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True Colour Expert

True Colour Experts™ at VanDusen Gardens

By 09/29/2013July 26th, 20186 Comments

Here is my latest class of True Colour Experts™ from September’s course of my Specify Colour with Confidence™ Training at the VanDusen Botanical Gardens.

I’m always so amazed and thrilled to see how far people come to attend!

Colour Training

(Back row) Becky Noelker (St Louis, MO), Andrea Shaw (Tswassen, BC), Lisa Loeppky (Steinbach, MB), Lisa DiGiorgio (Lopez Island, WA), Lori Begley (Richmond, BC), Boni Steinley (Calgary, AB), Carolynn Davie (Port Coquitlam, BC), Maria Killam, Susan Hargraves (Nanaimo, BC) Brenda Reaman (Red Deer, AB), Joanna Forbes (Moorpark, CA), Kristi McManus (Great Falls, MT), Lana Olichny (South Surrey, BC), Jana Hunter (Little Rock, AK), Melissa Clark (Austin, TX), Tricia Firmaniuk (Edmonton, AB)

(Front row) Usa Pitaknarongporn (Dallas, TX), Valerie Ashbaugh (Ketchum, ID), Kelly Medeiros (Calgary, AB) and Colleen McClure (Campbell River, BC)

True Colour Experts at VanDusen Gardens

VanDusen Gardens



 Lisa Loeppky and Lisa DiGiorgio

True Colour Experts at VanDusen Gardens

VanDusen Gardens


Colleen McClure and Tricia Firmaniuk

True Colour Experts at VanDusen Gardens

VanDusen Gardens


 Boni Steinley, Kelly Medeiros, Joanna Forbes and Lisa Loeppky

Colour Workshops

Tricia Firmaniuk and Becky Noelker

True Colour Experts at VanDusen Gardens


VanDusen Gardens

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Here are a few comments from participants:

“The training covered everything I was hoping to accomplish [learning how to pull colour schemes together with the right tints, tones, shades, feel more confident choosing colours for an entire house, especially open floor plans and to know which colours look good with each other], the rest will be practice, practice, practice.” Carolynn Davie, Blu Chocolate Designs

“Maria knows colour so well and truly it is amazing how she pulls colours out of the air!

Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Notebook is exceptional along with the hand outs!” Lori Begley

“The class exceeded my expectations.” Valerie Ashbaugh, Valerie Ashbaugh Designs

One of the great fringe benefits from my course is the relationships the participants develop in the class and then continue through the private Facebook page. Whether it’s asking for input on colour and design questions or celebrating successes in design projects, there’s a community growing and developing that’s invaluable. Four of the participants in this class are committed to developing their own Mastermind class and I hear that a get-together is already in the works! I love that the relationships and development continue way beyond the end of my last day of teaching and training.

The early bird rate for Toronto’s course in October 23, 24 & 25, 2013 expires Wednesday. Love to see you there!

PS. I have never toured VanDusen Gardens and I didn’t this time but I just read that they are on 55 acres! Have you ever been there?

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  • Paula Van Hoogen says:

    Maria, WHAT a gorgeous place to have your course!
    Maybe there’s a similar place in Toronto….???
    Looks like beautiful light quality coming in those windows as well. But, I’d love to know what that beautiful plant is called in the last frame!!
    Take care, Paula.

  • Franki says:

    WOW! The gardens look fantastic, too! How do they compare to Butchart? franki

  • SandyCGC says:

    As exciting and invigorating as I know your course is, Maria, I’d be like a yearning child in school, and only the firm promise of a tour of the gardens after class would coax me to listen to what you have to say and look at what you have to show. Gorgeous setting! On the other hand, the pic with Becky holding up the color boards against the tiles was illustrative. Always difficult to judge undertones precisely on a computer monitor and never should be the way to choose color if you can’t unchoose, but easy to see that there are undertones and a “better than nothing” start to the process of choosing the one. If I were a designer, I’d be contributing regularly to my “Maria Killam Colour Course” savings fund. Since I’m not, I’ll have to wait for a big BHG or other contest win to cover your course first and then, armed with expert knowledge and new abilities, my new floors and redone kitchen. Be nice if it would happen soon!

  • I have been to VanDusen a number of times over the years…They have an awesome plant sale in the spring, but the most memorable time, was 2 years ago on Mother’s Day, my daughter put her Sephora points together and got me a makeover, then took me to her boyfriend for a photo shoot, and then we grabbed sandwiches to go for a picnic in VanDusen! It was amazing! My daughter who was and still is a student had the whole amazing experience cost less than $30. For me, PRICELESS!

  • Excited to be armed with a new and deeper appreciation for colors. I gained knowledge to support my gut feeling. So excited to use this education to move my business forward!

  • Carol says:

    HI Maria and Irene,
    I actually toured the gardens while you were in session.I am the one who stopped by to say “hi” but didn’t want to disrupt your class. The Gardens are nice but for the person who asked above the Butchart Gardens surpasses them and if your really into Gardens the trip to Portland to the Japanese Gardens is well worth it, be sure and take the tour if you go.
    Hopefully someday I will be able to afford your class
    but so glad you have the website for now. Please finish
    the other books that come after Understanding Undertones………it was Awesome!!
    Carol T

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