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You’re Invited to My House! PLUS A True Colour Expert Success Story

By 08/08/2023August 11th, 20236 Comments
There’s a cocktail party at my place this fall and you’re invited!
I’ve been keeping a secret but now I can finally tell you: My Expert Colour and Design Training is in person again!
Keep reading for details on that PLUS an absolutely STUNNING home project from one of my True Colour Experts.
I’m so excited to announce our fall workshops! Woohooo! We are back live and in person! 🎉🎉
There are two in-person events – one in Vancouver and one in Dallas, Texas. And if you come to Vancouver, I’ll be giving you a personal tour of my new house! And in Dallas I’ll be hosting a special VIP event for you too!

In-Person Expert Colour & Design Training

The course is always evolving. So you know you’re getting the most up-to-date colour, trend and design knowledge out there. That means no two courses are ever exactly the same. 
And now we’ve updated the in-person workshop and streamlined it into a better-than-ever two-day event! My team and I have been working for months to make the in-person and virtual events this fall REALLY SPECIAL!
We even added in some extra bonuses for the in-person courses. This is my 15th year of blogging and what better way to celebrate than to meet in person again for my Expert Colour and Design Training!?
I can’t wait to see you this fall!

Virtual Expert Colour & Design Training

I know that for some of you, it’s still more convenient for you to attend virtually, so we made sure to keep a date open for you too!
Plus, with a few changes we were able to LOWER the price! If you’ve been on the fence about signing up, NOW IS THE TIME!
And, right now you can take advantage of additional early bird pricing savings too. 

Good colour is always timeless

We have SOOOO much to talk about this Fall!
I’m sure you’ve noticed we’re navigating a major shift in colour trends right now.  The black and white trend that completely took over is shifting to a much warmer and more COLOURFUL look. 
In two days, not only will you learn how to quickly and accurately choose colour and solve design dilemmas in ANY situation, you’ll also learn how to navigate the biggest trend shift we’ve seen in years. Because it’s BIG.
My new house is the perfect case study for where trends are headed. From the taupe-on-taupe-on-taupe house that we bought last October – taupe was THE trendy neutral of the grey trend – to what it is today. A timeless and colourful transformation!
And you can come see it for yourself! Sign up here for our Vancouver workshop and join me in my own house to unwind, continue the conversation and get a personal tour!

Taking my house from trendy to timeless

It was this photo that sold me on the house in the listing. It had those Nancy Myers vibes!
Here is the after, I love my herringbone floors so much, I admire them every time I walk down the hallway.
There was a lot of good traditional millwork in this house but this gridwall did not match, so we replaced it with the right moulding.
When I first saw this living room, I was so sad that there was such a huge missed opportunity for lamps. Not a single one anywhere. Two lamps on that buffet instead of sticks in a vase would have been so fabulous.
My living room is far from finished. I will still be adding a coral shade to this room, but the corner sofa was important to add right away because my outdoor sectional was sitting there as a placeholder. And some of you will get to see it in person 😉 
I like to spread the money around when decorating. That is so I can look at more spaces that are finished (like the landscaping outside) which is something I teach in my workshops.
Because I understand that everything can’t always be changed at once. I can show you how to navigate which changes will make the most impact, where to spend your dollars, and how styling and decorating can make it feel like home.

