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Christmas Tour of my House 2015: Flocked or Green?

By 12/17/2015January 9th, 2017100 Comments


Decorating for the holidays takes me about three whole days! I love and so enjoy the result but it sure is a lot of work!

This year I was wandering around my local nursery wondering what to do that would give me a totally different look. I started chatting with Brian Minter (the owner) and he led me over to his flocked trees. Brian said an old hippie trolled the back woods of the Fraser Valley picking out perfectly appointed trees just for his store.

Doesn’t this tree look like you stumbled upon it skiing down a mountain (above & below)?

I was totally enchanted. And realized that this would give me an entirely new look without having to break the bank!

And here is my newly decorated flocked tree:


This years photos by Maria Killam

Here is last years tree photographed by Tracey Ayton:


Which tree do you like better?

You haven’t seen my new end table from the Pottery Barn (below). 


I switched out all the colourful balls and just put up green and gold ones that I already had.


Here’s my end table on wheels!




My nephews have stopped asking, exactly who, are the receipients of my meticulously wrapped decorative gifts.

They know better ; )  ; )

Their gifts are in the store still, yet to be purchased and wrapped-eeeek!


This wall is finally finished. I posted a pic ages ago but here it is with the photo wall arranged. This is a narrow room so the only place for the television was directly across from the sofa, and it’s at the perfect level for viewing.

I love my little West Elm lamp. I think EVERYONE can find a spot for a 14″ table lamp.






A cozy reading spot!


And here’s this years living room. It’s not that much different from last year. But if you look closely, there’s something different about the dining chairs.


The polka dots ; )

When I had all 6 chairs recovered, I couldn’t decide between stripes or polka dots so I did 3 in each. Since you can’t see them all at the same time, I thought I could get away with it.

I prefer the stripes in the end, what about you?






When I was in the nursery, there was one tree that was so skinny, I decided it was perfect for my master bedroom.


My slipcovered ottoman was looking tired. We always place our luggage on it when packing for a trip and I’m always adjusting it, so I threw a faux sheepskin over it! I am in love!

This pin tuck bedding from West Elm is awesome because it never needs ironing. Even in a picture it looks good.


I bought these cream, porcelain trees at the end of the season last year and I love them on either side of our end tables.






Some wintery white penguins and faux, icy paper whites complete this vignette!


I think the blue tree is my favourite in the house. And this is the first year in a very long time where I’ll be sad to take down my trees.




Photos and styling by Maria Killam

This year Christmas lands on the weekend so it seems like we’re only getting one week vacation instead of two! Hey!! Who here is starting your holidays this weekend?

And which tree do you prefer? White or green?

Have a great weekend my lovelies! xoxo Maria

PS. I need a gift from you! Some more reviews on Houzz! The deadline is coming up in a week! Post your review here Thanks so much!!

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  • Sarah Young says:

    I love the flocked trees! I wanted to do one this year (they don’t sell them in my area) but with just moving cross country and two young kids I’m lucky I got a tree decorated at all. Haha. Beautiful job! It looks so great. And I agree, I prefer the stripes!

    • I love the flocked trees, too – especially the blue one in the bedroom. I tried to convince my husband to get a flocked tree this year, and he wasn’t into it. Maybe next year? 😉

  • Karena says:

    Maria, I am just in awe and so cheered when I see your home. I really love both! It is what YOU love the most!?

    The Arts by Karena
    The India Hicks Collection

  • Your home looks beautiful, Maria! Love, love the flocked trees and they are decorated perfectly. Everything looks lovely 🙂

  • Bert says:

    Beautiful pictures. I prefer the green tree. It adds a lot more colour in my opinion and I’ve always loved green Christmas trees. Although your white trees are beautifully decorated and I guess it’s a nice change. Love your end table on wheels.

  • Ange says:

    I’m in awe with all the beautiful pictures you took of your decorations. Love both the green and the flocked tree. Thanks for sharing your lovely home with all of us.

  • Connie says:

    Some flocked trees are awful looking…these are gorgeous. Are they live flocked trees?

