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The Happy Colours of Lunenburg

By 09/14/2014January 28th, 201728 Comments

The Colours of Lunenberg | Maria Killam

So this is the level of my colour obsession. I brought a fan deck in my suitcase and as we walked around in and out of the shops in Lunenburg yesterday, I matched the colours as we went along.

The Colours of Lunenberg | Maria Killam

This turquoise house is BM 644 St. Paddys Day

The Colours of Lunenberg | Maria Killam

First blue house is 798 Blue Suede Shoes with SW Snowbound Trim.

There’s a golf course across the harbour which is what makes this town so pretty to photograph and paint and quilt. Apparently there’s a shop in town that sells very elaborate quilts for $60,000.

The Colours of Lunenberg | Maria Killam

Largo Teal 842 with HC-105 Rockport Gray Trim and 390 Golden Delicious Door and casings.

The Colours of Lunenberg | Maria Killam

Raspberry house is BM 1344 Night Flower with SW Extra White Trim and HC-156 Van Duesen Blue front door.

The Colours of Lunenberg | Maria Killam

Siding 803 Lazy Sunday with BM 1420 Casings.

The Colours of Lunenberg | Maria Killam

 Siding 175 Mayan Gold, Trim is 1306 Habanero Pepper.

The Colours of Lunenburg | Maria Killam

Not many neutrals in this town!  Here we don’t need to be concerned with coordinating undertones, with colours its about getting the contrast as well as the balance between clean and dirty colours just right.

The Colours of Lunenberg | Maria Killam

Apparently this town has spent close to $20 million dollars fixing and refurbishing Bluenose II  and they are still not finished.

The Happy Colours of Lunenburg | Maria Killam

This is the sitting area right beside our room in the B&B we stayed at. We are in the Dockside Room.

Tomorrow morning we fly to St. Johns for one night, I’m so excited!

Gotta run, there are lots of cute shops in this town! xo Maria

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  • Caroline McKay says:

    Great pics! I am so jealous, it was gray and raining the day I was there and the bluenose II was still inside a huge tarped structure. The colours are so beautiful in the sun. Thanks for colour matching! Love it!

  • This is what I LOVE about Lunenberg…hope you got to Mahon Bay too..great shopping and jealous, but hope you both have a wonderful trip and leave with many fond memories

  • My mom lived in Lunenburg growing up. Lived in an upstairs apartment of one of those amazing old houses with a bedroom facing the harbor.

    It’s a UNESCO world heritage site now! Love this town. Love that you color matched all the beautiful houses. Those colors wouldn’t fly anywhere else!

  • What great photos! I had no idea it was so colorful up there. Enjoy and keep sharing, please!

  • Cathy Z says:

    The top pic should be the author bio photo in one of your books!!

  • Mary-Illinois says:

    You could never be depressed in Lunenberg. I live in a town of all the dirty, earth-toned homes. Yuck!

  • Kim M. says:

    That raspberry house with blue door is gorgeous! So is the rest of the town.

  • Kathi says:

    Lovely! Only you would make this a working vacation,Maria-I would make it a business tax deduction,LOL-I live in Charleston,SC and we make a huge fuss over Rainbow Row, a long line of century old pastel houses and these houses are so much more colorful and vibrant! It must be fun to live there.Glad your having a wonderful trip with your love.

  • Mariko says:

    Oh how beautiful with all the brightly coloured houses, it’s impossible to choose a favourite, but the Raspberry House is amazing. They are all so happy looking, and they must be an antidote to any drab weather. The B&B is gorgeous with those windows !! I need to visit Nova Scotia now.
    Happy travelling Maria and thanks for sharing the pics.

  • Hannah says:

    It must have taken you an hour just to walk the block, that is so great! Terreeia has much patience 🙂

  • Angela Taylor says:

    I want to visit this place so badly! Great HAPPY colours on the buildings!
    I have a replica of the Bluenose schooner in my office, so it was fun to see the real one.
    Have fun!

  • Annie says:

    Such gorgeous houses! The color matching made me giggle. That’s a great picture with your yellow shirt and bag against the turquoise house.

  • franki says:

    Color AND Heaven!! *sigh* franki

  • Karen says:

    Maria – You must be in colour heaven. Was just recently in the Bywater area of New Orleans and they are also fixing up the wood-sided houses and ornate trims with bright clean colours. With the lush green vegetation – it is beautiful. Here in Ottawa it is boring brick……

  • Babs Loyd says:

    As much as I love color, I could live in this town. Thanks for matching the colors. I especially like the first one, St. Paddy’s Day by BM. You are so cute, Maria, packing your color deck even on vacation! Glad you did. The house with Blue Suede Shoes looks like it has a zigzag design in one corner, or else it’s paint job is not quite finished yet.

    • Paula Van Hoogen says:

      Looks to me on that house that a real artist imitated the slant of the street in a very cool way!

  • Paula Van Hoogen says:

    Isn’t it interesting (and wonderful) that a community that seemingly doesn’t give a hoot about color “trends” in the rest of the world, blossoms all on it’s own. And beautifully so.

  • Linda Fitzgerald says:

    You’ll be returning home energized and inspired no doubt. What a great idea – colour matching and I agree with the Cathy Z about the first pic making a good bio photo. Too bad you missed lobster season at Hall’s Harbour… safe home.

  • Lunenburg is magical!! The colours surrounded by the water make it even more divine. Sounds like you are having an amazing trip.

  • RC says:

    I love that you carry a fan deck! I am currently carrying around fabric swatches everywhere i go…Beautiful homes!

  • Pat says:

    Love that so many folks were brave and went with such bright, happy colors! We just painted our drab stucco exterior with a trim color close to the turquoise in the first photo and seeing it every morning makes me smile! ( Waiting for negative comments in this conservative Northwest neighborhood – none yet.) By the way, I looked at the Ben Moore site and I think that the turquoise in the 1st photo is now 664 Poseidon.
    Have fun Maria and Terreeia! Waiting for the next post!

  • mrsben says:

    So very colourful! Reminds me of the elegant painted ladies (Victorian homes) that you see in San Francisco. ☺ -Brenda-

  • Cynthia says:

    Beautiful colors and photos! Difficult to restrain yourself from your passion, right? Have a wonderful time–

  • Susan S says:

    A fan deck on vacation! So funny! Yes, Nova Scotia is on my bucket list, but now your posts are making me more anxious to go!

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