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April Showers Bring May Flowers

By 04/16/2011January 23rd, 201719 Comments
It has rained so much this Spring. . . 
That the cherry blossoms are barely blooming and not a stitch of green on the trees because it’s so cold. . .

I have had the most annoying cough for the last 2 weeks so I’m laying low this weekend and I’d love to be here!

Where will you be?
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  • alla logia says:

    What a wonderful little road! I wish I were there!

  • Blue Fruit says:

    What a lovely collection of images! Love the top one especially ~ even beautiful in the rain.

  • Susan Seale says:

    Your blog has a new look! I love it! I've only just noticed it…:)

  • Kathysue says:

    Maria I have that same image pinned on my Pinterest board. I love the mist and the wet stepping stones. Sorry about your cough I know exactly how you feel. Mine turned out to be asthma related, who knew?!! Hope you feel better soon, take care and rest. I will be doing some Spring planting this weekend, it is suppose to be perfect weather here for planting, in Calif. Take care sweetie. If you need some Easter inspiration I did a post today with some fun images, Kathysue

  • Ivy Lane says:

    I hope you get on the mend SOON!!! I love the images in this post! Tomorrow… I will be out showing houses.. in the rain… allll day long!!! then.. I suppose I will come home, and cozy by the fire!

    Have a nice weekend!!! 🙂

  • Infatuated with Homes and Gardens says:

    Lovely photos especially the rain:)

  • Loretta Fontaine (APPLESandRUBIES) says:

    Maria– Feel better! A warm cup of tea with honey sent your way!


  • Karena says:

    Get better soon Maria!!The image above does indeed look like a great spot to relax & read!

    Come over and enter my very Fashionable Giveaway!

    Art by Karena

  • Naturally Carol says:

    I love all your images so much today that I can't decide on a favourite! I'm sending you a whole lot of 'get well soon' thoughts and prayers.

  • design elements says:

    get better soon! warm hugs to you, Maria

    p.s.: wonderful little road…

  • Bruce Barone says:

    Lovely photos.
    Today, Saturday, is my daughter's bridal shower.
    Sunday, Palm Sunday and Roast Chicken.

  • Tricia says:

    I know about the 2 week cough and Annoying is right. Hope it is over for you soon. St. Louis has had a weird Spring too. We had 4" of snow on all our early blooms including the Pear & Red Bud blossoms. Then we had a couple days of 90 degree weather and today we are back to 42 degress with a misty rain. It feels more like November. We have no choice but to roll with it.

  • Lazy Gardens says:

    Neener neener … 95 degrees and sunny today, tomorrow and into the future.

    I'm doing garden frost damage cleanup.

  • Ellen says:

    Hi Maria, I have always thought that April is a good month to leave Vancouver and that is exactly what we've done! When we return in early May, the trees will be green and everyone will be walking around blinking at the strange globe in the sky! Hope your cough gets better – you need to spend time in the sauna this weekend! …..ellen from sunny Spain
    Oh, much of the decorating here is muy muy mal (very very bad)

  • Dovecote Decor says:

    Hi Maria: The week of market, we had every season–snow, sunshine, heat, rain and chilly. N.C. Spring, though is mostly glorious. I am an advocate of Robitussin D.M. for a cough. With the air green and pink with pollen, I am currently living on it.

  • Emom says:

    Feel better soon…..smiles.

  • Shawna says:

    I spent a very rainy morning looking at siding colours and then read your exterior colour posts again. I'm still trying to figure out how to 'test' vinyl siding colours when all you get is a little rectangle of plastic and it's not like you can paint up a bigger sample. Any suggestions (a possible post)? Also, what happens to the colours when they're translated to such a big surface? Do colours look darker or lighter, brighter or more muted than the little sample chip?

  • Kathie says:

    Hey there Maria, Cozy up in your beautiful place. I just love a rainy day sometimes. Glad to hear your laying low, rest will do you good. Are you resting? 🙂 I will be gardening tomorrow, send the rain down here it is so so dry here in Texas.

  • Linda McMullan says:

    I am new to your blog, and I am absolutely loving it. What a beautiful find!

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