  • Absolutely beautiful! I love the white trees, wish I had more room so I could have two. Are those flocked trees real trees painted white?

  • carol says:

    Both trees are beautiful. Your home is so perfectly neat! What color did you paint your bedroom. Love!!! Merry Christmas.

  • LaJuana says:

    Gorgeous as always! The blue is my favorite…I don’t think I’d ever get tired of looking at that one!

  • Susan S says:

    Stupendous! I love flocked trees, but I always think about the crumbling flocking falling off everywhere.
    Have that problem?

  • Victoria says:

    Stunning Maria just beautiful!!!
    Love it including the dots on your chair backs think they are a bit sassy. The raspberry in the living and room it wonderful! As for the trees they are both well done but the green one is my favorite. I loved last years look too! What can I say you rock Christmas. Have a merry one!

  • Kim says:

    All your Christmas decorations are gorgeous Maria! I like the green tree best in your tv room because it’s just so colorful and impactful. But I really LOVE your flocked and blue tree in the bedroom. Stunning. You could leave your trees up until Spring…

  • sydney85 says:

    Love the end table from Pottery Barn. I did not find it online. Did you add the wheels yourself?

    By the way, absolutely gorgeous trees. I do like the white tree this year but would always choose a green tree myself. Best Christmas decor I have seen on any blog. Wow!

  • Ellen says:

    A stunning holiday wonderland!

  • BethB says:

    Adore the soft blue furniture and blue tree – Pantone 2016 anyone without its pink mate? : )

    Everything looks beyond lovely, but you’ve taught us to expect that.

    And Maria – I want to turn the wheels on your new end table to face forward so the table (which I want) does’t seem as if it’s trying to wheel “himself” into the sofa. {beep beep!}

    • teresa says:

      I had the same thought, but didn’t want to rain on this beautiful parade. You have the happiest house, Maria. The green tree is still my favorite, but it’s nice to mix it up.

  • Linda WIse says:

    Definitely prefer the green, however, not so sure it is the tree itself. I am always attracted to bright pink, orange, white and green, The flocked trees have fewer colors which make them more boring to me. If they had the same ornaments as the green I might like it as well. Substituting the white ornaments with bright green on the flocked along with pink and orange might be great too.

  • sally says:

    I am not sure how your blog showed up but am so glad it did. You do a fantastic, absolutely fantastic job of making a house beautiful.
    The most beautiful tree I ever had was a scrawny, tippy one which turned out to be the most beautiful one i ever had.
    We are building a smaller home and I will keep looking at your blog for more ideas. Love the flocked tree for a change but both are gorgeous.

  • Kim says:

    Merry Christmas! I prefer green trees. I love variety and I have both. Thank you for sharing the festive photos of your home with all the holiday colors and decorations. About those dining room chairs, well, how clever you are to do both. Polka dots always make me feel happy, and stripes help me feel energetic. I prefer your idea of doing both!

  • Maureen says:

    Your flocked trees are gorgeous Maria. I find your decor this year much easier to live with for a longer period. Keeping the colours more simple, much more my style. Just beautiful.

    I just love everything. Can you transport it all here please? 😉

  • Krista says:

    Love the way the flocked trees blend in, yet are still beautiful focal points. It’s all a feast for the eyes!

  • Carol says:

    Oh my gosh Michele. Don’t you know what a flocked tree is? It’s not painted. It’s faux, and you buy it like that. Dah!

    • Liz says:

      Flocking can be applied to real trees. Maria got these at a nursery and the owner said an old hippie went out and cut them. 🙂

    • Yes, they do indeed flock live trees. It’s a spray-on product added to a certain number of trees at the lot. I’ve even seen them flocked in pastel pink and blue! Which could be really cool, if that worked with your color scheme.

    • No, I honestly don’t… maybe it’s a Canadian thing? I’ve never seen one before. Sorry to be so uninformed. I didn’t think that Maria would mind me asking.

  • Cathy boorman says:

    I think the flocked tree in the bedroom is stunning! I prefer the green tree in the family room because it gives off so much more color and contrast. You can tell that the whole house was decorated with attention and love.

