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Nova Scotia is Red & White

By 09/12/2014January 28th, 201730 Comments

Today we’ve driven almost entirely around the North side of the Cabot Trail on Cape Breton Island.

Nova Scotia is Red & White | Maria Killam

These were the muskoka chairs sitting outside the B&B we stayed at in Maitland. I love that so many people have one chair of each colour.

Nova Scotia is Red & White | Maria Killam

This is the main house that was built in 1859. The wood flooring was installed by shipbuilders and is approximately 2″ thick.

The house was moved back into the property in the 60’s because of the erosion, it sits right on the shores of the Bay of Fundy.

Nova Scotia is Red & White | Maria Killam

This was the view from our room (above).

Nova Scotia is Red & White | Maria Killam


Nova Scotia is Red & White | Maria Killam

Before we left the next morning, we sat (that’s me, above) and watched the tidal bore come in which is why Maitland is a huge destination for rafting.

I started a list on my iPhone of clothes I’m actually wearing on this trip because I’m convinced I have too many with me! This way, next time maybe I’ll get my packing right!

So far, this grey striped maxi-skirt from the Gap this Spring is a winner. So comfortable and cool yet covers me up when necessary. Also easy to slip on to go for breakfast in the mornings.

Nova Scotia is Red & White | Maria Killam

I was fascinated by the unusually high number of white painted homes! There’s colour too but really, most of the homes are white and many with red roofs.

Nova Scotia is Red & White | Maria Killam

Maybe it’s because they match the lighthouses that all look the same here in Nova Scotia. white with red (here’s one below).

Nova Scotia is Red & White | Maria Killam

I snapped this picture in a picturesque village we stopped in to re-fuel this morning.

Nova Scotia is Red & White | Maria Killam

I liked this house located on the edge of the cornfields because the casings looked like eyebrows.

Nova Scotia is Red & White | Maria Killam

There was a sign in front of this farm saying it had been a family farm since 1760!

Nova Scotia is Red & White | Maria Killam

So many white churches and most with black roofs. Classic. I started thinking maybe all churches should be white. White represents purity after all.

  1. White is color at its most complete and pure, the color of perfection. The color meaning of white is purity, innocence, wholeness and completion. In color psychology white is the color of new beginnings, wiping the slate clean, so to speak.

Nova Scotia is Red & White | Maria Killam

Stunning scenery. Of course. That’s why travelling to Nova Scotia is on the bucket list of many and was for the two couples we met at the B&B in Maitland.

Nova Scotia is Red & White | Maria Killam


Nova Scotia is Red & White | Maria Killam

This image does look very similar to Vancouver island or when driving up to Whistler as well.

Nova Scotia is Red & White | Maria Killam

Last night we stayed at the Keltic Lodge Resort & Spa. It’s a government owned compound that’s located right inside the Cape Breton Highlands National Park at Ingonish Beach. Our server during dinner told us that they had just spent one million dollars on upgrades, I guess that’s why the lobby and rooms seemed current to me.

Oh and notice that it’s white with a red roof!

Nova Scotia is Red & White | Maria Killam

I liked the navy & gold colour scheme inside the front lobby warmed up by the orange stained panelling.

Nova Scotia is Red & White | Maria Killam

The stairs going up the our room. Have I mentioned there are no elevators in Nova Scotia. Another reason to pack lighter.

Nova Scotia is Red & White | Maria Killam

A couple pictures of Ingonish Beach nearby. Beautiful. I would have loved to spend a few hours here if the weather had been better.

Nova Scotia is Red & White | Maria Killam


Nova Scotia is Red & White | Maria Killam


Nova Scotia is Red & White | Maria Killam


Nova Scotia is Red & White | Maria Killam

Tonight we are in Baddeck staying in a funky little chalet type room with hardwood floors.

The first three places we stayed in since we arrived were all decorated in sage greens and golds. I forgot how much yellow I specified before 2002 when the brown trend arrived on the West Coast, but over and over all I was choosing for my clients (this was when I was doing a minimum of 5 consults a week working out of a Benjamin Moore paint store) was rust, golds/yellows and sage greens. There’s a lot of those colours here! Cape Breton has skipped the brown trend that’s for sure.

By the way my Vancouver Specify Colour with Confidence™ training is coming up October 1 – 3, 2014, there are still a few spaces left.

