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I have some exciting news: we’ve created another version of my renowned colour training tailored to home projects! As well as an in depth live event for pros and designers! It’s going to be sensational new year.

I can hardly believe I’ve been teaching my system to designers, enthusiasts and homeowners for 13 years now!

Maira Killam Live Event

My colour courses are constantly evolving

Did you know content of the course is constantly updated and streamlined to reflect the specific challenges of current trends and challenges?

For example, when I started teaching my course, we were highly focussed on beiges and creams, greys were not even a conversation.

Then the grey trend came around and I identified the 3 undertones of grey in my system.

And then we spent several years focussed on how to create a fresher, more colourful look in Tuscan brown trend homes everywhere. We also learned about the one specific, versatile neutral that we needed in order to update a home built in this trend (that still works today).


Fast forward to the transition from the grey trend to the white and black trend and we identified the very best of the palest of the pale neutrals, the greiges and complex creams.

Plus we added a whole in depth discussion on the useful gradations of whites.

Including naming the palest of the beige neutrals ‘complex creams’ since our eDesign clients kept asking us for ‘darker whites’ because they were still allergic to the word beige from the brown trend.

In addition to new insights into colour and how best to navigate emerging trends, I’ve incorporated an enormous amount of excellent feedback from everyone who have attended over the years. 

So first I’d like to extend a big warm thank you! To all of you who have attended my courses. My Expert Colour and Design Training (formerly known as Specify Colour with Confidence) is constantly evolving. If you haven’t taken it in a few years, I highly recommend you come do it again! You will always hear it from a different place and learn more.

More than a few reasons to take my colour training

My team and I are always present to the wide variety of motivations that bring you all to the course. 

Many of you are curious about creating a new business in the colour and design space.

Others are already pros needing a more solid foundation in colour since you definitely don’t learn about how to specify and choose colour in design school.

Many seasoned designers also attend my course because they still rely too much on selling their clients on their good taste and instincts and lack the ability to articulate (with certainty) WHY their colour choices (for everything including paint colours) are correct.  

And increasingly over the years, a large number of you are homeowners looking to learn how best to tackle your decorating projects, renovations and new builds. 

So this year we’re launching something new!

We’ve created a version of the course specifically tailored to the homeowner! 

Create Your Dream Home

3 Tips for finding your dream home

Create Your Dream Home with Maria Killam is a live, virtual two-day event where we will cover everything you need to know to:

  • Create and stick to your vision
  • Coordinate all the colours, finishes and decor you need to choose beautifully
  • Have confidence in the reasons behind your selections to be able to argue them coherently with your spouse, designer and contractor. 

And most importantly:

  • know how to slice through indecision and overwhelm
  • gain the confidence that you won’t make expensive mistakes

Because with this course, you’ll know exactly how to coordinate all your finishes and colours to create your timeless and classic Dream Home!

Plus you’ll get an exclusive guide for managing your project.

If you’ve ever done a major build or renovation project, you know the paralyzing feeling of overwhelm. Between the very real fear of making expensive mistakes you’ll regret, and simply not knowing where to begin, you’re constantly spinning.

And you’ve seen how the best laid plans quickly get muddled by the input and stated limitations of all the trades and personalities involved. This happens because you lack conviction and confidence in your choices.

With this two day immersive course, your experience and outcome will be so much better!  

You’ll learn the key components of my system:

Understanding Colour

Understanding Undertones of Neutrals

The Gradations of Useful Whites

The Colour Balancing Method 

and my Comparative Colour Method to properly test colours and finishes together so you are confident they are perfect. 

Plus you’ll learn how to plan for your project and how to create a timeless home that you’ll never need to “update.”

And much more!

“Maria’s system provides a clear and concise process for understanding and identifying undertones and is invaluable to anyone who wants to make correct and educated color decisions and avoid costly mistakes in color decisions be it interior or exterior color, hard finishes or furnishings! Thanks so much for sharing your system Maria, we are so fortunate to have access to it!”

There are two spring dates open to registrations!

2024 February Colour Training for Homeowners


April dream home colour training

And for the enthusiasts and pros

For those of you looking to up your professional colour skills, the live in person Chicago event is for you!

This pro live in person course is focussed on giving you the colour skills you need to take your business to the next level!

You’ll get all the key components of my system as outlined above, plus an in depth dive into choosing colour for a wide variety of situations and clients.

We’ll do plenty of hands on exercises together, a proven way to learn!

Here are some takeaways from Dallas!

“Omg I have to pick just one? sooo much good stuff! Undertone practice, color harmony, considering dirty vs clean, importance of considering current undertones and color, limiting patterns, keeping it timeless!”

“I really enjoyed the comparing exercises. Before the course, I wasn’t quite sure how to use the color wheel. Maria did a fantastic job explaining how to use it and what to look for to identify undertones.”


And you’ll benefit from the insights of my many years of experience specifying colour, handling client objections and delivering so much more value than the perfect colour. 

Colour confidence sells you as a designer. These are the skills you need to take your business to the next level.

The live event is the only way to get your True Colour Expert certification

You’ll also have special offers to access my business oriented community and course content to further build your professional skills.

There is one event in spring 2024 that is open for registration in the Chicago area!

2024 Chicago Colour Training


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