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The Best Sherwin-Williams Paint Colours (A New Collection)

By 06/22/2022June 25th, 202210 Comments

At last, the Sherwin Williams Premier Collection is here! Discover the best Sherwin-Williams paint colours in my curated collection of large painted colour boards – now available for purchase!

For years, I’ve been getting requests to create a collection of Sherwin-Williams boards in more saturated colours – just like the VIP Collection that I’ve had on the site forever with Benjamin Moore.

And now, they’re finally here!

The Sherwin-Williams Premier Collection

I’m so excited to introduce you to 50 of the best, trending colours in repositionable (this is critical), large real-paint samples to help you choose the best colours for your clients.

Trending Sherwin-Williams paint colours? You might be thinking, “But Maria, I thought only neutrals were trendy?”

Well colours have their moment in the spotlight too! And, of course, it’s true that colours are way more timeless than the current, trendy neutral. It’s just that they go in and out of fashion much slower than trendy neutrals do.

Curated best sherwin-williams paint colours

Take the colour green, for instance. Avocado greens have been trending for the past 20 years and now the greens that are most current are officially a bluer hue. So that means sage greens, forest greens, and darker blue greens are popular again.

Yes, once again, we’re back to painting exteriors and kitchen cabinets green. Who remembers the last time this was trending?

Architectural Digest

Do I need large painted colour boards?

Still on the fence about my large painted colour boards? Don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what others are saying about them. 


“I will never tire from using my large painted samples at consultations

I confidently take my colour boards to homes and I KNOW when I walk in the door where we are going to go but have to spin it out for the hour! YOU have done that! I do approximately 3 – 5 colour consults a week (not a lot) but every place has its own spin and I never get tired of going through my boards to find the right fit for each home. 

I cannot thank you enough for your passion, your dedication and honesty that cuts through the time wasting, ego-saving stuff that most people feel necessary to express.”

– Dawn S.


Sherwin-Williams Large Painted Colour Boards


“I am not a professional decorator, just a person who enjoys decorating. I debated on these due to the cost vs. how much I would use them. Well they are worth every cent!

As Maria explains, and I have found to be true painting samples on the wall isn’t a good way to choose color….and all those sample cans add up too. I’ve painted several rooms using these boards and it worked out perfectly!

I have a hard time seeing undertones and they help me a lot! Would recommend to amateur or professional. I don’t know how or why a professional would work without them!”

– Pamela F.

“Coming into a client appointment with these boards makes all the difference. I no longer have to explain why it’s the right color because they can see it for themselves. Thank-you Maria!”

Angela S.

Lucy is really happy about my new colours boards too but she’s smiling inside 🙂 

“Ever since I took your training, my interior design business hasn’t been the same…thanks to your 11 x 14 exclusive colour boards.

My clients take one look at the large colour boards and how I use your system to enlighten them about undertones. They are always in awe and are amazed on how quickly we can select the correct color for their space.

They feel empowerment in being part of the process as well because they actually can see what the colour looks like in a large format versus a tiny little chip. I have gained new client’s trust much more quickly than in the past.”

Julie Kay Design, True Colour Expert

Which large painted colour boards should I buy?

If you really want to sharpen your skills at identifying neutral undertones (and you don’t have any of my large painted colour boards yet), START with the BM CORE or SW FOUNDATION.

These collections are perfect so you can start practicing identifying undertones all around you. So depending on whether you use Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams, you’ll want to start with either of those collections first. 

The neutral colour wheel is so much more powerful when combined with the large painted colour boards. That’s why each collection also comes with a FREE COLOUR WHEEL. When choosing a neutral, start with the colour wheel to help you identify the existing neutrals in the room.

order neutral colour wheel

How do you use the colour wheel with the colour boards? Start by placing the colour wheel on the neutral finishes or elements in the room. Once you’ve narrowed it down to a few neutral undertones to look like a close match, grab the paint colours from my system in those undertone categories to compare. This will help you further identify the correct neutral. Watch this video for more tips.

Here’s what is included in the Benjamin Moore Core and Sherwin-Williams Foundation collections:

  • The best complex creams and beiges in pink, yellow, green and gold undertones.
  • The best greiges and grays with green, blue and violet undertones along with the best taupes.
  • The best whites from cool blue white to true white, off white and cream.


Once you have the collection of curated neutrals, add the Benjamin Moore VIP collection or the brand-new Sherwin-Williams Premier Collection. I’ve curated 50 of the BEST paint colours you’ll need (along with a few more neutrals too) to make current and on-trend paint colour choices.

Best Sherwin-Williams Paint Colours

So, if you are planning to paint bedrooms, bathrooms, vanities or cabinets in a colour (instead of a neutral), the BM VIP or SW PREMIER collections include 50 tried and true paint colours. Choosing the right colour is just so much easier (especially when you are trying to sell a colour to your client) because you can see it properly vs. a tiny paint sample.

A large PRINTED colour sample will NOT accurately show how the colour changes in the light. It must be PAINTED to get it right.

All my large painted colour boards are made with real paint on 11×14″ high-quality 18 pt. card stock. These are more versatile than peel and stick samples because they are sturdy enough to move around to see how the colour relates to everything in the room.

Choosing paint colour with large painted samples

NOTHING makes choosing paint colour easier and, this investment will last you many, many years.

SW Premier Collection

Get yours here

We recently did a major remodel, and your advice, class instruction and large painted samples helped me make it gorgeous! Hickory floors, white cabinets, white backsplash, simple white/grey counters. Even when contractors/sales people tried to get me to change to something more “interesting”, I knew to hold my ground. I smile every time I walk in.

With your large sample boards, I’ve been able to help friends make good paint choices. I have no desire to go into business, but it’s nice to have the knowledge to lend a hand when asked.


New here? Start learning how my system helps make colour easy and find a list of my entire collection of paint colours in my eBooks sold here

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