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Did you know that every time I hold a two day workshop it’s attended by homeowners just like you? Homeowners that realize that their project involves hundreds of colour decisions, and they’d better get smart on how to make them?

When I started this blog 15 years ago, I was so excited to share and talk about design, colour and decorating. Look at me back then, so young!

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Remember your first love? The feeling that anything was possible? Suddenly the world was a beautiful place and the birds were singing. You could climb mountains, slay dragons and the world was a wonderful place. Yup, that was me.

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Can I share a secret with you? Ok, maybe not so secret: I still feel that way about colour and design. (Actual footage of me slaying the trendy soon-to-be-dated finishes of the current trend cycle).

I want to shout from the rooftops all day:

“You can decorate with the right neutrals, colour (and lamps) and have a beautiful, timeless home!”

The wonderful thing is, I have the privilege to do just that.  Here, and on social media (You Tube, Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok)  

I’m thankful so many of you have listened. You’ve downloaded the ebooks, attended my True Colour Expert Workshops, and followed my timeless advice when decorating, renovating or building your homes. 

How I can help you plan your home project

At this point I’ve helped hundreds of homeowners create their dream home. And I’ve got more than a few insights into how to do it well 😉

So now I’ve started something new. I’m so excited to share it with you! We have created A whole new True Colour Expert Training: just for homeowners!

My system for specifying colour is now tailored, just for you, the homeowner. 

No fancy designers here. Just homeowners like you. Homeowners that want to create their dream home. And learn to create a home that is timeless.

Why do I stand behind my timeless aesthetic?

Because I believe you should not have to renovate again. Definitely not because your bathrooms screams 2023 and will already feel dated in 2033. Timeless means you don’t have to get out the sledgehammer until the plumbing is rusted out.

Learning how to make the best, most timeless choices for your home is the very best investment you can make.

I’m so excited about what we’ve created. A place for homeowners to come, learn my system, and walk away armed with knowledge and a plan.

In a world with so many options, it’s easy to get lost in all the different finishes, new trends, and beautiful paint colours. 

A beautiful, timeless home starts with a clear plan and a vision. 

Start creating your dream home here!

I’m offering a free training event on Zoom so you (and your partner can join too!) can learn how to begin your project with a great plan that takes all the stress out of the gazillions of decisions you’ll have to make!

Sign up here for my free one hour zoom course.

I encourage you to take notes to head off the stress and overwhelm! When you stay to the end, you’ll get a FREE downloadable insider’s checklist for planning your renovation or a new build like a pro! And guess what – it starts with a DECORATING plan, which I will outline for you in this guide too!

You won’t get this training anywhere else. There are so many facets to a home project and I know exactly where things can go sideways and what you need to know to get the outcome you envision.

You can refer to the checklist again and again. It’s the ideal way to start planning your project. And if you’re already a bit behind schedule, don’t miss this chance to get on top of planning!

 You will also have an opportunity to sign up for my brand new homeowners ‘Create your Dream Home’ course BEFORE THE PRICE GOES UP NEXT WEEK.

Space is limited. 

Click here. And let’s talk about colour, decorating, building, and renovations. Subjects I NEVER tire of talking about. 

See you later today or tomorrow. Let’s decorate, renovate or build the timeless home you’ll love forever.

PS. If you can’t attend live, we will send a link to the replay which will only be up for a limited time for blog subscribers only!

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  • Paula Cartwright says:

    Hi Maria, I would love to take pardon your zoom session today or tomorrow, but the problem is that I am working. Is there any way to watch recorded version?

    • Paula Cartwright says:

      I meant TAKE PART IN. (Pardon me!!!)

      • Maria Killam says:

        Yes if you are a subscriber you will get a link to the replay!

        • Sharon says:

          How do I get on the list to get the replay version. I am caught with desperately wanting to get in on the zoom meeting (I tapped on Wednesday) then was told by my daughter,, where we are staying on a holiday, this does not work for her and family schedule in another province. Please advise

  • Elaine Haber says:

    Hi Maria, I would sign up in a jiffy but my mom is having surgery today and I’ll be caring for her tomorrow. Please let me know if I can register for a recording or consider offering more advance notice for a second session. Thanks so much!

  • 'tricia says:

    Please sign me up–though I will have to watch later.

  • Leigha says:

    Hi Maria,
    How do you recommend pairing natural wood kitchen cabinets with a hardwood floor? Does the wood species of floor and cabinet need to be different?

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