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Tablescapes at the IDS Show

By 09/23/2013July 26th, 201815 Comments

This was the post I wanted to show you Friday but I couldn’t upload the images into WordPress. The media event at the IDS show this past weekend was filled with herbs mixed with boxwood and pansies. Here’s a glimpse of some Swiss Chard.

IDS Show Highlights

IDS Show

This booth I stopped and admired was decorated by Harmony Sense Interiors.

IDS Show Highlights

I had to buy one of these colourful and creative wool bowls for my vanity. Here’s Tracy Ayton and Rosa Pearson examining the more neutral selections.

IDS Show Highlights

 Tracy Ayton & Rosa Pearson

IDS Show Highlights

Rosa said that Kelly Deck cross stitched this entire display herself. Rosa was following her on Instagram as she stitched asking if anyone wanted to help, haha.

She did a beautiful job, it was definitely creative and unique.

IDS Show Highlights

Here were some other creative tablescapes at the show.

IDS Show Highlights


IDS Show Highlights

Rosa said I had to be in this colour me happy table!

IDS Show Highlights

Terreeia and I had a great time in Seattle. The only glitch was 10 minutes before we got to the hotel on Friday night her car started to overheat! Eeeeek. We barely got there and the next day, had to get the water pump replaced.

IDS Show Highlights

On our way home on Sunday we stopped in Fairhaven for a late lunch and I ran into one of the boutiques as we were waiting for our food and tried on these little green Toms sneakers.  I felt a little like a leprechaun but I don’t care, they were sooo comfortable I could not take them off again.

These are my new glasses, what do you think? I had some other ones (nerd glasses the big ones are called) but I just never liked them, so I found these frames last week and had the lenses transferred.

IDS Show Highlights

Sweater Cape/Scarf/Jeans

I have decided the ripped, jean trend is HUGE. When you can buy a pair for $400, that’s when you know maybe you should own at least one pair. The ones I’m wearing were on sale for $49.99 at White House | Black Market. They don’t look very ripped here but I’m pretty sure these are the ones I bought. Of course they will look better with some heels but it was the end of the shopping day and my Toms felt just like slippers.

Thanks for all your fashion tips the other day!

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  • It was great to hang out at IDSwest! And yes, you complemented that table perfectly! 🙂 (Oh, and I’m guessing that Kelly Deck had a little bit of help from her design team… just a guess.)

  • Nour says:

    Thank you! It was such a pleasure to see you!

  • Bonnie says:

    I love the new glasses. They really suit your face and the colour is perfect. Thanks again for a lovely post full of ideas.

  • Susan says:

    Yes, your new glasses really suit you and I’d love a pair of those sneakers!

  • Kathy says:

    Love the glasses on you! and the Toms…

  • Fran says:

    Great glasses!

  • Tammy says:

    Cute sneakers! The glasses look great as well!

  • Loribeth says:

    Rosa was right… You HAD to be in that picture! That tablescape looks like it was made for your blog!
    OMG! I did not even recognize you with your glasses and Toms. Still gorgeous, but you look so different. Love the glasses, BTW. I’m going to be getting some new ones soon, and don’t have a clue as to what style I want.

  • Carol Anne says:

    just bought a wool bowl the other day too… so great to hold watches and bracelets on my nightstand…

  • Elaine says:

    Love the new specs and you look beautiful in that coral pink! So nice to see you wearing bright colors. Call me stodgy, but I think ripped jeans are for musicians and teenagers.

  • Paula Van Hoogen says:

    I love the glasses on you! And the Tom’s look comfy too–that’s the company that gives away a pair to kids for every pair you buy, right?
    Like the lighting on the Color Me happy table too!

  • Diane says:

    The new glasses look great. 🙂

    Love the colour me happy tablescape. Those are the exact colors I want in my bedroom. I saved the images to my computer for future reference.

  • Deborah McKenzie says:

    I think you and the jeans look fantastic with those red pumps, but there’s nothing better than a pair of sneakers at the end of the day “in pumps”!

  • I keep trying to find the “like” button to push on all your photos LOL. Also… guess I need to get some ripped jeans!

  • lynne whiteside says:

    hello red high heals! you are stepping into your fabulousness! and you look happy. tom’s are coming out with some really comfy shoes and the ones you bought are so Happy. it’s the color of course!

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