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How to Get the Perfect Creamy Exterior

By 05/28/2014April 29th, 202015 Comments

How do you achieve the perfect cream exterior? (updated in Spring 2020)

Which white or cream is best for a stone or brick exterior?

What’s the best way to choose the correct stone AND brick for your exterior?

Ever wish you could just refer to a short list of exterior colours to make the best choice for your home or clients?

All the answers to these questions and more are available in my brand new Masterclass for Exterior Colour Selection here.

If you want a creamy house like the ones below, you’ll find the answer there.


White Courtyard


Stone Exterior with white Trim


Cream House

Stone House


Painted Brick


Lovely Courtyard


Stone + White

Click on images for the sources.

Choosing the right white, off-white or cream has never been more important than now with the trends moving to BLACK AND WHITE.

Here’s a review I just received:

This was was fantastic class!!!!!!! I am not a designer and this class has helped me analyze what is wrong with the colors of my house. I wish I would have had this resource before we replaced the roof (terra-cotta barrel tile, popular where I live in Florida) and terra-cotta pavers (but slightly different tone. Oh, no!). At least now I know to get rid of the original brown stone that does not relate to anything and then use paint to tie it all in together. This is a must class for ALL homeowners!!!

I love what I do because I’m so passionate about it and I love working out systems and ways to make colour easier to choose.

This exterior webinar is my best work yet, I can’t wait to share it with you!

Get it here.

xoxo Maria

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  • carol says:

    Hi Maria. Beautiful homes. Just a question. My front door is in need of a new paint job. Do you paint the door and sidelights/trim all the same color or the sidelights a different color. My home is a used reddish brick. The trim around the windows are a sand color. Thanks!

  • Penny Howell says:

    Hi Maria – what white do you recommend for a traditional red brick? Thanks!

  • Arlene says:

    The 2nd picture of the stone house makes me dizzy. The roof should be a solid color to tame down the stones. Would that work? The 3rd time I looked at it I seen the windows.

  • So looking forward to the webinar this afternoon Maria!!

  • Elaine says:

    Hi Marie
    I am looking forward to the seminar today. I have a traditional 2story home with black windows and brown roof and soffits. My client would like to clad the red brick with barn board and paint the siding cream. Any thoughts? The interior is being renovated with barn board floors, walnut & gloss white cabinets.

  • Elaine says:

    By the way, the roof will be replaced in 5 years.

  • Mary-Illinios says:

    Hi Maria,
    I hope you aren’t neglecting your health due to working so hard. You owe it to yourself & your family to take care of yourself.
    And I would miss hearing from you if you got sick.

  • Kitty Carlisle says:

    These homes are very pretentious… Do you really think the owners are worrying about paint color? They have people for that. Bring it down to earth and everyman so we can relate better.

    • Maria Killam says:

      Still the same creamy colours work on the home for everyman, that’s all I’m sayin’. Maria

  • The creamy colors are not easy. natural light playing a big part in how they read here in SF any hint of undertone is affected and you might have a problem. I’ve found some nice exterior creamy colors in the BM white deck.

    Yes, I’m with Mary, take good care of yourself, you are the only one who can. Have a fabulous Summer, I hope you and Terreela have a chance to relax together.

  • Randi says:

    Hello Maria:

    Absolutely thrilled with your website! I’ve just purchased your “How to Choose Exterior Paint Colour” package; however, will not be available for the webinar this afternoon. I do look forward to receiving the recording to listen to for life as well as your go-to exterior colours later!

    Enjoy your day! 🙂

  • Maureen says:

    Hi Maria, thanks for the inspiration for the perfect cream exterior. I am trying hard not to paint my ghastly cream vinyl siding, and can’t wait for the webinar to see if I can change something else to make it look beautiful. The pictures you posted give me hope 🙂
    Speaking of the webinar, great big thanks to Terreeia, the tech guru, for getting me sorted for the session today!

  • Patsy says:

    All your pictures here show light exterior stone or brick. What is your suggestion for a split-level with red brick on the lower part? On one side of me is a grey house, the other is red brick lower, painted white on top with dark red shutters and across the street are three houses in different shades of beige. Would a light sage green work for me,,,,working with the red brick but not looking Christmasy? Dark grey shutters on my house? I just cannot figure it out!


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