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Would You Love to Have More Confidence?

By 12/10/2012January 28th, 20175 Comments

More confidence is what most of the interior designers and decorators, architects, stagers and homeowners who arrive at my True Colour Expert Training are looking for.  Confidence is what they get. Every designer and colour enthusiast who participates in my workshops immediately looks at the world from a different point of view.

My newly revised ebook which teaches my colour system step-by-step is the first place to begin to develop your colour confidence.

Here’s the November class in Vancouver:

(Back row) Tracey Ashburn, Debbie Fahlen, Tracy Herbert, Vanessa Rider, Carole Willard, Anita Herman, Renata Clunies Ross, Jennifer Harper.

(Front row) Laurel Collins, Annie Vincent, Maria Killam, Monique Milne, Naomi Kay, Marcia Lima Rodrigues and Carolyn Marshall.

Carole Willard 

“I totally loved the training, and I feel like I have been catapulted into a whole new world of looking at undertones! Even though I’ve done so many color theory classes, studied color psychology in addition to doing personal colour (which is actually undertones of skin and hair, etc), I got so much out of this training!

I am looking at the world through new lenses!

I just did my first color consultant job last week since the workshop and got a call from someone else who wants me to help her with color in her house! Yahoo!

I realize now that there are so many designers who make big, big mistakes and my confidence level has gone way up! I know I can help people, and that’s a great feeling!

I am so thankful and grateful to be so honored to be in the class!”

Carole Willard.


 Anita Herman & Renata Clunies Ross

Here I am sorting through samples.

Marcia Lima Rodrigues (an architect from Brazil) & Vanessa Rider

Jennifer Harper

Thanks once again to Maxwell Fabrics (all the fabrics in the neutrals) and Gentek (siding and gutter samples) for providing the samples for my workshops.

“I hope things are going great for you and Maria! It’s been crazy busy for me since I got back and you’ll be happy to hear I’ve raised my rates lol!

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your workshop. It was informative and filled with a wealth of tips that will make my life a lot easier choosing colour. You are both so refreshing and down to earth it made learning much easier and way more fun! I have been looking at undertones everywhere I go and can now see the problem areas that I can now fix easily in no time at all! Thanks for teaching us, it was worth every penny!” Monique Milne

Photos by Irene Hill

Here’s some brand new feedback from my newly revised book:

“I got my first downloaded book on 5/5/2012, AFTER I had remodeled my house with professional design help, especially the local expert on color concepts who charged me $375 and picked out colors on the little chips which mostly turned out to be pinky beige!

I found your website AFTER about $150 worth of painting my own cardboard samples, changing the color of paint on my huge living room-dining room-stairway-hallway after we’d bought the paint! Thank goodness I figured out the hard way the things you said in your ebook!

Your new chapter in the pdf book makes it a real steal.

It really DOES complete the info in the previous book, and is so well written and concise.

I only bought the first one to give you a little money after all the FREE advice you’ve given all of us!

Now when we are ready to tackle changing the furniture I will know WHY certain colors just don’t work and others do.

THANKS from all your fans for devoting so much love, time, and effort into making our worlds brighter and better!”  – Vicki from California


My revised eBook which completes my colour system is available for purchase. If you want to buy the book as a gift, click here for details and we will email it directly from our offices to the recipient.

More holiday images of my house coming up this week!

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  • Paula Van Hoogen says:

    Anyone reading this take heed: DO THIS CLASS! If you are a designer or a home owner who makes decisions, you will not regret this knowledge. It will save you money and anguish in the long run. Besides,
    Maria is a sweetheart & a hoot–you’ll have a great time with like-minded new friends. Can’t put a price on a great memory!

  • cathy Z says:

    Maria, as soon as this is an accredited class, I’m 100% in! This small, yet important, missing element is the only thing keeping me from attending. And I REALLY want to attend 🙂

  • mrsben says:

    What a cute group picture …. BUT …. where are the men Maria? I am amazed there wasn’t one as we know there are many in the field of interior design.

  • Hi Maria. I agree with the above post. Where are the men??? Am I going to have to break the ice on this one??

  • Paula Van Hoogen says:

    Go for it Les!!!!

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