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5 Common Decorating Mistakes in the Dining Room

By 12/14/20234 Comments

Does your dining room feel blah and underused despite the good quality furniture you invested in? Does it lack a look that says someone with style lives here? Do you end up entertaining around your kitchen island instead?

The average dining room suffers from a lack of colour, that collected feel, and most of all, atmosphere!

While some have been declaring formal dining rooms to be passe, I feel there should be a place in every home for enjoying an evening away from the busy kitchen or the distracting screen. A dining room, if you’re lucky to have the space for one, should be a place for entertaining and spending cozy family time in.

Plus just because someone declares the formal dining room to be OUT, doesn’t immediately eliminate them from our homes.

Bless’er House

5 Common Decorating Mistakes in the Dining Room

It’s sad that dining rooms are often among the most boring and neglected rooms in most homes. And it can be especially tricky to create a look and feel if your dining room is open in layout to your living room and kitchen.

If you can relate, it’s highly likely you’ve made one of these common dining room mistakes I’m sharing in this week’s Colour Rescue along with the easiest fixes to get your dining room dinner party ready!


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More Dining Room Decorating Dilemmas?

Do you have your own decorating or colour dilemma with your dining room?

Post your questions below!

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  • Bette says:

    Another great video, thank you! Please address one of my dining room pet peeves — a rug that is too small. In my opinion, if you’re going to have a rug under the table, then you need to be able to move the chairs out to sit down without the chairs going off the edge of the rug. Just as many people’s bedside lamps are far too small, I’ve noticed that many people’s dining room rugs are also too small.

  • JJ says:

    This couldn’t have been timed better for me,Maria! We are planning a home renovation and refresh of major rooms. Our open but formal dining room space currently holds an inherited table and chairs set plus a small restored antique buffet that would benefit from a mirror and a pair of buffet lamps. I had been struggling with ideas to give the room not just furnishings but also personality and some life. Having seen this,I will now be putting your suggestions to good use. Thank you.

  • Gina says:

    Thank you for making these these episodes Maria… I love ❤️ them so much! The visual examples are incredibly helpful and inspiring. I’m curious about something that wasn’t addressed though. In the dining room for which you suggested using drapes plus the three long mirrors to create a window-look wall, there is an angled ceiling. Do you just ignore that angle and have a strange wedge above the curtains?

    • Maria Killam says:

      yes, once it’s painted the same colour as the walls it won’t look as out of place and if it was a real wall of windows you’d still cover them! Great question, thanks! Maria

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