  • Carol says:

    Oh. I forgot to ask Maria. What color is your living room painted? Thanks.

    • SDC says:

      It’s CA037 Rice Paper by Cloverdale Paint and Maria considers it to be a white/greige. According to Maria it’s closest to SW 7042 Shoji White.

      I think many of us on here would appreciate it if you apologized to MICHELE IN SALEM for your rude, uninformed and condescending comment. Maria has created a wonderfully nurturing and safe space for all of us to learn, share, and ask questions. Please, let us all remember that and treat each other with respect.

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!

        • Rena says:

          SDC, thank you and amen!

          Michele, you’re probably blessed with real snow.

          I don’t care for flocked trees but love the look in Maria’s home. I would mix it up to keep it interesting.

          • Yes, I should have added an amen too, lol. We are usually blessed with real snow, but not this year! It’s going to be in the sixties tomorrow and Friday. We haven’t had a single flake this year. Last year was quite mild until the end of January and then we had blizzard every Monday with no melt. We had more snow than anyone could imagine. Merry Christmas! Still enjoying these photos of beautiful trees and decor!

  • mary says:

    The white tree fits into the space better, but the green tree adds more color and contrast, especially with the addition of the pink with the green. I always love anything with more color, so my vote goes for the green tree. And for the dining room chairs, imo, stripes always trump polka dots on anything, (with the possible exception of curtains, but it depends on how they’re done) – however, especially with upholstery, the stripes have a more finished look. Love the beautiful decorations!

  • Mariann says:

    I love love the flocked look! Beautiful

  • Mary-Illinois says:

    I’ve seen a lot of home tours in the last week.
    I have to say I love yours the most. It seems so elegant. It’s the kind of home I would have if I wasn’t married.
    Are the flocked trees real/fresh? And does the flocking flake off as your setting up the tree? I’ve always wondered if they might be messy.

  • Eileen says:

    It all looks wonderful, befitting a decorator’s home. Personally, I am still a fan of the traditional green tree with decorations accumulated over many years and different continents. Curated with love and filled with memories. Your photos are gorgeous. A Happy Xmas to you and yours and continued business success in 2016!

  • Eileen says:

    It all looks wonderful, befitting a decorator’s home. Personally, I am still a fan of the traditional green tree with decorations accumulated over many years and different continents. Curated with love and filled with memories. I prefer the striped chairs. Your photos are gorgeous. A Happy Xmas to you and yours and continued business success in 2016!

  • Nancy says:

    Maria, beautiful! Magazine worthy!
    Love the white trees !
    I also love the new industrial end table .
    Your home has a soft warm glow that just says
    “Welcome to our home” !!!!

  • Susan A. says:

    Merry Christmas, Maria! Thank you for sharing your home with us again. I love the green and gold balls against the white branches of this year’s tree–the entire room looks serene and comfy soft. But I gotta say, I’m crushing on the bright pinks and other splashes of color in the green tree from last year. If I were picking a tree for my own home, I’d go with the extra color in the room–it shouts JOY!

  • Lucy Haines says:

    Oh Maria, The beautiful tour of your home is like going through a winter wonder land. How exquisite! Your photos are so well done and your trees are just lovely. I think flocked trees are ethereal. I have had both. I love the smell of the pine. Usually the plain real tree gives off the best scent but because I live in California & grew up in the midwest, I miss the snow covered trees. I guess I love them both for different reasons. Everything you have done in your home is perfect. The accessories are so special. Can’t say enough about every detail in your home. Can you come help me next year?

  • Karin says:

    Both are pretty. I prefer the green tree. My eye bounces around from the green to the pink to the yellow and it is really pleasant. The white tree blends into the white wall a bit.

    Still gorgeous though!

  • Katerina says:

    I stayed at the Empress about 3 years ago and it was fabulous. Except when I got back to the hotel after an evening of dancing with friends and got lost in the maze of hallways… word to the wise!

  • Paula says:

    So I just “meticulously wrapped” a few boxes a couple days ago and my grandsons are completely confused about why the boxes are for nobody. I guess they’ll learn just like your nephews. Ha!

