Find your Perfect Job here!

Wow, I just found this website The Color Career Counselor, powered by The Dewey Color System–the world’s only validated, non-language color-based career testing instrument– uses color preferences to determine successful career paths! Just by picking your favourite colours you can find out what kind of career you should be in!… Continue Reading →

Styling Kitchens

Remember in my post ‘Styling for Photo Shoots’ I said that most kitchens look ‘contrived’ when they are styled and photographed? Well this week I was hired by Revision Custom Home Renovations to style a kitchen they just completed, so I had an opportunity to prove that I could do… Continue Reading →

Dreamy Bedroom

I saved this image a while ago because I just loved the feeling of this room. The dramatic blue-green walls, matching silk drapery, and pale blue sculptured headboard. I also loved the design of the chair and ottoman, simple and contemporary, along with the plaid bench and toss cushion. Nicholas… Continue Reading →

Runaway in Vegas

My mom was in Vegas last weekend with my sister and she snapped this photo of my little nephew taking off down the hotel halls!! I’m always analyzing painted hallways because the wall colour doesn’t always [perfectly] match the carpeting. This is because the colours are picked in a designers… Continue Reading →

Seattle by Design

Michelle Morelan from A Schematic Life, Nancy DeVries and I started our trip to Seattle with a little shopping at the outlets until we got downtown and checked into the Hotel Max.  A great, artistic little hotel with a W feel. It’s rare to see the analogous colour combination of… Continue Reading →