Today, one of my True Colour Experts posted this comment on our Private Facebook page:

I just have to say Amen, Praise Maria Killam, with a huge halleluja thank you! I walked into my client’s house this morning nervous and intimidated by their gorgeous huge home but I kicked color butt because of my Maria training and my samples. I just KNEW that their choices where fighting against themselves and their marble floor. At the end of the day, they decided I was right and it was worth repainting instead of purchasing rugs, sofa, etc to go with their first painting mistake.
YAY! Confidence feels so good! Tess Jenkins Leeds, Ruby Shoes Redesign

Sign up here for the best ‘this is how you do it’ colour training in the world!

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  • LaJuana says:

    Thank you for the Nova Scotia tour Maria! A lovely walk down memory lane. I did a road trip there in 1999 and also stayed at the Keltic between various B&B’s. They were using blues back then too! I LOVE Nova Scotia and Cape Breton Island in particular! Don’t you love the “flower pots” in The Bay of Fundy? In 99 it was much like a mini tour of Europe…a touch of England, a touch of Ireland there, touch of Scotland here and France there. And being from the south, I’d never seen shorelines like those near the Keltic! Awesome! Meat Cove felt like the end of the world! Good luck on conquering the perpetual packing questions and continued best wishes on the rest of your adventure!

  • Adelaide says:

    I’m loving touring with you. Great pics Maria – what’s new? – and I’m enjoying seeing this alien, to me, landscape. Packing’s a problem, believe me, I take something for heat, cold, in-between, falling off a bridge into a river etc. etc. That might be your next incarnation, colour co-ordinating a pared down travel wardrobe. Keep on having fun,

  • Born and raised in Nova Scotia! It is the most beautiful place I would never live again! Too cold. Last time I was home a single red wall was still cool. They are a little behind the times!

    • Rob says:

      Born and raised and back again here in Nova Scotia. If we appear “behind the times “, it’s simply because we’re in no hurry to catch up with anyone or any trend. We appreciate the moment.

      • KA says:

        I was wondering what the chairs were when Maria mentioned them in the previous post.

        I live at the beach and an artist friend has a gallery on the sand that I babysat for her when she was selling her property in Fiji. Right outside her window to the sand side, there are maybe 20 of the chairs we call Adirondack chairs in pastel colors so people can watch beach volleyball games. I took a picture of those chairs and use that to signify my mom on my phone.

        Peaceful and people from around the world sit in those chairs. A couple met at those chairs, got married and opened a Brazilian restaurant nearby. Ya never know whom you might meet sitting in those chairs, relaxing.

      • mairi says:

        I second that Rob! It’s all about the people too. At least here in Cape Breton…:-)

  • Rosemary says:

    Wonderful wonderful photos, I’ve enjoyed my trip with you and T.

  • Lesli DeVito says:

    I hope you are being compensated by the NOVA SCOTIA tourist bureau because you have definitely made me want to add it to my bucket list of places to visit….what a beautiful place…

    • susan says:

      i agree with you. i can’t wait to go to nova scotia next year. i would love the whole itinerary. i’m writing down names of the b&b’s, but have so many questions.

  • Norine says:

    love the pictures – being near the coast is the best – always changing, always action.

  • Linda says:

    I was SO hoping Tereiia would consider The Keltic Lodge in her planning. Years ago we stayed there and loved it. Your photos are beautiful and are evoking wonderful memories. Wishing you a fun and safe adventure!
    PS By the way….any chance that your white blouse in that photo is Denim & Co.?

  • Kim M. says:

    I’m loving all the lovely pictures of Nova Scotia! I’d love to visit sometime. I’ve never seen a beach with those smooth roundish rocks before. Of course I’d have to visit during summer since I’m a wimp with cold weather.

  • Bristol Sunset says:

    Thank you so much for this. My grandmother’s parents (and forefathers) lived in the southernmost part of Cape Breton (Isle Madam). It is a lifelong dream to travel there someday. I am savoring your photos and writing. I have an amazing, almost visceral reaction to gray, rocky coastline — love it!
    Ps, love the gray-striped skirt, too. It caught my eye before I read your comments about it. Thanks again. This is all a true joy to see and read.

  • Paula says:

    Hey Maria and Teerria, this looks soo refreshing! It quite reminds me of much of New England where I’m from.
    My ancestors were Nova Scotians. I appreciate you sharing these photos with us…..and……. that last FB comment about being intimidated by a huge elaborate house. A friend told me yesterday that I had lots of talent, but that I lacked confidence. With your training these past few weeks though, I am gaining confidence to “see” and describe to people what needs to be done in their homes (or eliminated!) Thanks for all!