  • Gwen says:

    The green tree is my favorite…and love all the colors in the room! Everything is gorgeous…”picture perfect!”
    I would keep the blue tree up until Spring 🙂

  • Gina says:

    I LOVE the tree in the bedroom! I never really noticed the love seat and chair in your bedroom until now! How beautiful! I’d smile every time I waked in that room. So serene with a pop of Christmas. I love the flocked trees, too. They pair up perfectly with all of the bright colored ornaments. Thanks for sharing!

  • Roz Kavander says:

    I think the space is really beautiful. Prefer the green tree but it is part of the tradition of going out and buying one and bringing it home ETC, ETC, ETC,:-)
    And after all,
    that is what Christmas is ….all our little traditions. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  • Linda says:

    I thought I always loved the traditional look of a green Christmas tree. Wow! The white flocked trees are just beautiful. The color pops. The one in your bedroom is my favorite. That you match your wrapping paper? Double plus. Thank you for showing us your Christmas home. I love it!

  • Mary says:

    Your photography skills have improved so much Maria! I love them! I actually like the polka dots pattern better… But the blue tree is my favorite too. =) Merry Christmas!

  • jax says:

    Totally awesome. Your house is always so spotless and the rooms are divine. When did you start decorating for Christmas? After seeing this, I need to start over – haha. Merry Christmas

  • Pamela says:

    Wonderful! A winter wonderland. I’d be sad to take this down too. Personally, the polka dot. Heading to Houzz

  • Ululani says:

    You outdid yourself Maria! This is the most beautiful Christmas display I’ve seen in YEARS! I love this year’s green tree over last year’s flocked. But your flocked tree in your bedroom is absolutely stunning! I love how you incorporate your christmas decor with “normal” decor to create that overall feeling, but without being too overly Christmas. You’ve created a perfect balance. And your colors are perfectly massaged into beautiful, peaceful Christmas scenes. Love, Love, LOVE it!!! You inspire me!!! Merry Christmas to you and your color gang!!!

  • Utterly, absolutely, breathtakingly beautiful.
    Love the white tree. I’m going back to flocked next year – I miss it so much!

  • Kathleen says:

    It’s best to get a flocked tree that’s done for commercial use. There not skimpy like most are in big box stores. We had one that was gorgeous but there were two negatives: A) If you use small random themed ornaments that you’ve collected over the years
    ( example- Hallmark) , they don’t show up very well on the tree. You’d think the white would make them “pop” but it doesn’t. A tree with medium/large ornaments within a color theme looks best. B) A flocked tree must be stored in a dry area that has no funky odors. We put ours in the basement and even with dehumidifiers and fans, it picked up a musty odor and we had to dispose of this very lovely and expensive tree.

  • Since I’ve been jonesing for a white Christmas tree myself, I have to vote for the white. But really, almost any tree is beautiful unless someone messes it up – because nature is just so inherently beautiful. Love all your happy colors.

  • Deborah says:

    I love them both. If I saw a flocked tree like that around here I’d chuck out the artificial tree in our living room in a heartbeat. Then I could have one of each — a real tree as big as I can fit downstairs and the lovely flocked one upstairs (so no tree sap gets on the new rugs).

  • Monique says:

    Maria it’s beautiful! I agree with you, the blue is my favorite too! My tree is also blue but with little hits of red as well. I don’t have any perfectly decorated fake gifts though, they are gorgeous!!!

  • Fran says:

    Everything looks great, Maria. I think I prefer your new flocked tree. It’s so elegant with the green and gold ornaments.

  • Cindy says:

    I love flocked trees! Yours looks so beautiful. Hope it holds up through the holidays. They can get to be a mess. The look is so worth it though. Your home is lovely. Merry Christmas 🙂

  • GaBi says:

    Absolutely beautiful with high sense of beauty and very fine taste for material and accessories.
    Your new flocked trees are absolutely stunning, they look more natural then the real trees.
    I just would like to know the name of the wall color in your bedroom and the store where did you get your bedroom loveseat sofa combination.
    The all house is flowing with harmony and elegance. I wish you and to your family Merry Christmas and all the best for the coming New Year 2016.
    Your hard work finally is paying off ! Go girl go and I wish you a lot of success for the future.

