different ways – treats, whistles….Some of us prefer the non treat way. I’m sure Maria will find a good, reputable trainer for her cute puppy.,

  • Poodles are the best! Our Roscoe was the most amazing dog and I still can’t bring myself to try another… it seems unlikely another dog could ever be as wonderful as he was. So happy for you and Lucy. What a wonderful life you all have together!!! 🥰

  • Diane says:

    Hello Maria,

    What a cute puppy. We have had a Springer Spaniel, 2 Golden Retrievers, and now take care of our son’s Golden when he and his wife need sitters.

    We need to replace carpeting for vinyl and wonder what flooring your Lucy is laying on in your pictures. If you don’t mind sharing the name, it would help me, as I have looked quite a bit for a wood look vinyl that is blonde or medium brown, as you always suggest. Thanks.


  • Carol Bowman says:

    Congratulations on your new baby! We lost our little cairn terrier last June. Thought we would wait a while before getting another pup. We lasted three weeks and by the end of June we had adopted two little shitzus/chihuahua/miniature pinscher (and about five other breeds mixed in the pot) terriers who were guessed to be about six months old. We named them Barnum and Bailey and they have just brought so much joy and laughter to my husband and me after what had started out being a very sad and scary year. Dogs are the absolute best!

  • Rosanne Patterson says:

    Do get her trained, including crate training! Doggies with bad manners are hard to have around, especially when company comes, and it’s also hard to find doggie sitters when you need to travel. Nobody else will be as forgiving with bad doggie manners as you and Terreia would be. Dogs with good doggie manners are a dream, and everyone loves them! Good luck! She is so sweet, and you’ll enjoy her so much!

  • Joyce says:

    I’m so happy you have a Doodle! They’re such great dogs.

    Torrey is my 6 1/2 year old Labradoodle. I sent her away to Boot Camp to be trained, then I got trained. We went to Home Depot, where there’s lots of distractions, every day to work together (it was February in the mountains, too snowy, windy, icy and cold to be outside).

    Now she is so well-behaved that people invite her over. This last winter I skied with a friend whose husband insisted that I bring Torrey to stay with him while he worked.

    She’s the best dog I’ve ever had and such a wonderful companion. I know you’ll enjoy and love Lucy as much as I love and enjoy Torrey!

  • T S says:

    Congratulations to both of you on your new puppy – she is adorable! We have standard poodles and they are amazing dogs.

    Another great training resource is Fenzi Dog Sports Academy Pet Dog Training; there are a number of focused video lessons (for purchase) and a nice collection of free materials.

  • celestial says:

    We adopted our 3rd Sheltie last August and it has been a wild year with him, as he is totally different from any other sheltie I have worked with. We found the best thing for potty training is to have him clipped/tethered to us all day on a lead so we could see if he had to eliminate. Crate training might have worked as well but since we were home 24/7 it seemed punitive to have him crated beside us while we walked around all the time. Tethering helps them learn that you are the alpha and they need to follow you, not the other way around.

    I also discovered that mouse traps are an excellent deterrent. He would actually jump on the kitchen table to see us when we would go outside (how he got up there was amazing; he would angle the kitchen chair around until he could jump on it and then jump on the table) and that was verbotten by me. We set up (brand new) old fashioned snap traps on the chairs, table, couch, and easy chairs and he has avoided them all since getting snapped at once. (People have looked a little askance when they see the traps around but after explaining they understand.) I don’t know if mouse traps will be a good look in a designer home but it worked for us.

  • Kay says:

    Lucy is beautiful. A pet makes such a difference in your life! Our cat died at the beginning of the lockdown, and for a long time cats were very scarce. We finally got a rescue six months ago, who had never lived in a house, and she is wonderful. So much fun. So we don’t count in the dog or baby column, but since lots of people acquired cats during lockdown, maybe they should be added.

  • Misia Albert says:

    Lucy is adorable, no question about that. Maria, did you and Terreia consider adopting through a rescue organization? I understand the preference for a non-shedding dog and with Terreia’s experience with poodles it seemed like an easy choice. I also understand that you may not know the crisis that is animal rescue in the southern States and on Canadian reserves but the need has never been greater. The amount of local backyard breeders and puppy mills making thousands off the suffering of innocent animals is also at an all-time high given the demand for pandemic puppies. I would be happy to explain and provide resources to anyone who’d like more information but it sums up to thousands of dogs (and cats) being euthanized daily due to lack of space in shelters across southern states and California. Rescues work day and night to try and find safe foster and adoptive homes and many of these dogs make their way to Canada since there is a greater demand for dogs here. I feel that with your platform comes a social responsibility and that promoting purchasing dogs from breeders missed the mark.

  • Sarah says:

    Aw, this brings back so many memories of when we brought home our mini golden doodle 3 years ago. He was also the runt and cried so much those first days. Little did we know he was full of spunk and still acts like a hyper puppy to this day. Golden doodles are so smart they learn really fast but they also have so much personality and stubbornness! At least ours does. I know you will enjoy your new family member so much!

  • setler says:

    Your puppy is adorable!!! My step-daughter, Rebecca Setler, is a dog trainer in LA. She has a book -“Puppy Sleep Training – The Exhausted Puppy Owner’s Nighttime Survival Guide” and a website “The Housebreaking Bible” that has all the info you need to train your puppy. She also does phone/Zoom consults.

  • BillP says:

    Congratulations on your new addition. I have had standard poodles for the past 20 years. Only one now, had two previously. Each is so different. It has been three years since we lost the last one and I am slowly being able to look at the old pictures. Enjoy every day with Lucy. The trust and love are unconditional.

  • Lisa says:

    Lucy is adorable. My friend Christine Young owns The Puppy Care Company and is not only a dog whisperer, she knows how to deeply connect and engage with humans, in person and on-line.

