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Transform your Bathroom with a Shower Curtain; Before & After

Today I’m showing you another bathroom in my design assistant Kelly Parkinson’s previous home that she transformed with just a coat of paint and a new shower curtain.

Shower curtain similar here

Kelly found this so happy, colourful shower curtain at HomeSense that also picks up the purple tones in the existing countertop.

The great thing about having a basically white bathroom is that it creates a clean and easy backdrop for styling and changing the colours whenever you want!

Here are some more pretty shower curtains to give you some inspiration!



Serena & Lily {also comes in navy or white}

Serena & Lily



Bed Bath & Beyond






We’ve just finished three courses in a row, Boca Raton, Nashville and Long Island! I posted the photo of the Florida course already and here’s the other two!

On a Facebook thread about my course someone posted:

“Is this the course that costs thousands of dollars?”

And two designers who just finished my Long Beach course said:

“Yes, and worth every penny!”

“Best money I’ve spent on my business hands down!”

The best usually is the most expensive isn’t it?

It’s truly remarkable to watch the transformation happen in the room and to hear participants say “You’ve changed my life!”


The next two courses are Chicago and Dallas and Dallas is sold out with 8 people on the wait list, however we still have seats left in Chicago! Register here.

If you have a blank slate (white or cream bathroom) buy the shower curtain first, and then choose the paint colour! It’s way easier than the other way around.

If you have tile that you need to work with, sometimes wallpaper can come to the rescue, here.

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  • Another quick fix for her bathroom or any bathroom is to paint the grout with a $10 bottle of grout paint from Lowes or Home Depot and use an angled foam brush to apply it. You can change your grout color and freshen it up at the same time.

  • Rhonda says:

    Maria, you are always dressed so nicely — everything is put together perfectly! I always enjoy seeing pictures of you and your attire. A beautiful lady!

  • Linda says:

    For me the new color even lightened up the tile. In the before picture the tile looked beige or light tan. After the new fresh color of paint it actually looked white. I love it.

  • Lucy says:

    Love the illustration of a quick fix for a tired bathroom! The shower curtain is so happy and easy to pull color for the walls and accessories. I just did an upgrade for a guest bathroom a few months ago and it was sort of a challenge. The client didn’t want s happy shower curtain because she thought it would minimize the size. We did make it look new and fresh with a plain shower curtain, fresh paint, bath rug with colorful strpes, artwork and accessories. Amazing what you can do on a tight budget! Kelly did such a nice job on her bathroom to make it happy!

    Maria you must be exhausted by now with your back to back classes plus Highpoint! You will certainly need that wonderful vacation when you are finished. xoxo

  • lawyerette says:

    Looks great! Color looks like SW Sea Salt to my eye. The chip is dusky but it’s bright on the walls in my bathroom.

  • Susan says:

    This shower curtain is inspiring me to do the same in my spare bath where the tub is still without a curtain….. but, not for long! Thanks for posting this 🙂

  • Godzilla says:

    Love it!
    Several years ago we had a new bathroom installed where I could have (within reason) anything I wanted for the shower. I insisted that I wanted a shower curtain on curtain tracks (from the ceiling) for the new modern shower enclosure instead of glass. The contractor and others seemed to put a lot of pressure on me to have a glass enclosure.
    I did not want a glass enclosure because: I don’t want to spend my time squeegeeing after each shower, I don’t want to look at the stuff in the shower (shampoo, washcloths, etc.), and I like changing my decor.
    With the shower curtain instead of glass, when it gets yucky, all I have to do is launder or change out the liner and everything is clean again!
    Thanks to Maria, the counter, cabinet and tile are as plain white, but quality, as i could find. But the bathroom as a whole is stunning because of the quirky octopus shower curtain and black rug and towels. When we get sick of that look, all we have to do is change the paint, shower curtain etc.
    There are some really nice shower curtains out there. Thanks again!

    • Maria Killam says:

      Love this, I so agree with you, I did see that octopus curtain on the Anthropologie site haha, Maria

  • Mary-Illinois says:

    There are so many cute shower curtains out now. I just wish they were longer so I can hang them close to the ceiling.
    Kelly’s improved space looks so happy now. I bet some folks are running to the store this weekend to give their space a re-fresh.

  • Carolyn says:

    A new shower curtain can certainly work miracles for any bathroom, as can ensuring that the grout between tiles in clean and white and replaced where necessary

  • Jennifer Johnston says:

    Oh yes!!! This is AWESOME!!! Love that pop of rich color in a bathroom!

  • Cindi says:

    I’ve been saying for years, “please bring back the shower curtain!” Designers especially seem to hate them, but they add so much color and interest to a bathroom. Not to mention not having to squeegee glass or see water spots all the time. I’ll take a shower curtain any day over a glass shower door.

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