Maria Killam in Better Homes & Gardens

Hey guess what, I’m in the Stylemakers issue this month with Better Homes and Gardens!

I am included along with some other very talented colour designers giving tips on painting your front door. Many of you already know that my front door recently went a fabulous shade of kelly green!

There I am right in the middle (below). Thanks Traci Zeller for scanning them for me because I haven’t even got a copy of it yet!


Hmmm. . I’m pretty sure I actually said ‘muted’ or ‘muddy’ because you can definitely use a fresh colour with gray. What it should say is, ‘If your home’s colour is earthy and muted, choose a ‘dirtied’ accent colour’.  Sometimes a quote can be out of context when taken out of a bigger conversation.

The Home Show is coming up fast! I’ll be in Calgary September 21st & 22nd! Here’s a profile of me on the Marketplace blog, you might find out something new about me, you never know!

My topic is, 10 Ways to Love the Home You’re in Using Colour. If you’re in Calgary or Vancouver during the home and design shows, I’d love to meet you!

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  1. Kudos to you for your color knowledge being selected for this article. One thing is for sure: if it goes in print, you can be sure something will go wrong with your quote 😉

    Even if they misquoted you, your advice is still quite solid.

  2. That’s great, Maria!! Love that kind of attention! Just opened the astic on my new issue. So funny that I’m reading this right now. Looks like life is treating you well and I’m so glad for you. You deserve it.

  3. I just received my issue of BH&G in yesterday’s mail and haven’t opened it yet. Now, I can’t wait! Congratulations on being included. That’s quite an honor!

  4. Wonderful news Maria! Congratulations. I will get the magazine for sure.
    Your blog and book have been making me rethink colours and test myself on undertones everytime I look at a hue. You’ve created a monster 🙂 but a happy monster… As i have been retired for two years now, i spend more time in my home which means more time dreaming of what could be. Now it is time to take action! I’ll be using your advice as my guide. Thanks!

  5. Congrats Maria!! Totally deserved spotlight on you. You give the best color advice, I love seeing your blog posts and I will definitely pick up the magazine this month!

  6. I know! I took my issue of BH&G with us on our last minute road trip before school starts last week and saw your cheerful face on the front door article. I told my husband, “hey, I know her!” Hahaha. He just looked at me funny : )

  7. Congratulations Maria. You must be so pleased. As always you give great advice, even if they did not get it just the way you wanted.

  8. Big stars are always being mis-quoted. That’s why you can never believe what you read in those magazines.
    I subscribe to BHG & when I saw your picture I showed it to my husband & said “I know her.”
    He laughed & said, “She’s cute. I’d like to know her too.”

  9. Hey Congrats!!
    I want to get a copy of Better Homes if you are in it… so is that the Sept issue??
    your groupie 🙂