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There are lots of easy ways to update your patio this summer. Whether you need a full refresh or just a little styling inspiration, here’s a roundup of popular patio posts loaded with decorating inspiration and ideas for your outdoor space.

Decorating inspiration and ideas from 4 popular patio posts

Before I share the reveal of my mom’s solarium (coming up soon), I thought it would be fun to look back at some patio refresh posts from both my sister’s and my house.

Maybe you’re trying to salvage your outdoor furniture for another season, or perhaps you want to add a little style to your porch or patio? It’s not too late to make your space more enjoyable this season.

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Outdoor Patio Ideas

Mark D. Sikes

Here are a few popular posts packed with several inspiring ideas to help make your patio work for you.

How to Get One More Season from Your Patio Furniture (Before & After)

Want to know the secret sauce for hanging on to your patio furniture for One. More. Season? Well, it’s called a little styling magic. See how I helped my sister refresh her patio without replacing her furniture. It starts with some inspiration… can you guess what we found for inspiration?

blue patio coffee table

Similar Mosaic Coffee Table | Concrete Outdoor Patio Table

Elizabeth’s Beachy Blue Patio Refresh; Before & After

When my sister was finally ready to replace her pavilion and patio sectional, like a good sister, I showed up with some decorating magic to enhance her beachy blue vibes. You’ll find even more creative decorating tips for your patio decor in this post.

Feel free to use this mood board as your starting point to recreate a beachy blue look on your patio.

Beachy Blue Patio Makeover

Pavilion | Adirondack Chair | Sectional | Rug | Dining Table | Dining Chair | Striped pillow
 Blue pillow | Teal pillow | Teal ottoman | Seagull art | Steel side table | Garden stool | Patio lights

Do’s and Dont’s for Decorating with Black Outside; Before & After

I say this a lot, but it bears repeating: When you are decorating with the newest, trendy neutral colour, you don’t want to overdo it and choose this colour for EVERYTHING. A little goes a long way.

I love how good black, white and kelly green look in interiors. So, a few years ago I decided to add some hints of black in a few smartly-sized patio decor pieces. This post has even more tips for adding black to your patio without overdoing it.

decorate with black outdoors

How to Create a Soothing Outdoor Sanctuary on Your Patio

Last summer while I was stuck at home, I decided to add a little “cozy” to my patio. If you want to make your outdoor space more comfortable and inviting, this post is for you. It’s amazing what adding a cozy throw and a few stylish vignettes can do for your patio.

I’m dishing up all my favorite tips for creating a space that is both soothing and functional.

add cozy vibes to your patio decor

Whether you’re hosting family barbeques and patio parties (to make up for lost time last summer) or you are simply ready to refresh your outdoor room, I hope this little round-up provides some helpful inspiration. You can also find me on Pinterest for even more patio and porch decorating ideas or shop some of my favorite patio decor finds on Amazon.

Time to refresh your pool area? Check out this post.

Before you choose a fence colour, read this.

outdoor dining patio idea


While on vacation this past week I was reminded that every moment together with my loved ones is a treasure. Happy Summer! 😎

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  • Valerie says:

    Maria, I love all the outdoor spaces you share! They are mostly uncovered, like my patio. How do people keep all those cushions clean and dry? Those gorgeous light blue ones in the Mark Sykes picture would be moldy and faded in one season where I live. Do people bring them inside every night? Or pull covers over everything? Are covers enough for a snowy winter, or do you have to find room for them in a shed or garage out of season? I cannot put more than umbrellas on my patio, but I would so like a comfortably cushioned outer room like these. I love how your space is covered, but that’s not an option for me. What are your maintenance hints for exposed spaces?

    • Monica says:

      Hello Valerie,
      You should never leave cushions exposed to rain or snow, even the ones with high performance outdoor fabric will eventually become irreversibly dirty and moldy. Maybe having just one or two comfy chairs with outdoor cushions would be enough to create the outdoor oasis you are looking for. When not in use, good quality covers will protect the cushions from dirt and light rain. However, you should move them indoors, if it rains heavily or during the off season.

  • M says:

    I love your garden and patio. What a great spot to enjoy a summer read or cocktail. And so GREEN!!! 30+ years in So Cal and I still miss the green of my East Coast youth and all the spring bulbs, peonies, lilacs other flowering shrubs that grew there.

    Can you please tell me about your patio cover, what it’s made of? Are they adjustable slats/louvers?

    Also love your flowy blue and white dress, do you have a source or brand you can share?

    Thanks and hope you enjoyed your vacay.

  • Kj says:

    This is unrelated to patios but here’s a before/after for a kitchen with ubatuba granite and cherry stained cabinets, if it helps anyone:

  • Monica says:

    I’d love if my patio was covered, but due to the architectural style of the house it’s not possible. Instead my backyard is wooded with large oak trees. Using outdoor rugs and lots of cushions is not feasible. Bird droppings, leaves and dirt accumulate daily. Most of the furniture (powder coated aluminum) I can hose off easily. The ones with cushions I cover when not in use. The covers provide good protection, unless it rains heavily. In the winter, I store the cushions and some of the more fragile pieces indoors.

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