  • I love the way you see the world! Noticing the colors as you travel…Love it! After I took a color art class at my local community college a couple of years ago, I see things so differently! I just love color!! Someday I will be in your color class because it is on my bucket list!

  • franki says:

    You looked terrific on that chair that “worked well” with your outfit!! (Maria with, my!!) 🙂 franki

  • Scribbler says:

    I am enjoying your tour because now that we are retired, this is on our travel list. This is all very different from way down here in Alabama, and your preview makes it so enticing.

  • Heather says:

    I am not at all surprised that you are enjoying Cape Breton and Nova Scotia. My first visit to Cape Breton lead to many more. Subsequently, I branched out and toured the entire province of Nova Scotia. It is great to see things through your colour and design sensitive eyes. Although I now live on the west coast of Canada I feel that my heart belongs in Cape Breton, especially Baddeck, Mabu, Judique, and Iona. And the music!!!! Not to mention the fall colours. Plus, Nova Scotia provides the most comprehensive tourist information,

  • Margaret says:

    Maria, the pictures were beautiful. Enjoy the rest of your travels.

  • I shared these pictures with my 7 year old, Elise.

    She said 2 things:

    1. I like green roofs better than red roofs.

    2. When people are younger they like bright colors. I would like a purple house or a turquoise house. When you are old you just want white or gray!

  • sandyc says:

    Beautiful countryside! Homes and coast views remind me of drives along the coast in Oregon where my late husband lived and where his daughter and grandkids reside. And those pix of the bridge across the water remind me of our 30-minute drive from the airport in Pittsburgh, PA through W Virginia to my late husband’s birth city, Steubenville, Ohio. All pleasant memories. But the best pic is the ground-level view of the stream running through with the scattered trees near it and the forest behind – that reminds me of the farmland my mother’s family had near Bryan, Texas and that brings back the warmest memories of all. Hope you two continue to have a wonderful trip, and thanks for the double treat this morning!

  • Sharon says:

    Loving the pictures and the comments Maria. So fun as a West Coaster to see the East Coast through your eyes. Hope you are going to PEI…there you will also see alot of white house and green trim (at least when we were there in mid nineties). Can’t wait to hear your comments about tha prvince and see your pictures.

  • Lucy HAINES says:

    Wonderful pictures!! I feel like I have now been there. (still have it on my bucket list though)

    Have a fantastic trip and keep those pictures coming!

  • Candy says:

    Oh my word, everything is so beautiful, I do so love Nova Scotia!!!!! Hubby and I have GOT to go back! Sounds like you’re having a wonderful time (besides the weight of your luggage!), hurray! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

  • Melissa says:

    Your hair looks great! Y’all look great! Scenery looks great! I think your vacation can be chalked up to “GREAT!” :). And yes, your confidence training has/was/is great and has helped me tremendously! Enjoy the rest of your stay!

  • Carolyn says:

    Welcome to my home. I live in a small town Port Hawkesbury just off the Canso Causeway in Cape Breton. I do think we have the most beautiful scenery anywhere, every turn theres some thing more beautiful to see. I hope you enjoyed the Down East Hospitality, There are so many wonderful things to see here, and yes we love our color. But I think White has to be the most popular for homes, however inside is where our true love of life shines through. So glad you are enjoying Nova Scotia and Cape Breton, I love it. I am an interior decorator, and love bringing the outside into our homes, after all its what makes Cape Breton so Special.

  • Mary-Illinois says:

    Thanks for showing your vacation pics. I love seeing other parts of the world.

  • cathy gibson says:

    Loving the photos, what a stunning part of the world. Thanks for sharing them!

  • annie thaler says:

    Hi Maria,
    So enjoyed your post on Cape Breton! My husband and I built a beach house on North Bay Beach in Ingonish. I see the back of the Keltic Lodge and Middle Head from my deck. We feel so fortunate to have been able to build this house. I was reading your post while on my deck the same day that it had been written. I would have loved to have met you – you and Tereela will have to come back!
    As for the Keltic Lodge … in case you weren’t aware, it was redecorated two years ago! The lobby, the sitting area and the lounge on the left… all redone. What a shame. Someone should have taken your course on colour – nothing works. I heard that the designers didn’t even come up to look at the space before specifying the fabrics and furniture. It was pretty before – worn but pretty… and now – cold grey tiles in the entry – new furniture that looks like it came out of a storage garage. Bad upholstery choices. The lounge now looks like an old boy’s club – it should have been fresh looking since the place is only used in the summer season. This is my rant – I get upset every time I walk into the place… thanks for listening.
    I would love to send some photos of the house.
    Enjoy your travels!

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