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With every macro (colour) trend like the black and white one we’re in right now, the homeowner (not you, obviously😉) who is not educating themselves on which colour would be best to update their home, ends up simply painting it with the current, trendy neutral. 

Whatever neutral is popular at the time ends up being the default choice for MOST colour decisions. Just take a look around your neighborhood. What neutral was trending BIG at the time the homes were built?

And that’s what my new colour rescue is all about. Because if you have stone on your exterior – you can’t simply default with the trending neutral. Link to watch my newest Colour Rescue episode at the end of this post ⬇️

How do I choose exterior colour for a home with stone?

Sometimes the right paint colour is magic and today’s exterior is a great example of the two paths of paint colours. One path ends up being trendy and often wrong, the other path can suddenly transform an exterior to make it timeless (aka outlast any current trendy choice).

This weeks colour rescue needs nothing but new paint to turn this house from a trendy fix into a timeless home with lots of curb appeal.

And if you’re working on updating a home that has existing exterior stone, you won’t want to miss this colour rescue!

But before we get to it, here are a few TIMELESS posts you’ll also want to review and save for your stone exterior. 

Stone Placement: Is Stone Necessary on your Home Exterior?

Stone is a big deal. Not only is it expensive to add to your home, but it’s often added in the wrong areas of the exterior.

Sometimes it’s not enough. But most often it’s just not balanced. This Exterior Colour Selection Masterclass will walk you through the decision-making process. Plus, I’ll show you what recommendations I would make for these stone exteriors. 


Everything you need to know about Choosing Stone for your Exterior

It’s crucial to understand how brick and stone impact the overall look of your exterior elements in new build or renovation projects. Unfortunately, I see countless houses that miss the mark in this regard.

This post provides valuable colour advice for combining brick and stone, as well as selecting the appropriate window colour. You’ll find all around helpful information for working with exterior stone.

5 Steps to Designing a Classic Stone Exterior

Builders and buyers often believe that when it comes to exterior colours and claddings, more is better.

However, if you want to achieve a classic exterior, simplicity is essential. With countless options available, it can be challenging to choose just one.

In an attempt to be “interesting,” many people opt for three or more colours, but this may not be the best approach.

Stone Exterior with white Trim


→  The Best way to Choose Exterior Stone (Ugly is on Sale, Don’t Buy it!)

Have you ever noticed that so many houses with exterior stone end up looking bad? Why is that?

The key to coordinate stone and colour is to select your stone or brick first and then coordinate the other exterior finishes accordingly. It’s important to avoid purchasing ugly options that are OFTEN ON SALE.

And you don’t want to be stuck with ugly because your builder found a deal. 

The Best Way to Choose Exterior Stone (Ugly is On Sale; Don't Buy It) | Maria Killam


→  A New Build Conversation about Exterior Stone (It’s all in the Undertones)

Building a new house and unsure about which stone to choose for the exterior? Don’t worry, you’re in the RIGHT place. That’s because it’s all about the undertones! (Not sure which undertones? This will help.)

Picking the perfect exterior stone involves considering the subtle hues that will complement your overall design. This post takes a deep dive into the world of exterior stone and how undertones can make all the difference!


→  Which Siding Colour Looks Best with Stone?

Struggling to find the perfect exterior colour to match the stone on your house?
Well, when you have stone on your exterior, the STONE calls the shots for the colour palette! Ignoring the colour of your stone can lead to a mismatched look. So remember, the stone is BOSS!
This post covers how to determine the ideal siding colour that complements your stone with expert tips to help you navigate this tricky task!


→  My Nearly Finished French Country Exterior (And Expert Colour Advice about Stone)

This is my most recent post about exterior stone. So you know I’ve been in your shoes when it comes to coordinate colour with your stone exterior. 

If you have stone on your exterior, it’s essential to understand that earthy stone has a special relationship with neutral undertones. And, it doesn’t quite play nicely with other vibrant colours.
Let me share how I transformed my exterior with earthy stone into a fresh and timeless French Country masterpiece. Plus, I have some valuable tips for a reader who has earthy stone on her interior fireplace.


Should I paint my exterior white?

→  Watch the newest colour rescue episode here.

And if you have a home that is in need of a colour rescue, work with me here.
OR, if you have a straightforward fix get my Learn how to create a timeless exterior in this self-paced online course.  It even includes a newly updated timeless colour module with gobs of colourful home inspiration!



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  • Liz says:

    It’s a beautiful house! Although I’m not crazy about the brown garage doors I do like the original colours better. I think new garage doors could help. It seems that style of door does not go with the style of house. Also, once they get some plants, shrubs and evergreens in front of the window I think it will help balance out the look. Also painting the front door a lighter colour will look nice.

  • Dana says:

    Great example of matching undertones in stone and the difference it makes. Thanks!

  • Annie says:

    I hate when I see new builds around here with beige stone somewhere on the house but blinding white fascia!

  • Gina says:

    Thanks for the info! What if you have dark brick on the bottom? How can I make that relate to the rest of the siding?


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