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True Colour ExpertUnderstanding Undertones

Colour Board Winner + One More Day to Register

Would you like to have a clear sense of how colours behave in every space? Do you want to know the secret to identifying the right neutral undertone? What if there was an easier way to choose the right white trim colour – every single time? Or maybe you’d like to learn my colour language so you can explain WHY the colour you’ve chosen is correct?

Are you tired of stressing about colour decisions?

Do you want to see colour differently?

See colour differently

Have you been holding out to join me in my Specify Colour with Confidence virtual course? Like my sweet Golden-Doodle Lucy (below), waiting patiently for me to come to a city near you so you can learn how to get colour to do what you want?

** Keep reading to find out who is the lucky winner of a set of colour boards! **

Or maybe you’ve been asking yourself if I can possibly deliver the same value of colour training VIRTUALLY as I did IN PERSON?

The answer is a huge resounding YES, I ABSOLUTELY CAN.

Rush delivery available for my Killam Colour System Kit

I have a few spaces left in my course next week and in order to get the box of materials you need (fabric and tile samples, colour wheel, workbook, colour chips, etc), you must register by TOMORROW, Friday at 12 Noon PST! And we will RUSH SHIP you a Killam Colour System kit – at no extra cost!

The ONLY way to get this kit delivered to your door is by enrolling in my Specify Colour with Confidence course. 

Killam Colour System Kit

Register here.


The new build package you put together for me was invaluable when we built 1 1/2 years ago. We installed all timeless finishes, and because of that AND this course, I feel so much better about the variety of choices for décor, etc. Loved these 2 days with you.  Kristin R.


No one that I have encountered until now teaches or explains colour in a way that truly makes sense and applies to what we do as designers.  Thank you for sharing your expertise and knowledge Maria!  Fantastic course!  Erica Deam

I’m so impressed you were able to shift your business model (because of Covid, I assume) to do all [this training] online and still be extremely effective. I can tell your team is very good at ensuring [we are taken care of] in this online world. Nice job!  Donna C.

Thank you, Maria for two fabulous, uplifting days!  It was great to be immersed in your colour world!  As a homeowner, I wondered if the course would be worthwhile. It totally was! I am so much more confident in my own opinion about colour. The huge unexpected bonus for me was that I also learned something about design. I now know how to tell good advice from bad advice. That alone would have saved me 5 years of living in an ugly house that I spent many thousands to have professionally decorated and furnished. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Lorna Heacock


I would look at [the colour] of something and see things were off but couldn’t figure out what it was. Now I can see it!!  Vickie C.


Thank you to Maria and your team! I learned so much in this course. My goal was to gain more confidence and I certainly did. After the first day I realized how my instincts have been good and I was on the right track more so than I thought. I’ve had some hits (like painting canvas tan in my kitchen to update earthy finishes) to some misses by just not seeing the right undertones sometimes. But, now I have the right tools and knowledge to do this, so I feel way more confident than I did before. I will continue to practice! I absolutely love doing it. Valerie Morano

Here’s Lucy watching us set up the studio on the day before the October 2nd class:
This was a fantastic course! You all were exceptional. Many thanks for a wonderful weekend of learning. This was so worth it!  Christine G.
This course has helped me to see and focus on what matters the most during a color consult. The training is invaluable. Gail
This is a few of my local team members making it all work behind the scenes. We also manage to have some fun together during the virtual workshop! 🙂
Dana Muskett, Maria Killam, Irene Hill
So what are you waiting for?
Every day that you don’t have my training in your wheelhouse, is a day that you are still making colour decisions that might not be as timeless as they could be, or you could be making not-so-great decisions that you’ll have to live with for a very long time. 
Where do you want to be 6 months from now? You could be mastering my colour system and expanding your business, or expertly making colour decisions for your new build or renovation project. This is your last chance in 2021 to learn my system DIRECTLY from me!
True Colour Expert
There’s still time to become a True Colour Expert this Fall! Remember you MUST register by Friday, October 21, 12 noon PST so we can overnight your course materials to you by next week.
I am grateful for Covid because I wanted to take your class forever but could not [travel to you] to take it. Valerie D.
With so many pivots these last 18 months, it’s time to move forward and onward. My colour training is a #gamechanger whether you’re a design professional working with clients or a homeowner tackling your own projects.
If you’ve ever considered taking my in-person class, I promise you won’t be disappointed if you participate in my virtual workshop from your home office or living room. I am confident you’ll get the same quality of training as you would by seeing me in person. And like the rest of the world, this is our new way forward.
So, don’t wait any longer for me to come where you are, or you to come to where I am – instead turn those additional travel and accommodation expenses into more money for decorating. 😉 That’s my favourite kind of spending!
And remember – you’ll still participate in hands-on exercises, you’ll still be able to talk with me, and we’ll still laugh and learn together.  We will have a great time! 
But more importantly, the way you see colour will be transformed forever and you’ll learn a system for making colour choices. With confidence.
I hope I’ll see you there!

Winner, winner!

And, the winner of my Instagram colour board collection giveaway is: Jessica Coggygria (@long_dog_designs). Congratulations Jessica! Thanks to everyone for playing! 
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    Need advice on roof color for a 40 year old condominium building that currently has a shake roof (no longer allowed in the mountains), wood siding that needs repainting and stone work that cannot be replaced. In addition the many windows have black frames.


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