  • Kelly Wiens says:

    We’re still waiting… approved by 2 breeders.

    Look at the Baxter & Bella ( STRONGLY recommended by our breeder. They have free podcasts as well. Signing up is a lifetime membership.

    Have fun.

  • Kim says:

    Congrats to you both for the sweet new addition to your family! Lucy is simply adorable. I totally understand why you’d get her from a reputable breeder. I did the same for my two Maine Coon cats, pics at I’ve had my girls Poppy and Petunia since they were 12 weeks old and they are now 5 1/2 years old. They bring lots of joy to my life and I can’t imagine surviving 2020 without them. I hope you and Terreeia have Lucy around for many years to come!

  • Congratulations on your new baby. You will have many happy years together as a family. Lucy is very lucky to have two moms to love her. Enjoy! Enjoy!

  • Jen says:

    We’re on our fourth Standard and they are the best! Each has had its own personality, but so many traits in common. Enjoy your darling Lucy!

  • mrsben says:

    Congratulations on the new arrival to your household. Such a sweetheart! Had two dogs only; 1st a rescue who was estimated to be 2 years old at the time, a sheep dog ‘n poodle mix and lived to be sixteen and was trained. Whereas, the 2nd one was a poodle ‘n cock*er spaniel mix that was only a few weeks old when we purchased her but sadly only lived to be twelve. In between both, we have had a purebred Chocolate Lab and now a Golden Lab as Grand-doggers …. ☺ …. that has filled the void of us owning another dog namely due to my husband’s and my late ages. All have had wonderful temperaments which I feel is very important! As to training; the only advice I will give you is ‘be consistent in discipline and do it with a combination of firmness and kindness’ and you will reap the rewards of a well behaved, loving and loyal companion. -Brenda-

  • Keira says:

    We adopted my late mom’s dog, Foxy, who is 8 now. She follows me around a lot and stations herself in the room I’m in or nearby. It took some getting used to for me but now I have accepted that she’s imprinted on me. lol. Is Lucy close with Terreeia? One thing I have learned is that dogs are big into observing our faces…sometimes I only have to give her a look and she does what I want.

  • Colleen says:

    Yes! My son brought home a 2 year old Chihuahua back in November. He had a friend who had to rehome due to extenuating circumstances. I 💕 my Frankie. He’s my little shadow and pretty much follows me everywhere. I have always been a cat person, but this dog and I were love at first sight.

  • Carol says:

    Thank you for your happy, enjoyable post!! I have many dog training books but “The Puppy Primer” by Patricia McConnell, Ph.D. & Brenda Scidmore was the most helpful during the puppy stages of our dogs (given to us by our dog trainer). Cannot recommend this book highly enough!

  • CarolAnne Makely says:

    Congratulations on your new baby, she is so so cute… love love the colour, Apricot is what my friend called that colour, oh and wonderful looking gate! talking design, lol
    we lost our cat, Kocadon Coco last summer in the middle of Covid … we are not ready for a new family member yet … so … no puppies or kittens for us
    some day maybe after a few long holidays not worried about leaving them behind
    enjoy every minute and please share pictures, I enjoyed that blog post very much x

  • Paula says:

    Congrats on the new family member! She is adorable!! I have a standard poodle mix, he is actually a Giant Schnoodle…for real, a Schnauzer-Poodle. First 20-22months were rough, he was wild and ate everything…and then like a miracle, he became the world’s best dog almost over night. He is now almost 7, and so intuitive and gentle. He was the non-chosen one of the litter, the person who put a deposit down for him backed out…I guess it was meant to be!
    Hyvää juhannusta ja aurinkoista kesää!

  • Renée says:

    Congratulations to you and Terreia. It’s so exciting to get a puppy! You asked for words of advice… I suggest taking a puppy class followed by an obedience class or two. A private trainer is not needed at this stage if you take classes. Furthermore, classes will be great for socializing Lucy with other dogs and people, a crucial part of a puppy’s early development. Dogs really do want to please us; therefore, it’s important to be consistent with whatever training you do. Lack of consistency will confuse Lucy and she’ll not know what you want her to do; as a result, your commands will be hit and miss. Puppies are like babies; they require lots of patience and are extremely sensitive to the tone of our voice. Corrections in behaviour need to be done with a gentle voice. One last thing, I found that grooming a dog (as in regular brushing) becomes a real bonding experience. Have fun with your pup 🐕‍🦺.

  • Congratulations ! 🙂 She is so cute 🙂

  • Sue in NC. says:

    We have a standard poodle, a miniature poodle and a Jack Russell terrier. Your Lucy is very cute. Hot tip though: NEVER let dogs pee inside on puppy pads. It trains them to “pee inside” and that’s not a habit you like to keep up with. Crate training is a better way to go. Here’s a link to an excellent video on how to do it:

    We still give a treat to our dogs every time we put them in a crate (which includes at night, the crates are in our master bedroom) and now if we are leaving the house, all I say is “CRATE!” and all 3 dogs run into their respective crates, knowing they’ll get a treat. It’s their “safe” space and they love it. It’s also nice that they are crate trained when we have workers over at our house, they patiently stay in their crates so the plumber/ HVAC person or whoever is here can work in peace. Also; we have family and friends who are scared of dogs and when they used to visit (before covid) it was also nice that the dogs could wait safely in their crates while we had visitors. I always leave the TV on in the room with them if they are crates during the day.
    Think you’ll thank me later for crate training her 😉 especially if you end up taking her with you on trips and have to leave her in the hotel you stay: she’ll be safe in her crate waiting. 1000 positive things about crate training if you use it for good only!

  • Amazing post I learned a lot through this.

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