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Confident Online Shopping Created This

By 10/13/2021December 11th, 20238 Comments

When you apply my System for Specifying Colour to the world of online shopping, it takes the guesswork out of coordinating decor – before you decide to purchase. When you see how your items relate, you will be less likely to purchase something that doesn’t work with your decorating plan.

See how this reader created a room she loves with the help of my newest online course.

I was so thrilled to receive this email from a reader who purchased my Mood Boards: The Secret to a Beautiful Room course. She was able to create a beautiful dining room with the knowledge she gained in my online training, so I had to share it with you here!

A message from my happy student:

I wanted to thank you for your excellent Shop Online course. I was able to implement what I learned when refreshing my dining room. Your blog today on when to keep your wood floor was also timely. Our 35 year old home has beautiful narrow plank wood floors made with wood from the property and I was able to find a rug with just enough orange to bring out the beauty of the stain. I love saturated color and my dining room now flows with my other rooms. Thank you for willingly sharing your knowledge and wisdom.

Creating a decorating colour palette (for a room you’ll love)

First of all, my compliments to her for creating such a fresh and pretty colour palette – even while considering her older wood floors! Because some older wood floors are worth saving

Based on the title, you probably gathered that this online course helps you choose colour more accurately when shopping online.

But what you may not realize is that this online training is also chock full of expert decorating tips! One of the most useful colour tips is learning where to BEGIN to establish a pretty decorating colour palette.

It looks like she totally nailed it! Do you know the best place to begin creating a decorating colour palette? 

Gathering your ideas in one place (before you purchase)

In this online course, I stress the importance of gathering all the elements of your room and placing them together digitally so you can see how well they relate. Looking at all the elements at once will help you see what’s working, and what might need to be tweaked BEFORE you hit ‘add to cart.’

You can see in the simple mood board above that the dining chair perfectly picks up the warm blue accent colour in her area rug. And the beautiful lavender paint colour also looks like it perfectly relates to the colour in the area rug!

In this online training, I share my best tips and tricks for ordering samples and how to properly test them. This helps you further rule out any additional colour issues.

Ordering area rugs online, in particular, can be a big pain point for people. I can show you the best way to get area rugs just right – for a beautiful decorating plan.

A dressed-up dining room

I love it when a decorating plan comes together.

You know, most people think that the only way to create flow is to take one colour and go from light to dark throughout the entire house. However, it’s really about keeping the ‘fresh’ colours together and ‘dirty colours together.

She did an amazing job at keeping the fresh colours together. From this angle, you can see that her new dining room colour palette flows seamlessly with the fresh blues in the next room.

Creating flow is also something I teach in my Virtual Specify Colour with Confidence course. (Only one more date left in 2021!)

Some soft ivory drapes and an updated chandelier would finish this room perfectly. I’ll bet she can’t wait to entertain guests this holiday season!

If you’ve created a room you love with my Shop Online with Colour Confidence course I would love to see it! 

By the way, when you purchase my Mood Board course, you get IMMEDIATE access to all three modules and several bonuses to help you begin creating a decorating plan right away! Plus, there’s even a mood board template and a video tutorial for finding paint chips online and adding them to your board.

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  • Kim says:

    Gorgeous! Your student did a fantastic job with her dining room. I love those colors and that rug, oh my! I’ve taken this particular course too and highly recommend it.

  • Holly says:

    Beautiful job and the rug coordinates beautifully with the floor. It’s refreshing to see color in what to me has been an endless sea of black, white and cognac. You won’t be able to pinpoint what trend period your students room was redone. Bravo!

    To comment on the curtain suggestion, curtains are intimidating, especially now that I’ve recognized all the different whites there are from reading your eBooks I’m nervous to put up white curtains and to buy white lamps. Maria, I know you say to mix true white, off white and cream to make it all come together, but right now I’m in the process of doing that and its easier said than done. For example, I can’t tell you how many “white” pillows I’ve purchased only to get them home to see that they’re a peachy (orange) beige when the description on the tags says “Ivory” and had to take them back to the store. Comparison is key! If I hadn’t read your books I probably would’ve plopped them on the couch and never figured out what wasn’t quite right. Thank you for your wonderful system!

  • Jennifer says:

    That rug is gorgeous. I’ve stalked it in runner form for a year for my bathroom. but have always been reluctant to purchase rugs online. Now that I’ve seen it in use, I may need to buy it to go in my bedroom in an 8×10. I have the same wood in my house that was built in the late 90s. Thank you, Maria, for another relatable topic. I have followed you for years and have used so many of your tips in my home.

  • Kristin Glad says:

    can someone share the source for the rug? might be the one i need for my living room!

  • gene deerman says:

    oh the colors are wonderful! that lavender makes the dining room really special. Like other readers, I, too, love that carpet. Thanks for sharing this with us, Maria, it’s so great to learn from you!

  • Judy M says:

    Beautiful job!

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