A True Colour Expert Success Story

I’m also excited to share some fabulous photos from a recent graduate’s new build, this was her email to me:
I am so grateful I found Maria Killam’s blog and started reading the hundreds of posts and her free advice, “Boring now equals timeless later”.  
I needed help with my new build, I was frozen with fear, crying and had no idea what to do on my own. Hiring her eDesign department was hands down the best choice I made period.
Shortly after I invested in the edesign package I based my entire build on it because it just made sense and felt so right! My new build could have been a total disaster without the solid advice and suggestions I received from her department. I decided I better get caught up on all of her other suggestions and advice.
I read her amazing ebooks that helped me with color. I started to see undertones everywhere! I literally took my color wheels everywhere and worked on seeing undertones. My husband thought I was crazy.  I decided to invest in her virtual workshops, classes, downloads and her amazing color boards, which all my friends want to borrow now!  
If you are thinking of remodeling or building this is the first and best thing you can and have to invest in. I thought it was expensive at the time but she ended up saving me thousands by helping me choose the right finishes in the first place.
I stopped crying and felt empowered to tell my contractors and workers NO, I want it done this way, (Maria’s way) and I told them to call me boss.
Things can go sideways very quickly if you make bad decisions or let others make decisions on your behalf. They did not have my vision, Maria’s rules of design are priceless.
Maria not only taught me how to choose the right hard finishes by using restraint but explains why the look and feel of your space is something you need to plan and think about before you make major decisions. 
Everyone who walks into my house thinks it’s beautiful and magazine worthy. They can’t believe I did this myself. Thank you Maria for empowering me and supporting me in making the best decisions for my house, inside and out. My exterior is also stunning due to her exterior classes on color and roofing choices. 
Maria Killam is worth her weight in gold.  She helped me every step of the way. My husband watched me create this stunning house and now he trusts me to build house number two. 

Pamela created a timeless kitchen and she added colour to her living room by using my Colour Balancing Method™ that I teach on the first day of the workshop.


Her floors are timeless, she also chose a combination of pulls and knobs and now she can decorate with any colour because her fixed finishes like tile and windows are versatile, fresh white. Not earthy, not grey and NOT black.

Love the timeless basket weave in the primary bathroom along with the lighting here and subway tile. Just beautiful.

And then she created flow with the blue in the primary bedroom! 

I’m thrilled when I see results like this! It means my work is making an impact, and that’s what it’s all about.

It’s your turn to be the expert

It’s your turn to take those great instincts, back them up with powerful answers to the question “why” and get my tried and true system for Understanding Colour™ and Understanding Undertones™.

Hurry and save your spot! We’ll send you the details for the in-person events as soon as you register. And I hope to see as many of you as possible in person soon!

Early bird pricing is only until the end of August.

I can’t wait for these new colour training events. We are going to have so much fun together!


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  • Diane says:

    What a truly beautiful house, Pamela did an amazing job.

    Maria, I would be happy to pay for a tour of your house and I’m sure many other followers would, too! Like the beautiful houses in England that offer tours. Very exciting for those who will attend your Vancouver workshop that they will get a tour.

    • Pamela Jackson says:

      Thank you so much🙏 I know you and Maria’s students we’re following my new build complete with mistakes that the contractors made and had to rip out, to all the design, rug and vignette issues,( I went through a blue period like Picasso!). All of your input was so helpful and spot on. All of your suggestions were amazing! Thank you again for all your support during my new build that took a year to complete. Phew.

      • Diane says:

        I believe there’s another Diane on here who may have been following your progress. I would love to see it now, have you posted on Facebook or Instagram?

  • Tina says:

    Yes, Pamela did a great job on her home. I feel that her kitchen chairs could have been a light wood colour to relate to the counter top. And the bathroom mirrors could have been placed somewhat lower. Maybe a tall man placed them at that height. Hopefully, Pamela and her husband are tall enough to see themselves in them. Apart from that Pamela did a great job and has a beautiful home. Well done!

    • Pamela Jackson says:

      Tina, thanks for your keen eye 👁️ and suggestions. Humm, The island seats can be switched out! The bathroom countertops debacle is that the counters we’re supposed to be higher so the sinks and faucets would be taller too! So they would cover more of the subway backsplash. We are tall people, so your right, we can see ourselves in the mirror. I’m glad you came up with some suggestions. Than you!🙏

  • HDea says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only person who travels with Maria’s color wheel at all times! What a lovely home that makes the best of all worlds. And the sweet little desk spot is probably my favorite.

    A new build is probably not in my future, but a renovation or two will be. I’m downright EXCITED to pick ‘boring’ for everything.


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