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Recreating a Slim Aarons Women Photoshoot

There is nothing more important in life than family. Whether your family is your immediate relations, or your best circle of friends, never neglect to gather them together and get some beautiful photos.

Today I’m sharing this super fun photoshoot of my Mom, sisters and I based on inspiration I received from some followers recently.

White Patio Chaise  |  Yellow Stripe Patio Cushions  | Similar (cheaper) Patio Chaise 
Patio Side Table  |  Lemon Sunbrella Umbrella  | Swan Float

Palm Springs photo inspiration

Ever since I started sharing morning photos of the view from our house, I received so many comments that the view was similar to this iconic photo by Slim Aarons:


I have this coffee table book


So just for fun, I gathered my three sisters and my Mom and we recreated them!

And since we’re about to close the door on another summer season, I thought it would be fun to share these photos with you on the blog too!

Patio and pool area

Ever since we moved in, we’ve been using this space constantly. It’s such a great place to gather and soak up the summer months. 

It will be amazing when we actually have some landscaping happening (fingers crossed starting this month).

Here’s the before when the 5 overgrown evergreen trees were still in the picture, completely and unnecessarily blocking the beautiful mountain valley view. 

Image may contain Human Person Hotel Building Resort Furniture Chair Urban Town City Metropolis and Flagstone

Our golden doodle Lucy is still not sure about going for a swim.

Photos by Macy Yap Photography

We had so much fun staging these scenes. And the weather actually cooperated!

I hope you enjoyed this last look at Summer here in BC. 

So wonderful to have all my sisters together again, we just spent a week together in Edmonton where I did three makeovers, stay tuned for those reveals soon!

In one of the HomeSense stores there was nothing but beige furniture with grey in a corner on sale. Nothing wrong with grey to be clear, but as soon as beige really hits mainstream again, you’ll want to know how to work with it!

My prediction is that the next colour trend will in fact be COLOUR itself and this equals timeless. And this means colour consultants will be more in demand than ever. If that’s you, register into one of my Expert Colour and Design Training events happening this fall here.  The training in my home is first October 2 & 3, it will be the best time ever to get one-on-one time with me.

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  • Julie S says:

    Love this! How fun. I’m wistful to see summer go, but very much loving the hints of fall sneaking in. Colder mornings are here!!

  • This was such an adorable idea to do with your sisters. You definitely nailed it!! I can’t wait to see your posts on beige. I’m moving and have some classic beige pcs of furniture that I’ve had for years! They are in perfect condition and I’m using them again in my new home. Happy fall ya’ll.

  • Penny says:

    Making memories to cherish! And Mama looks so happy💕

  • kim says:

    What a wonderful idea and photoshoot with your sisters and mom! The results are really nice. Thanks for sharing with all of us. Now, what do you do with the prints? Do you have some tabletop frames that you switch out photos? If so, what do you do with older photos – how do you organize them? Or do you hang them on a gallery wall of family photos? This would be a great blog post… Thanks.

  • Jeannine says:

    Love the pics with your sisters and mom! ♥️

  • Susan Malpocker says:

    These are so great! ❤️

  • Lorri says:

    Ha! You nailed it!

  • June says:


  • Connie says:

    LOVE the photos! They’ll look great somewhere in your home. Blow it up big!

  • Shelley says:

    So cute! I love this!

  • Rene Prinsloo says:

    Love love love the recreation of the photo. We were at La Quinta Resort & Club in California a couple years ago and they have a lot of those old photo’s displayed around the resort. We just loved it!

  • Linda says:

    So happy for you all to be together. You all look so lovely! What a precious moment for your momma.

  • Jane says:

    What a cute idea!! 💛

  • Karen says:

    Maria – Slim Aarons must have predicted you. Poolside Glamour. If that isn’t your new life ( ha ha) , I don’t know what is…….

  • Susan S says:

    Too damn cute and so priceless! There had to be a lot of raucous laughter and tears of joy❣️

  • Karen says:

    Aside from the photos that indeed reference those iconic photos of Slim Aarons, it’s the FIVE BEAUTIFUL WOMEN I am impressed with! I hope your Mom and sisters and you had a blast.

  • Beth says:

    As you know, ( I messaged you with a photo of it) I rented a home in Palm Springs some years back and this photo was a large mural on the living room wall. I had never heard of Slim Aarons prior to this trip and I became so interested in his work. Seeing this photoshoot made me so happy! What a fun and creative idea. I hope you will frame these for your home!

  • Ellen says:

    Love this so much!! What a fun idea and keepsake picture. You all look fabulous too.

  • KJG says:

    Love the idea of a family photoshoot and the pictures are so fun especially when compared to an iconic photo. Just a little concerned that the evergreens weren’t actually blocking the view but maybe just framing it? Too many beautiful old trees are lost when people think the only good view is a totally unobstructed one. But maybe they weren’t such nice trees. They kind of look like Leyland cypress, a fast growing, almost weedy tree used way overused for screening in my area of the Pacific Northwest.

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