    • Maria Killam says:

      The loveseat and chair came from Martha Stewart when her store was going out of business in Vancouver. The flocked trees are real, they are treated with a special chemical to preserve them for the season. And the wall colour is SW Rainwashed. Thanks GaBi for your comment!

  • diann says:

    I prefer the green it’s a much warmer feeling in the room. The white is beautiful but just a little Cold to me. I’m more traditional And prefer the green it’s Christmas to me. Your home is lovely faux paper whites because the real ones smell so terrible.

  • Pam says:

    Everything is beautiful in your home!! I prefer flocked trees because they always show off my decorations and lights so well – and because it reminds me of cold, snowy days which I no longer experience down south!!

  • Deborah says:

    Traditionalist here, voting for the green tree.

    We’re doing our tree this year with a theme of things from nature (snowflakes, pine cones, acorns, birds, etc.) plus the traditional glass ball ornaments. I’m dying to decorate the tree after seeing this post, but promised to wait for my son to get home from college.

    In the meantime, I’ll just gaze at Maria’s festive array.

  • Victoria says:

    Maria, both trees are gorgeous but the green is my fave. I left you a review on Houzz – it’s the least I could do for all you’ve done for me on your blog:)

    Merry Christmas to you and yours,

  • The flocked trees are stunning! Love them both but that blue one in the bedroom is just too adorable. Not to be contrary, but I like the dots vs the stripes on the dining chairs. All the more reason to have both and please everyone. I have a silver tree that I decorated in fuchsia and pink this year…and yes complimentary empty packages too. It’s on my blog if you want to take a peek.

  • Cynthia says:

    Gorgeous!!! And I mean ALL of them, this years flocked, last years natural, green and gold balls, with pink balls, the blue bedroom one.
    This is my design problem, I can never really pick what is my favourite! I like it all for different reasons What a wonderful problem to have, a home so beautifully decorated that some of your readers can’t pick a favorited lol
    I think the idea of the stripped and polka dot chairs is brilliant. Again I can’t decide which I like better so having both options is so clever. I may eventually imitate that idea.
    Have a blessed and merry Christmas!
    Your groupie

  • Adelaide says:

    I’ve always loved the mix of spots and stripes on your chairs, it’s a nice touch of whimsy. Like Michelle in Salem, I had no knowledge of flocked trees. I am an Aussie. I read up-thread that it is a spray on product, but am curious to know what it is made of.
    My preference is for the green tree, but the flocked trees are pretty too, I prefer the green baubles.
    Have a great festive season Maria, and enjoy your nephews.

  • Looks beautiful! I love both looks, but I’m a sucker for a flocked tree! Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season!

  • sandyc says:

    I prefer a green tree, probably because that’s what I’ve always known in Houston, Texas and in the Phoenix desert area of Arizona, but I have to say that if that gorgeous flocked tree in your family room (with those gorgeous green and gold ornaments and the touches of yellow elsewhere) were smaller, I’d program it so hard into my living room that you’d find an empty space in your family room in the morning.
    It’s all my colors!

    Love your side table too but I don’t think I’d change the position of the wheels; they make the piece. If they do look as though they’re running into the couch, maybe turn the ones on the right facing the opposite direction or turn the ones on the left facing in.

    Although I love stripes best almost always, there’s something whimsical about the polka dots that make them perfect here.

    This was a beautiful treat and since my kitties don’t permit much in the way of directions at floor level, I’ll keep coming back here for the next week.

    Hope you and Terreeia and all your family have a wonderful Christmas.

  • sandyc says:

    Meant “decorations” at floor level.

  • Yvonne says:

    The flocked trees are magnificent! Oh and I like the polka dots best.

  • Tess says:

    Gorgeous Maria as always! Your house feels so happy!
    Just curious — are all those gifts real? Or is it a pretty labor of love? oxox Happy holidays to you and T!

  • Debra says:

    The green tree defiantly !

  • Betsy OShea says:

    Merry Christmas Maria! Well done. Love that your holiday decor coordinates so perfectly with your color scheme AND the style of your furnishings. I wouldn’t expect less..I love the flocked trees. I tried snow spray paint on all my wreaths…not the same. Plus it sheds white. Lol. Your BR is my fave / but I just love Aqua or powder blue. My favorite ornament besides the shiny balls are the white magnolia flowers! Where can I find those?

  • Beautiful! I love the white from this year, also love all the color in last year’s photo. I bet you’re appreciating the simple elegance of the white!

  • Arlene says:

    Maria on the pictures where you are showing the back of your chairs do you have presents under the chair by the fireplace?
    It is all very lovely

    • Maria Killam says:

      Yes, most of the decorative gifts in this room I wrapped two years ago and I have been packing them in boxes since, but they sit outside in a shed so don’t look too close, haha.

      Thanks for your comment!

  • Robin Ann Reid says:

    The flocked trees are so stunning – they lend a quiet yet very festive space to each of the rooms. That said, I also love the gaiety of the green trees. If I could choose, I would choose flocked.
    Thank you for your year full of ideas and photos – your blog is a very bright spot in each day it appears in my inbox.
    Merry Christmas to you and your whole family!

  • Bonnie Brocklehurst says:

    Hi Maria………..everything is absolutely beautiful, hard to choose, however I love the colored decorations on the green tree and the while mantle is so pretty. If you are lucky enough to have a family room and a living room, you can always have both looks! Merry Christmas, Bonnie

  • Karen frank says:

    Hi Maria
    The flocked trees are beautiful, I also love the cream rug in your family room, would you mind sharing the source.
    Thank you and Merry Christmas

  • Martha says:

    I liked the flocked tree in the bedroom. There is enough contrast with the blue to make it a standout in my opinion. The flocked tree in the family room blends with the room a lot, at least on my monitor. I prefer the green tree. With the flocked tree in there what really catches my eye are the yellow boxes and not the tree, but the person you have to please is yourself. I always love to read you blog posts. Merry Christmas.

  • Diane says:

    Love the flocked trees! House looks so beautiful!

  • hiphiphhome says:

    All the shots are gorgeous! I always thought I liked flocked trees, but between the two, I liked the green one more, although both are beyond gorgeous!

    I laughed out loud – when you talked about your meticulously wrapped gifts! Lol! Same thing at my house. People have stopped asking!

  • Annie says:

    Oh my goodness gracious, it’s impossible to choose between the two trees! Love them both!!

  • Rob says:

    Merry Christmas to you and Terriea!
    I love the green and the flocked trees, as both are expertly decorated, but the one in your bedroom is amazing, and who says you have to say goodbye to it at any point? Keep that one up as long as you’re enjoying it!

  • Dianne says:

    I love the white trees and your blog.

  • Mariann says:

    I was just told today that flocked trees are not able to be chipped/decompose so cannot be recycled. Must be taken to the landfill. Can anyone advise if this is incorrect and there is a way? I would have thought a tree nursery would have been a little more environmentally friendly or at least post that info.

  • Kathy says:

    The white is pretty but I think the green tree with the more colorful ornaments picks up the colors of the rest of the decor better. The white tree is lovely in your bedroom.

    When I was a college student, I picked up a $10 fake tree at a thrift shop that was 7′ tall and had 135 branches on a white painted wooden pole, circa 1960 or so. I loved that tree although it was a challenge to put together and decorate. Had to give it up along with almost everything I owned when I joined the Army. Been looking for one just like it ever since!

  • Lois says:

    Your home is beautiful. Thank you so much for posting the images of your nicely decorated rooms. I’d love to know what the colours you put in each of the rooms. I’m in the middle of renovating my basement and trying to decide what colours to paint the ceiling and walls. After the basement rooms are completed I plan on repainting the master bedroom and living room. Thanks again. 🙂

  • Maria what a beautiful way to celebrate such an incredible time of year. Thank you for always sharing the very best of what you do with all of us to help us each become better.

  • Tracey Wigle says:

    I much prefer the white flocked tree. I find the green tree, particularly decorated as is, too overpowering.

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